Illegal Love

Alex is your typical high school student. Loves to be with friends, play music, does well in school, but somethings changes when his family gets a new neighbor. Jack Barakat and his boyfriend move next door, and Alex gets a little too comfortable with their new neighbor.


4. Chapter Four

I felt really uncomfortable around Jack and Devon after the party, so I kept my distance from them for a few days. I didn't want to fuck anything else up with them. I was sitting on my porch in my back year drawing, I wasn't really good at it, but it was a lot of fun. I heard a screen door close and I looked over at my neighbors house. Jack and Devon walked out smiling and holding hands. I made me feel really, really guilty about the kiss. I groaned and smashed my pencil against the paper. Why was a such a stupid teenager?

I watched them a little longer. They always seemed so happy to be with each other. I guess they are since Devon worked all the time, so they had to spend as much time together as possible. Devon went back inside, I guess going to get ready for work. Jack stayed in the back yard sitting on the edge of his pool with his feet in the water. I heard their car pull away and I figured it was safe for me to go over and apologize. I made sure that my parents already left before sneaking over. I sat my stuff down and went through the door in the fence that Zack’s dad put there before they moved. 

“Hey,Jack.” I said, getting his attention. He turned and smiled a little bit awkwardly. I walked over to him slowly and sat down. I took off my shoes and put my feet in the pool too. “can I apologize?” I asked.

“For?” he questioned, and looked at me. 

“The other night.” I took a deep breath. Apologizing wasn't my thing at all, but I felt like I should give one to him. “I was really drunk and I know that - that's no excuse, but I'm just really sorry.” Jack smiled. 

“Thanks. It’s not all your fault though. I kissed you back. It was really stupid of me and I'm sorry if I did anything to… I don't know, lead you on maybe.” I punched his arm. 

“No, I'm a teenage boy with hormones and you’re a really attractive adult, those don't mix well.” he laughed at me. “I was drunk, okay. No feelings?” I lied I guess, but what else was I going to say? He was my neighbor, an adult… with a boyfriend. 

“Yeah, no feelings.” he said, and smiled. His eyes flicked to my lips and back at my eyes. He got this look in his eyes like he was trying to separate the good and bad. “anyways,” he started, changing the subject. “Go swimming often?” he laughed awkwardly. 

“Not as often as I used too.” I laughed at him for the stupid question. I got an idea and stood up taking off my shirt and pulling down my pants so I was in my boxers. 

“What are you doing?” Jack questioned, and turned so he was looking at me. I smirked and backed up. Jack watched me as I ran forward and jumped into the pool, hopefully splashing Jack. I sank to the bottom before the water started to pull me back up to the surface. I reached the surface and taking a large gulp of air, throwing my head back getting the hair out of my face. I looked at Jack who had a less than impressed look on his face and he wiped the water off of himself and shook his hair out. 

“Oops. Did I get you wet?” I teased and splashed some more water on him. He dropped his jaw then glared at me. I just shrugged my shoulders and swam off in the other direction. I laid back and looked up at the sky. I actually did miss swimming. Soon, I heard a splash and felt water spray over my face. I repositioned and looked at Jack under the water. He came back up purposely splashing me like I had done to him. 

Jack smiled at me. I shook my head splashing him until it all turned into one big water fight between the two of us. “Okay, okay! Stop!” Jack held his hands up, laughing. “Alex stop I get it!” he yelled playfully and backed up. I finally stopped and we were both just looked at each other laughing. “Thanks.” Jack said swimming to the stairs. 

“For what?” I asked, and swam right behind him and we both got out walking to the house. 

“Everything has been really tense lately, and Devons been at work a lot lately. Its good to have fun.” he smiled, and handed me a towel. We dried ourselves off and hung the towels around our necks and went inside. “Do you need a shirt or something?” he asked, getting one out for himself. I muttered a yes and he looked back in his closet. I didn't notice in the water, but now I was really looking at him. I gulped, staring his body. 

“Holy shit…” I thought to myself. He was way more attractive than I thought. 

“What?” He asked, turning around and pulling his shirt over his chest. I caught a quick glance at his stomach. I looked at him confused. “You said something?” oops. 

“No, I didn't say anything.” I said, trying to look anywhere in the room except for where Jack was standing. He shook his head and handed me a shirt. I put on the shirt and gave him back his towel. He threw them in a clothes basket and came back over sitting on the bed next to me. He sighed and laid back, I laid back too. Swimming always made me tired. We laid there for a little before he got up. I was pretty much half asleep by now. He shook me and made me sit up. 

“Just let me sleep.” I groaned, and pushed his chest. He held my arm and looked at my face. He looked like he was going to say something, but stopped and let go of my arm.

“I have to clean up and stuff. Your parents might be home soon.” he said, standing up and leading me to the back door so I could get my stuff that was still back there. 

“I’ll see you later.” I smiled and said. Every Time he got that look in his eyes he was quick to kick me out with some lame excuse. I tried not to pay attention to it, I didn't wanna overstay my welcome and fuck things up again, or any more than I might have already done. So I got my stuff and left going home. 

[Jack's P.O.V]

I closed the door after Alex left. That was doing something and I didn't know what it was. After I made out with him, my brain was a little scrambled. I really liked the kiss, or maybe I was just drunk, but I had an amazing boyfriend. Alex was a kid and I could get in a lot of trouble for it. Nothing could work even if I wanted it too. I sighed walking into the living room. Maybe TV can help me take my mind of the kid. 


I feel asleep on the couch and woke up to Devon stumbling through the door. I looked at the clock noticing it was 12:40 am. “Oh, sorry, babe.” Devon said, walking past me. “I didn't know you were sleeping on the couch.” 

“It’s fine. Why are you home so late?” I asked, rubbing my eyes and walking over to him. I slid my arms around his waist, lacing them behind him and I brought his lips to mine. 

“I had to work late, that's all.” He slurred a little, and pecked my lips again. 

“You sound drunk.” I gave him a worried look. He shrugged and rocked in place. Yep he was drunk. 

“I had something to drink with the guys on the way home.” How did he make friends so fast? I kissed him again. He was the first to deepen the kiss and walk us to our room. We walked to the bed and I pushed him on it getting between his legs. I kissed along his jaw and down his neck when I saw something. I pulled up examining the skin of his neck. “Why did you stop?” he ask, looking up at me and bucking his hips a little. I stared at his neck, looking at the purple bruise just above the collar or his shirt. I hooked my finger under the fabric and moved it just enough to see more little bruises along his chest and a couple under his left ear. 

“Who gave you those hickeys?” I asked, referring to the purple spots.

“You did.” he replied back, strangely very calm. His eyes were slightly glossy, he was either drunk high or both. Knowing Devon, it was probably both.

“No I didn't.” I sat back on my knees and he sat up scooting away a little closer to the head board. “You hate it when I give you hickeys, you say they're trashy.” my face dropped even more, and I stood up by the side of the bed. “Did you cheat on me?” I asked him, really hoping that it wasn't true. He sat up more and got over to me. He cupped my face and kissed me. I didn't kiss him back, I just stood there. He groaned and stopped kissing me. Devon backed up and looked at me. 

“I'm sorry, babe.” he said, and I rolled my eyes. “I was drinking and there was this girl that kept flirting with me.” he got a small smirk on his face then It dropped as soon as he looked at my eyes. He can't be serious. 

“And what? You fought her off with your tongue?” I tried to say calm, but I felt the anger and jealousy fill my gut. He just shrugged. I was pissed now. I really didn't even know what to say to him. 

“I'm sorry, Jacky. I was really drunk. I wasn't thinking. Are you mad?” Devon gave me those really big doe eyes that I fell for when we first got together, he knew just how to use them too. 

“Did you sleep with her?” I was afraid to ask the question, but I wanted to know if my boyfriend was cheating on me. He nodded slightly giving me a sorry look. I felt tears in my eyes, but I choked them back. I wasn't about to be weak around him. I nodded and scratched the back of my head. “Umm…” I didn't know what to say to him. I felt jealousy, anger, and confusion swell inside me again, and growing. I wanted to stay calm, but I was completely pissed off at the moment. Yelling wasn't going to do anything though, and Devon was drunk. Yelling at a drunk person was like yelling the wall. “I'm going to sleep on the couch tonight, okay?” I said with a fake smile and walked to the door. 

“Baby, I'm so sorry… I didn't mean too.” Devon stopped me and told me. 

“We’ll talk later tomorrow… Goodnight.” I told him, and left the room. I got downstairs and went into the kitchen. I leaned against the sink and turned it on, watching the water run. I splashed my face with it and turned it off. I went to the living room and sat down. I kept telling myself to not be mad, he was drunk, but that’s still no excuse. I guess that was the same thing that happened with Alex and I. But all of that was just some stupid kiss, nothing else. Devon actually slept with a girl at a bar. I hated this. I thought moving here was supposed to make us happier, not tear us apart. 

Sorry this is a little more focused on Jack and Devon right now. Don't worry. Please be patient with me, I don't like stories to move too fast. Let me know what you think :)​

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