Whispers in the dark

A 15 year old girl falls for a 17 year old boy. She loves him. His smile. His voice. His craziness. But she "the creature in the dark." He will never fall for her. Or will he? But what will her parents and friends say about this? WARNING: May be triggering and includes talk of death drugs alcohol and broken hearts.


1. Voices

Why now? I hear the voices in my head. The scratching at my soul. The blood dripping from my wrists. My relief. My friend. My enemy. His voice is the only voice I want to hear whispering in my ear. But no it's those wretched voices telling me to hurt. Telling me to die.

But he is by my side telling me everything is going to be ok. But it's not. He doesnt know. No one does I am the creature in the dark. I live, they whisper. I cut, they whisper. I ignore them, they shout. I love life. Unfortunately, they don't. Who are they? No one knows. Why torture me? Because of my emotions towards some. He is 17 and I am 15 not a huge age gap but still enough to be lectured at by everyone who knows you.

They whispered again here's what they said "Megan it's us. You know what we're asking you. Just one more kiss of the blade. Go on. We dare you. Don't forget you can just blame your cat. But again they will just laugh. No one cares go on do it." It stops as I fall on the floor and scream to the black shagged carpet I'm pulling at. It's screaming back. Just do it, just do it, just do it. No one cares.

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