Illegal Love

Alex is your typical high school student. Loves to be with friends, play music, does well in school, but somethings changes when his family gets a new neighbor. Jack Barakat and his boyfriend move next door, and Alex gets a little too comfortable with their new neighbor.


2. Chapter Two

Ever since my mom told Kenadie and I are not allowed to talk to our new neighbor, I just stayed in my room watching from my window. I know, It sounds creepy, but what else was I supposed to do. None of my friends lived near me anymore, or were on summer vacation. I wasn't the creepy stalker though. I just loved watching how cute Jack and Devon were together, It was like a movie being played out right in front of me. I looked out my window today just for the hell of it and I noticed a new UHaul van in their driveway. Jack was carrying things in, but dropping most of it. My sister was at one of her friends houses and both of my parents were at work, so why not help him out a little? 

I got off my bed and slid on some shoes walking over to their house. I picked up the first thing I saw. “Let me help.” I said, smiling when he looked up at me. 

“Oh, thank you…” he said trailing off.

“Alex.” I chuckled. 

“Alex. Sorry. That's nice of you.” Definitely looking at him more in the sun was way better. He had really, really gorgeous eyes. “This way.” he said, snapping me out of my daze. I followed him into the house and walked into his living room. It's changed a lot since Zack left. “You can just set that over here.” Jack said, point to the table in the dining room. I sat down the small box and walked to where he was setting more things down. 

“I like what you've done with it.” I said to him. He looked up and smiled.

“Thanks. Who lived here before us anyway?” he put some of the glasses in the cupboard.

“My friend Zack and his family. They moved out a few months ago. Zack had gotten into some trouble, so his parents thought it would be best to live somewhere else and get a fresh start. He was never in any serious trouble, but he got in a lot of it.” I told him, and he nodded.

“Won't your parents get mad that you’re over here? They didn't seem to welcoming after they found out about Devon when we moved in.” I shrugged.

“Probably.” I mumbled, and sat down at the counter, not really caring about what they think. “But they aren't home and my sister is at one of her friends houses. There is no telling when she'll get back.” I laughed a little, and so did he. “Why did you guys decided to move here? out of everywhere in the world, why Baltimore?” he shrugged. 

“I don't know.” he started, and poured himself of something to drink. “Much like your friend I guess. We never got into trouble, but a lot happened with Devon and his family, so he wanted to get out of California and we moved out here, for our own little fresh start. His job is also out here.” I smiled. He was a really cool guy. “Want something to drink?” he asked, putting a cup in front of me. I nodded.

“Whatever you're having is fine.” he chuckled, and shook his head. “What?”

“I’d love to give you alcohol just as much as the next person, but I don't wanna get in trouble with your mom. She already doesn't like me because I'm gay. Giving you alcohol isn’t going to help that situation.” he laughed. I rolled my eyes. 

“Oh, come on. You can't be that old. What? You're like 23.”

“21, no. I'm not old.” he corrected me. 

“Then you know what it's like being a teenage boy and drinking underage. I won't tell anyone.” I walked over to his side of the counter and took the bottle from his hand taking a quick drink. What ever it was, it was kinda strong. He rolled his eyes back and took it from my hands putting it up on the top shelf so I wasn't able to take it and drink anymore. 

“Maybe some other time when your parents won't be home soon.” he laughed, and drink more of his drink. I mocked and mumbled. “Wow, you're more like a teenage girl than a boy.” he teased me. I gave him a fake laugh and went in the living room looking around. “Its still messy. Sorry.” he came in moving a few things. 

We sat and talked for a while. I learned that he loved playing guitar, and he was actually really good at it. I, on the other hand, never really had the chance to learn. I always wanted to though. He said that he would teach me one day, obviously when my parents aren't home, they would kill me if they knew I was over here. “How long have you known you liked boys?” he randomly asked me. I gave him a wide eyed looked. “What? Do people not know?” I shook my head. “Oh, I guess with your parents it’d be kind of hard.” I nodded. 

“My sister knows, not that, that means very much. It's better than no one I guess. It gives me people to talk too.” he nodded. 

“Yeah, I know that feeling.” He took his glass to the kitchen and came back. 

“How did you even know?” I asked him when he sat back down. 

“Because you were staring. I know I'm good looking, but come on.” I rolled my eyes. 

“Oh, please. Don’t flatter yourself.” I told him sarcastically. “You're much too old for me.” he laughed at me and I laughed too. We talked more until we heard a car pull up next door. Great.

“Looks like your parents are home. You should probably go before they find out that you've been over here all day.” he chuckled and helped me off the couch. “I’ll see you some time I guess. Feel free to drop by, you're a good kid.” I rolled my eyes at him. If he wasn't so cute and into music like I was, I probably would have never talked to someone that was five, almost six, years older than me. 

I came back home with a smile on my face. My parents asked me why I was smiling, but I just ignored them and went to my room. Around twelve am, I saw car lights pull up to Jack's house. I looked out the window noticing it was just Devon. Jack came out to meet him as he got out of the car. He gave him and long hug and a really sweet kiss. Yeah, I really want that one day. Jack stumbled as they went back making me think that he never really stopped drinking after I left. 

“Hey, stalker!” I heard a whisper in my ear. I jumped maybe ten feet in the air and turned around. It was just Kenadie.

“Fuck. Don't do that.” I told her and pushed her. “and I'm not a stalker.”

“Yeah, sure you aren’t.” she said, and sat on my bed messing with things as usual. “Mom and dad asleep?” she asked, I nodded looking back out the window. They were gone now so I just sat on my bed next to my sister. “Good. They hate when I sneak in.” I rolled my eyes at her. “Have you fucked the cute one yet?” she asked like it was something i do all the time. 

“No. In case you remember, I'm not you.” she got up walking out of my room. 

“Oh, yeah. Virgin.” she laughed and left. I groaned rolling over on my stomach. I loved her, but she really got on my nerves. After a short while of just laying down and listening to music, I feel asleep.


I woke up most mornings with my parents and sister already gone. Really? I knew my parents had work almost everyday, and since it was Friday, they both won't get back until about midnight. Kenadie? I don't know what she does. She’ll leave for days and not come back. My parents gave her so much leeway it was insane. They would pin her to a cross if they found out half of the stuff she does. I went downstairs to check the mail and Jack was outside doing the same. 

“Hey,” I said when I got to my mail box. He mumbled back a hey looking through his stuff. “Do you think you can teach me some guitar today?” he looked up. 

“Sure, brings yours over and I’ll teach you a couple cords.” He smiled, and I nodded back. It only took me a few minutes to take the mail back in and set it on the coffee table. I grabbed my guitar and headed over to Jack's. He let me in and we sat on the couch. We did this a lot now. It became our normal routine over the next couple weeks. After my parents left, I would go over to and he would teach me how to play and we would just talk. Sometimes Devon was there, I didn't mine. He was cool too and knew how to play as well. A lot of people might have found it weird that I was hanging out with my neighbors that were older than me, but I didn't care at all.

I was just getting ready to leave when Jack stopped me. “Hey, um. Its my 22nd birthday next Friday and I thought I should invite you and the rest of your family. It's not a huge party, I don't know that many people here, just kind of a get together,” he stopped and handed me a small paper with the times and number on it. 

“Yeah. That’d be cool. Thanks.” I smiled and walked out. I got home and Kenadie was right inside my room. “Why do you like sneaking in through my window?” I asked and sat my guitar down near my closet. 

“Because it’s easier to not get caught. What are you doing home so late anyway? Where you at Jack's?” she asked, singing Jack’s name in an annoying dreamy tone. 

“One, stop doing that. Two, yes, I was at Jack's. He was teaching me guitar.” she wiggled her eyebrows at me. “Literally guitar. Now get out, I'm tired.” I pushed her out of my room and closed the door. I was really thinking about Jack now, but why? He was older than me, In a committed relationship. Nothing would ever work. My brain was all jumbled up. Why the hell was I falling for someone older than me? I hated it to be honest, but everything this guy did amazed me or made me feel better for being me. Maybe he was just a nice guy. He does have a boyfriend. A really nice, attractive boyfriend. He would never give up that kind of relationship for some infatuated kid. ​

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