Illegal Love

Alex is your typical high school student. Loves to be with friends, play music, does well in school, but somethings changes when his family gets a new neighbor. Jack Barakat and his boyfriend move next door, and Alex gets a little too comfortable with their new neighbor.


1. Chapter One

 “Did you ear about the new neighbors that are moving next door?” My mother asked, bringing us our lunch. She always went all out on cooking. My dad replied with a shrug. We were never really into other peoples lives, but these new people were moving right next door in the Merrick’s old house. Its going to be strange not having Zack live there anymore, he was my best friend for years. He's been gone for about six months, its been kind of sad without him here. “I think we should go over and meet them after we finish eating.” she suggested. Both my sister, Kenadie, and I nodded. “great. Its going to be nice having new people around.”

We went on eating until everyone was done. I helped Kenadie do the dishes and we slipped on our shoes heading over to the other house. The moving van was still outside their house but we didn't see who moved in yet. I really hope there was another teenager here. There were barely any that lived into this neighborhood. We walked past the van and their cars too the front door. My mom knocked and wait a few minutes until a taller man opened the door. 

“Hi. Can I help you?” The other man asked. My jaw dropped slightly looking at him. He was gorgeous if I'm being completely honest. Tall, nice black hair with a blonde patch on the side, nice bone structure, and damn… He had a really nice body. tight skinny jeans that hugged his legs and simple white shirt. Wow is all I could really think of. He had amazingly gorgeous brown eyes too. My sister hit my shoulder and told me to stop drooling. She was the only one in my family that knew I was gay, but its not like I'm the only one at fault, she was drooling over the attractive man too. 

“I'm Isobel Gaskarth. This is my husband Peter, my daughter Kenadie, and my son Alex. We live in the house right next door.” She said and reached her hand out to shake his. He gladly took it and smiled at us. 

“It’s nice to meet all of you,” he replied back. Damn, he even had a sexy voice. “I'm Jack Barakat. I just moved from California.” he stopped when there was a noise and another man showed up behind him moving the door more so we could see him. He was cute too; tall, dark hair, nice skin, pretty blue eyes. They looked like a couple out of movies. 

“This must be your roommate. Hi, I'm Peter and this is my family. We live next door.” My dad said shaking his hand. the other man shook his hand back and my mothers hand. He chuckled a little. 

“Hello, I'm Devon. I'm actually Jack’s boyfriend.” oh. Well shit. Cute and gay, but sadly taken. “I know, shocker.” He stopped and looked at my mom. She was in shock too. The expression on her face changed from friendly to almost disgusted, but she wasn't rude, she kept pretending she was happy for them. “Would you guys like to come in?” Jack asked, before anyone could answer, my mom jumped right in.

“No, no. Its alright. We have things to do. We just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood.” She said. “We should go.” Smooth mom. We said goodbye to the confused couple and walked back home. “That was unexpected.” my mom said to my dad when we got in the house. 

“They seemed really nice.” I chimed in and took off my shoes.

“It’s doesn't matter if they are nice sweety. What they are doing is wrong and against God. I don't want you two to be hanging around them.” My mom said to both my sister and I. Kenadie rolled her eyes and went to her room upstairs. I did the same thing following her into her room. 

“Why do mom and dad have to be like that?” she asked me when we closed the door. Unlike most brother and sister relationships, we actually got along and were each others best friends. “What if they find out you're gay? Will they just kick you out? They need some kind of reality check.” She made a bigger deal out of this than I did. 

“Calm down. I'm not even going to tell them until I leave for college.” She sat down looking at me. “The first one was kind of cute.” I smirked and she laughed at me. “What?”

“Oh nothing. He is cute. Sucks that he sucks dick.” My jaw dropped at her. “What? It’s true. But he looks like hes in a really happy relationship, so no sucks for you.” She said and poked my shoulder. 

“Ha ha,” I laughed sarcastically, she was always making things sexual. “Not funny. He’s cute, but too old.”

“Old? I heard he was like 21. That's not old. But maybe I can turn him straight.” Kenadie smirked and bit her lip. I rolled my eyes and laughed again. 

“Yeah, good luck with that.” I left the room laughing and went outside on the back porch looking over the small fence. I saw Jack and his boyfriend sitting on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water.They were just talking and smiling. They really did seem happy. Jack pushed Devon on his back and crawled on top of him. He mumbled something before planting his lips on the others. I hope that one day I’ll have a relationship like that. Cute and loving. Open about who they are, but for now I have to keep it hidden from my parents.

“Hey, Hun.” my mom said, walking outside. I jumped turning around a looking at her. he looked at me and got that disgusted look back on her face. “That's disgusting. Men just don't do that to each other.” I looked back over the fence catching their mini make out session. 

“Why is it so wrong?” I asked my mom. I was almost 17, but I was still her baby. 

“Because the bible said so. Men don't lay with other men. Its unnatural, men and women were created to go hand in hand. Male parts just don't match up.” Even though I knew that she was wrong, simple things like that made sense. Parts go together, but we found away around that. Yeah, I was still a virgin, but I knew I was gay. I've never thought about another female before, only men. My mom went back in the house, I wish I could talk to her, but it was nearly impossible without starting a fight.

When I looked back over the fence, they were both gone. I guess just going back in the house. They had a lot of moving in that they had to do. I went back inside as well going to my room. I plugged my iPod into the doc and put it on shuffle, no surprise, blink was the first to be played. I hope they had good music taste. I thought I saw a guitar inside when we went over, maybe on of them plays music. 

A few hours later my mom called for dinner and as always, she found something to babble on about. Today was the new neighbors. She basically told us she didn't want us to be around them and “turn gay”. A little too late for that mom. My sister and I gave each other amused looks, not that our parents ever caught on to any of them, they were pretty oblivious to their kids. If they knew half the stuff my sister was up to when she sneaks out of the house, she would have her washed down with Holy Water and sent to a bible camp. I'm similar, I'm not a troublemaker or a partier or have a lot of sex like her, but I've definitely done stupid things like drinking and getting high, but what teenager has done that at least once. I guess strict parents make sneaky kids. 


note, legal age for this story is 18 because that is a pretty universal age for adulthood.​​

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