Illegal Love

Alex is your typical high school student. Loves to be with friends, play music, does well in school, but somethings changes when his family gets a new neighbor. Jack Barakat and his boyfriend move next door, and Alex gets a little too comfortable with their new neighbor.


14. Chapter Fourteen

I didn't think that Thanksgiving could get here fast enough. I just wanted to be out of school and I really wanted to see Jack again. He’s been working a lot lately to pay for the house. I even kind of avoided him for a couple days. I felt so stupid for suggesting that we should sleep together. I didn't know what was more embarrassing, the almost begging I was doing, or the rejection. It was stupid to think that he would give in so easy. he was a lot more responsible than people might think that he is. 

I invited him over for dinner, but my mom didn’t know about that. I just asked if I could bring a friend over so they weren’t alone today. She actually agreed to it, usually she wouldn't since it was a family holiday, but once I told her that my ‘friend’ was going to be all alone, she agreed to let him, Jack, come over. 

My mom was in the kitchen cooking when the doorbell went off. I smiled knowing immediately who the was. I got up from the table where I was setting things up and went to go answer the door. I opened it with a grin on my face, it got even bigger as my eyes landed on the man that was behind it. Jack looked, for lack of a better word, sexy as hell. He was wearing a simple blue-grey suit with a white shirt. He didn't have a tie on, so it made him look really casual at the same time. 

“Hey, I came.” he said. I smiled biting my bottom lip. I stepped aside letting him walk in. “It’s really nice.”

“Thanks.” I said and shut the door. “You look really good, like… wow.” I blushed when I realized how I said it. 

“Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself either.” he smiled, damn that smile. “I would kiss you, but I have a feeling your mom is around here.” he gave a fake chuckle and looked around. 

“She’s in the kitchen.” I said and stepped closer. “I'm sure we can sneak a quick one.” I suggested and got closer. He bent down, our lips almost making contact until my mom walk into the room. 

“Alex, is tha-” we pulled apart quickly taking a step back from each other. I looked at my mom holding a rag. She had a shocked look on her face. “Hello, Jack.” my mom said, clearly forcing a smile, thank God she didn't see us.

“Hi, Mrs. Gaskarth.” Jack said politely, holding out his had for her to shake. My mom just looked at him and nodded. He put his hand in his pocket awkward looking at me. 

“Alex, can I talk to you for a sec? In the kitchen?” I nodded and told Jack I’ll be right back. The second that we were away from Jack, my mom was spitting fire. “Alex!” she seethed. “I told you that I didn't want you talking to that man.”

“Really mom? He’s not doing anything wrong.” I tried to reason with here and keeping quiet so Jack couldn't hear us arguing. 

“He’s gay, Alex. That’s wrong and I don't want that in my house.” she said quietly. It felt really bad to hear that, like she didn't want me in the house. 

“He’s not even with his boyfriend anymore, they broke up, and I didn't want him to be alone all Thanksgiving.” she sighed.

“Fine, but only this one day. After that, never invite him back.” I rolled my eyes and groaned. She was so un-accepting about it, it kind of hurt. I went back where Jack was and told him that he can come in and sit at the table. We called Kenadie and my father down. Kenadie smirked at me the second she saw Jack sitting that the table next to me. My dad didn't seem to care, or maybe that was his way of ‘being nice’.

My mom brought the rest of the food and sat it on the table. Jack seemed really nervous, and I don't blame him. I knew it was a bad idea to have him over, but I didn't want him to be alone today. We started eating in silence, only forks and knives could be heard. It was weird for our family, usually we talked a lot. I was going to say something, but Kenadie did first. 

“Enjoying the meal, Jack?” she asked him nicely. I knew she was just trying to get some form of conversation going. He swallowed his bit as he nodded. 

“Yes, its really good.” he said, smiling at my mom. “My mom used to cook like this.”

“Used to?” My dad quested with food in his mouth. He didn't really have manners during thanksgiving, not many people do anyway I guess. “What happened? Does she just not cook anymore?” he chuckled a little in the back of his throat. It was happy to see him smiling, he was always too caught up in work. 

“Uh, kind of. She passed away when I was eighteen.” Jack said and frowned a little. It was a little quiet at the table. 

“If you don’t mind me asking, how did she die?” My mom decided to chime in. I guess this was one way to get her to talk to Jack. Jack sighed and sat his fork down. “I'm sorry, I was just curious.”

“No, no. Its okay. Um…” he paused for a second thinking, then picked up the conversation again. “My dad had gotten really sick, doctors didn't exactly know with what. He soon passed, whatever he had spread to his heart and It fail him, just like a heart disease might do.” he stopped again and looked at me. I could see how hurt he was. “My mom died shortly after my eighteenth birthday when I was going to college.” I saw the tears in the corner of his eyes before he blinked them away. 

“Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, Jack.” my sister said. 

“It’s okay. It was a long time ago. I picked up and move on. I still miss them, but I know they would be happier together now that suffering so much when they were alive.” he looked at me again and I smiled. I reached my hand under the table and squeezed his leg a little. He put his hand on top of mine and ran his thumb along the back of my hand. After a few seconds, I took my hand away, so we didn't look too suspicious. When I looked up, my sister was looking at me with a cocked eyebrow. I just gave an awkward smile and looked down at my food playing with it. I figured I’d had enough, so I pushed my plate back a little, listening to the conversations going around.

“So, Jack,” my dad started again. I guess he really wanted to know more about him, which was weird unless he knew something, but I doubt it. “How did you find yourself here in Baltimore? Was is more family, friends, school?” he asked. 

“Um, when I was 20 and still in college, I met my ex,” he said, leaving out the ‘boyfriend’ part of it, but my parents already knew, so I guess he just didn't want to say it around them. “we moved in together in California. After a while we just wanted a change from everything and all the drama back home. Plus, a lot of Devon's work was here, so we thought it was a reasonable move.” I heard him choke on the word ‘work’ it had to be hard to think about it. 

“Alex told me you broke up with your… Boyfriend,” my mom said awkwardly and swallowed hard after that. Jack got a little bit of a weird look on his face, he caught how she said it, but he dropped it quickly and nodded. 

“Uh, yeah. We were have some problems after we moved up here. He was at work more often and,” he sighed shrugging. 

“and what? Every relationship has issues.” my dad said. Why are they so nosy? 

“It um… It turned out that he was cheating on me with another girl that lived up here.”

“Was he one of those bisexuals?” My dad asked another question. I kind of wish he would just stop already. 

“Uh, I don't know, honestly. We broke up shortly after my 22nd birthday in June. He now lives with her.” I could hear the strain in his voice. I knew that he was still heartbroken from Devon and I knew that I could never take that place, this was one of those times where, if my parents weren’t around, I would just pull him in and hug and kiss him. 

“Maybe it's a sign from God.” I shook my head and sent a glare at my mothers. “I bet there is a lovely lady out there just waiting for you.” Jack was about to speak, but I cut him off.

“Mom!” I growled across the table. 

“What? I'm just saying, maybe it's a sign that God might be forgiving him for his sin. Men don't lay with other men. It’s unnatural.”

“Mom!” this time I heard Kennadie say it. 

“I'm just saying that Jack’s current lifestyle is wrong. Being attracted to the same sex maybe be one thing and can be fixed, but you should never act on your sexual feelings unless with the opposite sex.” I was about ready to scream and throw my fork at here. She sounded like the bible and I really didn't want to hear it. I really doubt that Jack did either. 

“Mom! Please!” I finally shouted at here. He gave me a stern look, with maybe a little bit of shock. I’ve never raised my voice like that to her. She looked like she was going to yell back before Jack out his hand on my shoulder.

“It’s okay,” Jack started. I was confused. My parents, mainly my mom, started to criticize his life, my boyfriends life, and he is okay with it? “Everyone has their own opinion on the subject.” He paused looking around the table. “I choose to act on my feelings. I have different beliefs than your mother and I respect her opinion even though I don't agree.” When the hell did he turn into an adult. 

I sighed nodding. It was back to that awkward silence. No one was really eating at this point and there was no one talking. My mom got up grabbing our plates and glasses. “Would you like some help with that Mrs. Gaskarth?” Jack asked. She nodded, but didn't say anything. Jack got up getting the rest of the plates. My dad went into the living room, like always, and Kenadie went with him. I helped out my mom and Jack by picking up some of the silverware. 

“Thank you sweetie,” my mom said as I put the knives and forks in the sink. “and thank you Jack.” she said to him. I stood next to Jack silently. I just really wanted to hug and kiss him right now, but I couldn't do that around my mom. “Alex, can you do the dishes please?” she asked and I nodded. 

“I’ll help.” Jack said and turned on the water. My mom was out of the room and I let out a heavy breath that I wasn't even fully aware of that I was holding. “That was kind of intense.” I nodded to him and looked at him. I checked to make sure my mom wasn't in the the kitchen and I stood on my toes pecking Jack's lips. 

“I’ve been wanting to kiss you all night.” he smiled and for a second there, I could have swore that I saw a blush form on his cheeks, but It was gone as soon as it appeared. We were waiting for the sink to fill up, Jack place one of his hands on my wait just looking at me. “What?” I asked, feeling a little self conscious. 

“You just look really good tonight.” Yeah, I blushed. Some of the most simple words that came from his mouth made my stomach fill with butterflies and my lung felt like they couldn't breathe. It was a crazy thing, but I never wanted it to go away. He pulled me closer and connected our lips. I placed my hands around his neck to keep him in place and me on my toes, I loved and hated that he was so tall. He turned us around slightly so that my lower back was pressed against the counter top. Our lips meshed together perfectly and he kissed me hungrily. Fuck, I really wanted him right now. 

We kissed deeper and my hands moved and slid around his back. I was really craving him right now, I couldn't get enough of Jack's sweet taste, but all of a sudden my heart stopped and i heard a cough from the doorway. Both Jack’s and eye widened and we jumped apart. My heart was racing and I didn't want to look at the door. I swallowed hard and looked up. I sighed happily when I saw that it was only Kenadie.

“Fuck, Kena. You scared us.” she chuckled a little. 

“Yeah, well you're happy it's me and not one of our parents. They would hesitate to shove Jack down the garbage disposal.”

“We don't have one?” I questioned kind of confused. 

“Our parents are capable of anything.” I nodded. it was pretty true. I looked at Jack, he was breathing pretty heavy with fright still in his eyes. I rubbed his arm a little, getting him to calm down. I shut the water of so the sink wouldn’t overflow and looked back at the door when my mom came in. 

“Me and your dad were called into work. We tried to get out of it, but they need us. Will you guys be okay here for a couple days? We’ll be back Sunday night.” Ken and I nodded. She looked at Jack. 

“I'm just about to go.” she nodded to him. “Thank you for dinner. It was nice.” he smiled and her and my mom smiled back, it was more of a forced smile, but a smile none the less. She and my dad drove off. 

“You guys are going to get caught one of these days y’know?” he laughed a little. She walked over to the sink and picked up the sponge. 

“I was going to do them.” I told her. She turned around a looked at me and Jack. 

“I know you guys wanna get back to his house for the weekend and do whatever you guys do so just go. I’ll cover for you if my mom dad call.” I ran over to her hugging her. 

“Thank you. You’re the best sister ever.” I gushed, yeah, I was kind of annoying, but i knew she loved it. 

“Yeah, I know. just go before I change my mind.” I nodded and Jack and I walked to the door. I grabbed my shoes and slipped them on and got out my Jacket. 

“What do you parents do anyway? I think I asked before, but what do they do that makes them gone a lot on the weekends?” Jack asked on our way back to his house.

“Well, it's kind of like babysitting I guess. For some old guy. Sometimes if he’s having problems they’ll be gone for a couple days.” he made and oh shape with his mouth as we got to his door. He unlocked it. He let me and closed the door. 

The second the door was closed he pushed me against it, I had no problem. He kissed me passionately and picked me up by my thighs and pressing my harder against the door to keep me up. We’ve made out against the wall, or door, many times before, but this was different. Both of us weren’t just kissing to kiss, we were needy this time. “Finally, all to myself.” he mumbled against my lips and kissed me deeply again. 

Ha, you guys thought they were going to get caught, ha. 

Anyway, thank you for reading. Please let me know what you think <3 

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