Illegal Love

Alex is your typical high school student. Loves to be with friends, play music, does well in school, but somethings changes when his family gets a new neighbor. Jack Barakat and his boyfriend move next door, and Alex gets a little too comfortable with their new neighbor.


12. Chapter Twelve

“I have school tomorrow.” I sighed, holding Jack’s hand and lacing our fingers together. We were outside at the gazebo. It was the only time that we were able to hang out, outside of his house. I rested my head on his shoulder and looked at our hands, I smiled at myself. He rested his head on top of mine, he was really cute when he wanted to be. 

“Yeah, school really sucks,” he said, continuing the conversation. “You’re a senior right?” I made a humming noise saying yes. “That’s good. Just this last year left and you’ll be out for good.” he squeezed my hand a little and rocked us.

“Yeah, I know…” I sighed. “but my stupid parents are pushing me to go to college after this and I don't wanna go. College isn’t something that’s made for me.” I said to him.

“Then don’t go.” he said like it was the most simple thing in the world. 

“I have too.” I moved around a little and looked at him. “My parents are making me. Its why they work so much, they getting money for me college. Somehow Kenadie got a scholarship, she starts later than me.” Jack let go of my hand and held on to my shoulders. 

“Alex, you don't have too. Tell your parents that college isn’t for you. Its not for everyone. It wasn't for me, but I went. You know what that did to me?” I shrugged my shoulders. “It made me feel stupid and that I wasted four years of my life and money when I could have been doing something else. Yeah, college is great for a lot of people, but its useless when you hate school that much and it isn't for you. Ultimately the decision is all yours, and whatever you choose, make sure its the best for you.” I nodded and smiled at him. He took his hands off my shoulders and placed them on my waist. He lent his neck down and kissed me, allowing our lips to slot immediately. 

I laced my fingers around his neck, so that he stayed in place. I really do love kissing him, he was really good at it. His touches and his lips were starting to make my body hot, so I pulled away breathing a little heavy from the lack of oxygen. “Can I ask you something?” he asked me, and took his hands off my waist. I nodded and let him continue. “I know that this is probably really bad judgment on my part, but… Will you be my boyfriend?” he asked, he looked a little scared asking me because of the age difference. 

I smiled and lent forward kissing him quickly, “Yes, I will be your boyfriend.” I replied, feeling my heart burst. My first boyfriend. I don't care about the age difference or anything. He’s this amazing person and I couldn't help but continue to kiss him. He pulled back and stood up leaving me on the ground.

“Do you think that we should be heading back? Your parents might start to get suspicious, and you have school tomorrow.” I nodded.

“Or we can just go back to your place and make out some more?” I suggested in a hopeful voice. 

“Nice try, Alex, but no. I'm already risking a lot by being with you, getting caught or having you out late won't help this.” It was understandable, I just wish that we were able to be together in public and for my parents to accept that gay people exist. 

“Fine, fine. We can go.” I finally sighed. He kissed me a last time before we started to head back home. We took the back way since there were more people out today. It would have been really easy to cover up why we were outside together, but we were holding hand I didn't want to stop holding his hand. 

We finally made our way back to his house and went inside. I just really wanted to kiss him again. He turned around and grabbed hold my waist, I wrapped my arms around his neck and stood on my toes so it was easier to kiss him. I brought my lips to his and slotted them together. Jack walked us back against the door. God, he was such a good kisser. He hand roamed up and down my sides and my fingers tangled in the back of his hair. Jack pulled back looking at me. I still can't get over his eyes, or everything about him.

“You should go.” I nodded and kissed him again. “I’ll see you soon.”

“Bye, Jack.” I said and walked out. I sighed and smiled walking out of his house and back over to mine.

“Well look who decided to come home,” my mom said as I walked in. “I was beginning to think you forgot where you lived.” she continued and laughed a little. 

“Yeah, sorry. I lost track of time, but I'm gonna go up to bed. Big day tomorrow, first day of senior year.” she nodded.

“Goodnight sweetie,” she said. I told her goodnight too. “Oh, and your sisters boyfriend is over, so if they are too loud just tell them to shut up.” I nodded at her. Great, I didn't have anything against her boyfriend, but I hated the moaning that happened most of the night. He was a good guy, and I loved my sister, but I don't know how they could actually have sex in the house while anyone is home. I don't even know why my parents let him up here because how strict they are. 

I walked by he door and it was open just a crack, meaning they were doing anything. They just had the TV on and he was on the floor leaning against the bed and she was on the bed laying on her pillows. They were really cute when they wanted to be. I went to my room stripping into my boxers and laying down. I opened my phone and saw a text from Jack.

‘Goodnight, Alex. Good luck tomorrow.’ I smiled like an idiot at the text. I locked my phone and sat it on the dresser. I laid my head down and slowly drifted off into a deep sleep. 


“Come on, Alex! You have to go so you won't be late.” my mom yelled from downstairs. I sighed and looked in the mirror one last time, fixing my fringe. I took a deep breath and grabbed my bag, I sent a text to Jack telling him that I could come over after I got home from the living hell hole. I went downstairs getting a quick bite to eat and then going to the car. My sister drive me since I didn't wanna be seen with my mom here. Only a few more months and I can get my license. 

“Good luck. Its your last year, make it count.” Kenadie joked with me. I just laughed and got out of the car. I saw Rian standing outside of the building waiting for me with his girlfriend. I walked up to both of them and waved. 

“I bet it feels weird being here,” Cassadee said as I got closer. I gave her a confused look. “Y’know, since you’ve been fooling around with that older guy, I bet high school boys just don't cut it anymore.” she laughed hitting my shoulder.

“Rian!” I shouted. “You told her? I told you not to tell anyone.”

“Oh come on, this is my girlfriend, she won't tell anyone. Shes too nice to ruin your life.” he smiled and kissed her on the cheek. I rolled my eyes.

“Fine, whatever, but for the record; we aren't fooling around. I'm not ready for that yet. We’re just together.” they nodded and we walked inside together. 

“Well when you do sleep with him, don't look at him right after, it’ll just turn you on again.” Cassadee laughed and winked at Rian. 

“Okay, no. I don't want any kind of insight into yours and Rian's sex life.” I pushed her arm. “Whatever, what’s your first class?” she asked me, getting out her schedule too. 

“Umm, AP Creative writing.” they both gave me a stupid look. “What? I can be smart.” they rolled their eyes. “What about you guys?”

“We both have human relations,” I scrunched my nose at just the thought of that class. That doesn't sound fun at all. “My thought too, but Cass wanted to take it.” she smiled at him. I want a relationship like theirs, they always seem to get along and they have fun together. Jack and I’s are on the right track for it I guess.


The rest of the day was pretty much boring. I met up with Rian for lunch, but Cassadee had a different lunch than ours. I had the rest of my classes- astrology, algebra review (I still don't know what that's for), and computer art. After the day was over, Kenadie picked me up again taking me home. “Mom and dad aren't home, in case you wanna go over to Jack's for a little while.” I smiled, I was so happy that she was on my side. 

“Yeah, can you take my bag in? I wanna spend as much time as I can with him before out psycho parents get home.” I laughed. She nodded and took my bad. I walked over to Jack's and didn't even bother to knock, I walked in instead. 

The house was lite and his car was here, so I knew that he was took. I walked into the kitchen to see him standing there with another guy. I got closer making a cough noise in the back of my throat. When Jack turned and noticed it was me, he smiled and walked over. “I'm sorry, I don't mean to interrupt.” I said, following Jack closer to the other man.

“Its no problem, I was just leaving.” The other guy said. 

“Alex, this is my boss at my second Job. Johnny, this is my neighbor, Alex. He comes over a few times a week and helps me clean around the house and stuff.” I kind of hurt to not be introduced as his boyfriend, but why would I be? We’ve really only been ‘boyfriends’ for a day and he was way older than me. If that guy knew, he would have every reason to fire Jack and report us. 

“Well its nice to meet you Alex.” the guy, Johnny, said and shook my hand. 

“I’ll see you out then?” Jack asked and Johnny nodded. “Alex, meet me in my room. There are some things you can take care of up there.” he winked at me. Blushed a little, but nodded and went up stairs. I waited in his room until I saw him come in only a few minutes later. “Finally.” he said, and came over to me. He pushed us on the bed and I wrapped my legs around his hips. I put my hands on his chest and pushed him back. I still wasn't quite ready for all the sexual stuff yet, no matter how much he turned me on. He smiled and pecked my lips again before getting off.

“How was school?” he mocked and laughed.

“Hey, just because you graduated in like 1720, doesn't mean you can make fun of me.”

“I'm not that old. It was like 2006 or something. I kind drank the whole time, I don't know what year it was.” he laughed. I kissed him again. 

“I was boring and stupid.” I sighed and rubbed my back. “I can't stay long today, my parents get off at five pm so I have to be home.” he nodded. “In the mean time, how about you teach me more guitar?” Its been a long time since we had a session, since every time we sit down to practice, we make out instead. 

“Sure,” he said, and got out his guitar and let me borrow his extra one. He bought me another couple chords. He started playing some slow love song using the chords that I already know, I don't know who it was by, for all I know it could have been his own. He actually wasn't that bad of a singer. He stopped playing and looked at my eyes. I lent forward kissing him and pulling back. yeah, I was pretty lucky right now. 

I don't like this chapter ._.

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