A year ago Kiyle Mcallister, was in a car crash and slipped into a coma. A year later Kiyle didn't know what to expect when she woke up at a hospital. All she could remember was her name and someone called Jace. Another thing she wasn't expecting were five boys sitting in the room with her. They claimed that their names were Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis, who say they're a popular boy band. What's her relationship with them? And who is Jace?


6. Where to go?

Kiyle's POV

"Welcome home, Kiyle." Anne said with a comforting smile. Home? Was this where I lived?

"Kiyle, why don't you come on in."

Anne reached out towards me and I shied away from her touch. I instantly hid behind Louis back and grabbed on to the bottom of his shirt.

"Kiyle . . . " Louis moaned sadly, looking over his shoulder trying to catch hold of my gaze.

"I'm sorry Anne, she didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

"It's quite alright, she doesn't remember me. I'd act the same way, if I'd met someone I didn't remember." I gazed over Louis shoulder to look at Anne, she smiled faintly, and as I caught her gaze. I could tell there was a look of sadness in her eyes.

I didn't mean to hurt her feelings, it's just that . . . Every time I met someone out of nowhere. I felt I had to be wary and be careful around them, it was almost like an natural instinct that had possibly formed in my past, that I couldn't remember.

I instinctively grabbed onto the edge of Louis's shirt, being scared of what was going to happen next. "Well? Go on, Anne's not going to bite." Louis chuckled and gave a little push to my lower back. I shuffled a couple steps forward and looked back at him, he smiled and pointed inside the house.

I looked back at Anne warily and around the house. Everything looked fine, nothing scary or strange seemed to be noticeable. Anne gave me another smile and gently grabbed ahold of my hand and pulled me inside the house, "come on, the boys have been waiting for you."

No longer resisting to Anne, I let her pull me inside. As I was pulled in to the house, a familiar smell filled my nose. Something pleasant, and familiar. Did I ever venture inside this house?

Questions filled my mind and my eyes drifted to the pictures hanging on the walls. Pictures of what seemed to be of Harry, Anne and others I didn't recognize. Pictures of what seemed to be of family reunions and maybe school pictures? I was so distracted by the different pictures that I smashed into Anne.

"Oh! So sorry! I got in your way!" She whipped around and flashes an apologetic smile. I just shakes my head, I earned a confused head tilt from her and she quickly shrugs it off.

"Boys, Kiyle and Louis have arrived."

"Kiyle! How're you feeling?!" Niall jumps up from his feet and rushes to my side. A smile spreads across his face, but all I can see is the worry spreading in his eyes.

"I-I'm fine." I stutter, looking away from his gaze. I didn't really like the uncomfortable stares I got from people lately, it made me self conscious. I may have not remembered any of these people currently standing in the room, but I sure remembered all of my likes and dislikes, and my pet peeves. And staring closely at someone was one of them.

"Good, I was starting to think that they'd never let you leave that hospital." He chuckled running a hand through his hair. He gently grabbed my hand and lead me to sit on the couch. Anne and Louis followed and did the same.

"Kiyle, would you like anything to drink?"

"U-um... I have nothing in particular.... Just no coffee."

Anne went off to the kitchen and tried to find me something to drink, while that was happening, Liam called out to me.

"Did the doctor give you anything to take?"

I shake my head, "no, he said to keep drinking fluids and get plenty of sleep."

"Sounds simple enough." Harry replies with a smirk. "Other than that, we have a more important subject to discuss."

Important? This didn't sound good. Harry looked directly at me and sighed.

"Until you've gained some of your memory back, you're going to be staying with my mum."


Gosh, do glad it's summer! This finally will give me the time to write and perhaps finish one or more movellas this summer! Thanks for All the likes and faves you guys! It makes me happy to know that my writing isn't as bad as I thought it was!

Enjoy the latest chapter! More are coming along the way!


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