A year ago Kiyle Mcallister, was in a car crash and slipped into a coma. A year later Kiyle didn't know what to expect when she woke up at a hospital. All she could remember was her name and someone called Jace. Another thing she wasn't expecting were five boys sitting in the room with her. They claimed that their names were Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis, who say they're a popular boy band. What's her relationship with them? And who is Jace?


2. A Year of Waiting

Niall's POV

"Niall! Come on mate, you're taking forever!" I quickly ran the comb over my hair one last time and slipped on a pair of vans. I dashed down the stairs and made my way to the kitchen. Louis looked up at me and smiled. "Lord Niall, you take forever!" The boys chuckled and I walked over to the pantry and grabbed myself two bagels. I walked over to the fridge and pulled out some cream cheese and spread it on each bagel. "I can't help it! I need to look good today!" Harry rolls his eyes and takes a bite of his toast. "Niall, you look good everyday." I chuckle at his comment and smile "it's just an important day. I want to look nice for it." The boys smile and continue to eat their breakfast.

A little while later, Anne, Harry's mum came downstairs. "Good morning boys, Did you sleep well?"

Harry walked over to his mum and kissed her on the check"Very well mum, thanks for letting us sleep the night." She smiled warmly at us and yawned. "Just to let you know, the flowers are inside the fridge. I decided you wanted them as fresh as can be for your visit to the hospital today."

"Thanks mum!" We sang. "How long do you think you'll be there?"

"I dunno, maybe until visiting hours are over." I say scratching my head. Anne smiles one of her signature smiles and says "Well you boys go and enjoy yourselves, I on the other hand, am going back to bed." Harry hugged her one last time and Anne went back upstairs. I shoved the bagels in my mouth and grabbed the keys. "Awight mates, lez hed out!


Kiyle's POV

It was dark, for the longest time that's all I could see and that scared me. With every turn of my head it seemed that it would grow darker than before. At times I felt weird pricks against my skin and I wanted to yell of how painful it was, but I couldn't get my voice to come out. Other times my hands and face would feel warm and it was very comforting. I would even hear voices at certain points, I wanted to call out, asking what was going on but being unable to talk was quite the challenge. I wanted to wake up from this horrible nightmare, I tried countless times to open my eyes but it failed every time. I was scared and I wanted to go home. That was another thing, I didn't know where home was. Did I have a family to go back to? And how come I couldn't wake up? Did that mean I was dead? No, I couldn't have been dead. If this was heaven this had to have been a living hell. What heaven would be dark? I imagined heaven being comforting and warm, not cold and miserable.

Harry's POV

"Ah look, it the boys again!" We smiled cheerfully and said hello to the secretary, Maggie. She had bright red curly hair and bright green eyes. Today, she wore scrubs with little ducks on them. "I see you've come to visit again! What wonderful friends you are!" She glanced at the flowers that Louis was holding and "awed" happily. "You gotten her flowers again? What lovely boys you are! What did you get her this time?" Louis raised the flowers in his hand and cheekily replied with "peonies." She giggled and looked at us dreamily. "Oh Louis, can't ever stop being cheeky can you?" Louis laughed . Niall went up to Maggie and asked politely "how's Kiyle doing today?" Maggie reached for a clipboard and read through a bunch of numbers on the paper.

"Well, as you know, Kiyle, is still in a coma. But her vital signs are very good and her vitamin intake is also doing well." Niall sighs with relief. "You can go visit her. I know that Dr. Johns is checking up on her. He shouldn't mind you visiting." We thanked Maggie and made our way to Kiyle. I glanced over at Niall and saw a huge grin on his face, out of all the times we visited Kiyle. I'd never seen him smile so much. It was weird for him to be this happy. Every time we came to visit he'd be so glum and wouldn't even talk. I, being worried, would have to keep an eye on him. Who knows, something could go horribly wrong and he could react horribly with it.

"Dr. Johns? May we come in?" Niall knocked on the door and Dr. Johns turned to us with a big smile. "Ah!" He began "if it isn't the one and only One Direction!" He gestured us to come in and greeted us with a handshake. "It's good to see you all again, it's good to know that we have a cheer group for your friend." We all laugh while Niall walks over to Kiyle's side. A year ago she was a total mess. In my words she looked dead to me a year ago, but today, her skin was glowing and her face no longer appeared to be in pain. She was hooked up to so many machines, but the only machines that were hooked up was a heart monitor along with an IV for fluids and a feeding tube going into a pic line in the crook of her elbow. If I didn't know who she was, I'd think that she was just sleeping. The oxygen mask on her face though kinda rule that fact out though. Niall placed the peonies in a glass vase that was sitting on a side table "how is she doc?" He asked pulling up a chair. "She's doing great. Her vitals are normal along with her vitamin intake. We also did a CAT scan earlier this week to check her brain."

"Did something bad happen?" Dr. Johns shook his head "no no! Not at all. We just wanted to see if she had any developing brain damage, and luckily she doesn't have any damage to the brain."

"Does that mean she'll wake up in perfect health?" Louis said sitting next to Niall. Johns have a nod "yes, she'll be as good as before. No mental or physical problems."

"That's a relief." Liam sighed placing a hand over his chest. "Will she have to go to rehab?" Johns scratched his head and sighed "Well, it could be a yes or a no. It varies with someone that suffered a major crash like she did. Some of the patients just stand and walk out of here like nothing happened. While others need to take months of rehab, learning how to walk upright again." Liam and Zayn continued to talk to Johns about things that had to be done once Kiyle woke up. I, on the other hand kept an eye on Niall. As he always did, he kept ahold of Kiyle's hand as he gazed at her face while Louis was rubbing his back. Once Johns left, all of us gathered around Kiyle in silence. The atmosphere was intense and almost creepy. I couldn't believe that it was year ago that Kiyle fell into a coma, and still hadn't woken up yet. The silence was finally broken by Zayn, with a smile on his face he started I laugh. "Hey, do you guys remember when we all met Kiyle?" Everyone of us chuckled. "How could we not? We all grew up with her!" I roll my eyes. "I still can't believe that she grew up with all of us before we became famous."

"I remember first meeting her. She was a bundle of joy to be around. Our favorite thing to do was to make lemonade. It was weird, but we enjoyed each other's company." Liam said.

"Do you guys remember the time when we all found out, that we knew Kiyle?" Niall laughed and Zayn shook his head in disbelief. "She was speechless when we skyped her after we just got formed."

"No I remember the time when we surprised her on her 17th birthday. She was crying years of joy!" Louis began "then we smashed cake in her face and she started chasing us around the house."

"You smashed cake in her face! We were too busy cleaning up your mess!" I pointed a finger at Louis and he smiled cheekily. "Better you than me." At that point we all started talking about our childhood memories, one story included me and Louis talking her bra and refrigerating jello in it. Yeah, let's just say she hid her undergarments away from us after that. It seemed like we talked for hours about our childhood memories. After I talked about the last childhood memory we stayed silent and gazed at Kiyle.

"Guys, I have something serious to bring up." Liam broke the intense silence and all of out focus shifted from Kiyle to Liam. He cleared his throat and began to speak.

"I got a call today from the police, they found the culprit who did the hit and run on us." Niall's eyes widened while the rest of our mouths hung open. "W-who?! Tell me!" Niall exclaimed jumping from his seat. Liam gestured for him to sit down "Niall, calm down, we have to be quiet." Niall sat back down and focused on Kiyle "after a year, they finally found him?" Liam nodded his head and continued "it's not surprising, we all suspected it the entire time. It's Jace." The air grew intense and so did Niall's reaction "Jace? Jace Hamilton?! That filthy lying ba-"

"Niall! Calm down! We're in a hospital!" Niall shut up and once again sat down again. "Give me a chance to finish mate."

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to freak out" Niall fiddles with his thumbs as he stared at the floor. Liam pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head. "We know how you feel Niall, but right now let me tell you the situation that we're in right now." We all shut up at that point and listened to what Liam had to say

"Jace, has been accused of murder attempt. He's going to be called into trial and the court is looking for witness's to testify that he's guilty." The room was silent expect for the beeping if the monitor. "Do we want to testify against him?" Everyone looked at Kiyle and didn't say anything else. Niall nodded his head "Kiyle would want us to. Jace did so many things to hurt her, she'd be angry if we didn't do this." In the end we all agreed to become witness's at the trial.

Out of nowhere we heard a moan. "Niall? Is your stomach growling?" Zayn asks "no, I'm still full from breakfast." Suddenly his eyes widen and he yells "Kiyle! She squeezed my hand!"

"Niall are you sure-" suddenly Kiyle's head started to move around "I'm going to get Dr. Johns!" Liam ran out the door and started calling for Dr. Johns. The rest of us gathered around the bed and watched as she started to open her eyes. "Kiyle?" Once Niall said her name, her eyes opened up immediately. Her eyes darted around not once paying attention to us. The look in her eyes was pure terror and Niall called her name out again "Kiyle?"

"Please let me get through!" Dr. Johns bolted through the door and made her way to Kiyle. "Kiyle? Do you know where you are right now?" He eyes focused on Johns and she shook her head. "You're in a hospital. Before I ask anything else do you want the oxygen off?" She looks confused and realizes that she had an oxygen mask on her face. Without answering his question she pulls the mask off and looks back at him. "Kiyle, do you know who you are?" She nods her head "my name is Kiyle Mcallister, my birthday is September 23rd and I'm 19 years old." By then, Johns started checking her vitals and kept asking her questions. "Do you feel any pain at all anywhere?" "No." He takes off the blood pressure brace on her arm. "Well, she's absolutely fine in all ways. I've done everything in my book to see how well she is. And everything is perfectly fine." He grinned a grin that went ear to ear and laughed. "She's going to be fine." We all sighed in relief, Kiyle was going to be okay. That meant she was going to come home and live the way she was originally.

"Kiyle! I'm so glad you're okay!" Niall enveloped her into a hug as he did his best not to cry in front of her. "I'll leave you boys alone now. I'm sure your wanting to catch her up on what's happened this year." With that he was gone and left us with Kiyle. "Hey Kiyle? Do you want to get something to eat when you're released from the hospital? Niall has been dying to share a new item that's on Nando's." I come over and smile at her. She gently pushes Niall away from her. A look of horror was in her eyes and she started to tremble.

I-I'm sorry, but do I know you?"


*gasp* holy cow! This chapter took forever! Sorry about that! Things have gotten busy lately! But I hope you like this chapter! I apologize for such a late chapter!


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