Whispers in the dark

A 15 year old girl falls for a 17 year old boy. She loves him. His smile. His voice. His craziness. But she "the creature in the dark." He will never fall for her. Or will he? But what will her parents and friends say about this? WARNING: May be triggering and includes talk of death drugs alcohol and broken hearts.


2. Don't tell

I slid the blade across my pale white wrist. Blood dripping down and staining my death black leggings. He told me, No scratch that. He promised me. The cold bare lie eating away at my soul. He never really loved me. Does he? That same question running through my mind. "Dad, Your right. Your always right. Dad answer me. I'm so sorry. Please Dad. Dad. Dad" I would cry as he would ignore my cries and attend to being right. He is never wrong. Believe me when I say Dad your wrong. He never admits it.

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