Whispers in the dark

A 15 year old girl falls for a 17 year old boy. She loves him. His smile. His voice. His craziness. But she "the creature in the dark." He will never fall for her. Or will he? But what will her parents and friends say about this? WARNING: May be triggering and includes talk of death drugs alcohol and broken hearts.


3. What now?

As I log on to Facebook I have 3 notifications, 2 messages and a friend request. Notifications for Candy Crush, 354 Dover Air Cadets and Someone liked my status. "Grrr. So confused. What's even going through your mind?!?" Well what can I say I swear some people don't have brains! The 2 messages. "Look I don't see what your problem with me is!!!" and "Hey wuu2  x" From my best friend Facebook group. Jade, Gemma, Sophie and Sarah my awesome sister are all constantly texting me now... They don't know who I am. Or what I do.

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