They're a whole new species, one said to have come from the God Hades. A dangerous species who once ruled to world. Nixon and Amara Doukas. One wants to put the humans back in the shadows, the other just wants a happy ending.

[One Shot. Link to full story at the end.]


1. One Shot

Tall buildings surrounded him as he walked down the familiar sidewalk. They weren't long living in the city, him and his sister Amara, but he had been out long enough to have most of the streets and alleys memorized.

He walked down one side of the car lined street. The sun was almost fully set and people were in a hurry to get home, especially from this side of town. The town with the reputation, to hold more than your every day thugs. There was a reason they had picked this city.

She jogged down the street, the evening breeze was soothing as it blew across her exposed skin. It wrapped around her bare arms and legs, caressing her neck. The sweatshirt tied around her waist flipped and flopped as she continued forward. Her sneakers bounced off the cement and her clothes clung to her. Music blasted from her earphones, it was easy for him to head.

She rocked her head back and forth to the beat. He took his hands out from the pockets of his jeans. He was calm, not afraid of who might be around, he knew he was stronger than anything. The young girl came into his sight, jogging down the opposite side of the road. She wasn't aware of anyone's presence. The only thought in her head was focused on her way home.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" She brought up solid into his chest, backing away frantically. Her cheeks flushed slightly from embarrassment as she looked up at him. Her first reaction was just like the others, she was stunned by his chiseled features, square jawline. The very faint dusting of freckles across his cheeks sending her mental hysteria.

"It was my fault," he flashed an easy grin.

A nervous giggle escaped her lips, "Sorry again." She smiled kindly, walking around him to continue on her way.

It was the same route she took every night, he was surprised she didn't recognize him from before. She was different from the others, they were much more observant. He wasn't someone you could mistake for someone else.

He stepped to the side, allowing her to pass and continue jogging further down the road. He listened to her steps. She took the turn at the end of the road, heading down towards the near by neighbourhoods at a decent pace. He listened for other signs of people, there was none.

"God, I'm sorry! I'm such a -." Her mouth hung open in shock as she met his playful eyes again.

He tilted his head, "Excuse me?"

With an unsteady hand she pointed behind her, struggling to find words. "I...We just bumped into each other a few roads back...How did you get here so fast?" Her head shook, trying to understand the situation a little better.

He shrugged, completely relaxed, "Maybe it has to do with this." He tapped her on the shoulder from behind, causing her to spin around.

She stumbled backwards, "What the hell..."

He raised one hand. "Now, now. Don't fret," he spoke calmly. The girl's eyes widened, fixed on him as bright purple smoke laced with a white light swarmed around his raised hand, pooling in his palm. His almost black irises then shone a bright silver. "It won't take long...unless I want it to." 

She stumbled back, causing her back to be pressed up against the brick wall of a cold building. Her breath came in shallow as she watched the purple smoke make its way closer to her. She pressed herself harder against the wall as if hoping it would consume her; take her away from the man who screamed death.

"You're so weak...so vulnerable." He said with thick amusement. The smoke began to nip at the her feet, lacing their way up her exposed legs. A scream bellowed from her. "Shhh," He put a finger to her thin pale lips.

She tried to scream again, but this time no sound came.

"That's better." He watched with approval as the smoke ate at her legs, damaging them from the inside out. Her delicate skin was being devoured and the smoke, it was swallowing her whole. It embraced her torso next. Her mouth was wide open, tears running from her eyes but no one could hear a thing. Except for him. He heard every sound that came from her; the shrill scream, the loud panicked sobs, the sounds of the smoke decaying her quickly. He enjoyed every second of it, he enjoyed the power he had to do such a thing.

"Nixon." Her voice boomed, piercing deeply through him.

"Ah, sister." He smirked, glancing back at auburn haired girl. Her fists were clenched, blue smoke seeping through her fingers. She never was pleased with his evening activities.

"Stop," she warned. Her smoke filled hand snapped open, sending beams of pale blue light towards the pained girl.

His purple fog faded away, out powered by the healing strength of Amara. The girl slipped down onto the pavement, her head resting against her knees as her unconscious body tried to gather itself. Beads of sweat covered her forehead. The blue light healed her stomach, her legs, even putting her burned clothes back together. Soon it looked like she was just taking a nap.

"She'll wake up once we're far away from here. She won't think anything of it and continue on her way home. She'll be late because she helped an old lady cross the street." Amara spoke quietly.

He shook his head, "You're pathetic."

"Me?" She raised an eyebrow along with her voice. "You're the one who takes your anger out on innocent girls."

"They're not innocent. They drove us into hiding." He reminded her. "Princess Anastasia was the one who sent those hunters after us. They slaughtered most of us." His fists clenched at the thought of the princess. She was stunning, a beautiful sight. She had the humans all at her feet, they worshipped her. They were the ones who made their the first princess. The first figure of authority among the shadow creatures.

"She led the humans to freedom. If it was us we'd do the same."

"Are you defending them?"

"Of course not!"

"They were nothing but stories Amara. They hid in the shadows because they're weak. They don't deserve to run this planet." He pressed.

She let out a frustrated sigh, it was always her brother's way or no way. "What do you want us to do about it? Have a revolution? Just the two of us?" She challenged him.

"We could find more. Everyone split up, but we could track them."

"Some of them don't want to be found." She snapped, "Can't you just let it go?"

"I will not bow down to these creatures." He growled, daring to flash his silver eyes towards her.

"I didn't say you had to," she said simply. "But you can't do killing them for no reason. They're not even aware."

He smiled at her, he loved the kill. Of course one kill took weeks. Time to watch the victim, study them. And then show them how easily they can be ripped from their world. How easily they can be forced into the part of the world they never knew existed and then killed out of it instantly. If humans dared to see the world for what it truly was, they would be terrified. They would be dead. But that was just what he wanted. "It's not for no reason."

"Nixon, even I think that's sick." She spat.

He shrugged casually, flicking his fingers and sending a puff of purple smoke into the air. "You wouldn't have thought that back in the 1800's."

"I was didn't know what I was doing." She whispered.

"You know exactly what you were doing." Nixon slammed his hand against the wall of the building, the brick burnt to a crisp under the force and heat of his smoke covered hands. He remembered what Amara used to be like perfectly, it was hard to forget when she killed someone so close to him.

The fifteen year old Hadis walked down the street, only five years before he would be a full Hadis and freeze his aging if he wished. His figure was much too tall for his age, making him look lanky and clumsy when he moved.

The small village was filled with them, the Hadis, the humans never dared to enter this one. They had one city of their own, besides that they clung to the shadows. The kids knew them as Shadow Creatures, dangerous beings who knew nothing but greed and did nothing but deceive. A goofy smile formed on his face when he arrived at her doorstep.

"Hey, come on it." The young girl smiled, tucking a neat blonde curl behind her ear.

"Thanks." He mumbled shyly, they had been friends for years and she still made him nervous. He always second guessed his every move in her presence.

"Would you like something to drink?" She peeked at him over the top of the door opened to the fridge.

"Sure," he nodded.

She pulled out a jug of water. They weren't sold on flavoured beverages in the decade. She poured two tall glasses, handing him one. She took a seat at the small round table. "Sit," she told him and he did so.

He sat their quietly, gulping some water every now and then.

"Why are you so quiet?" She raised a slim eyebrow. She picked up on everything that was off about him, and today he was just too quiet.

He shrugged, "No reason."

She placed her glass back on the table, giving him a pointed look.

"Caroline...it's nothing." He insisted.

"I know about your sister." She said softly.

He nodded, he didn't want to talk about his sister. She was getting out of control again and it scared him.

"Please, talk to me." Caroline pressed, she didn't want it to eat him up inside for fear he might end up like his sister. A killer.

"She's been...hunting again." He stated flatly.

"Humans?" He nodded.

"If they're anywhere near our village then they had it coming anyway." She attempted to comfort him.

"But they weren't," he started softly. "She hunted them down. Murdered them." He tried to shake the memory of the tattered bodies, she was nothing but a monster. The thought of being related to her disgusted him, and more so scared him. What if he turned into that? He wouldn't be able to live with himself.

"Don't worry about it. She won't hurt you." She covered his hands with her own, allowing her green smog to pour over both of them, calming them.

He sat there for a minute, allowing Caroline to put him at ease. Something was gnawing at him, he felt the need to leave. Slowly, he pulled his hands of his hers, his emotions coming back in a wave. He was overwhelmed. "I...I need to go." He stood up from the table and left without a look back.


He froze, meeting the red eyes of his sister. "What are you doing here?" His heart began to race. The colour of her eyes told him she was on a killing rush. She was unpredictable.

"I'm just having fun!" She cheered with a laugh. She pulled him away from the house, pushing him backwards. He landed on a stack of hay. She opened her hands wide, blue smoke gathered. She flung her open palms toward Caroline's house, sending beams of light shining over it.

"No...no..." His eyes were wide as he watched the house go up in blue flames. Screams came from inside. "What are you doing?" He yelled at his sister.

"You need to grow up, brother." She gave him a sick smile and stalked off.

Caroline cried from inside, "Nixon!"

Something inside him shifted, darkened. His best friend was trapped inside a quickly burning house. Fire caused by Amara was stronger, it gave off different fumes as it burned. One of her many unique powers.

"Nixon!" Her hands beat on the kitchen window. All he could make out was the print of a hand and a pair of glowing yellow eyes. A part of him demanded that he move forward, run inside no matter how dangerous and get Caroline out. But a larger part of him told him to stay still. There was really nothing he could do but get the both of them killed. Survival of the fittest. His instincts got him out, hers didn't. He knew very well Amara would have set the house a blaze even if he was inside.

"I'm sorry." He whispered.

The screams stopped.

He walked away from the house, leaving the rest of the structure to burn. He didn't dare hang his head, he wanted Amara to know he was no longer afraid. He would no longer be the target, the prey. He was a hunter, a Hadis just like her. They shared the same blood and he would destroy her.

"That was a mistake." Amara spoke quietly. "She was a nice girl."

"And she wasn't the only one." Nixon snapped, he was tired of his sisters drastic mood shifts.

She didn't say anything. A part of her dared to say they deserved it, but she knew that would only anger her brother more. The last thing they needed was to destroy this city like they did the others. The beautifully structured buildings all turned to ash...

"Can't find your voice?" His eyes began to glow from the heat of his emotions.

"I don't have anything to say to you." She turned her back to him and began to walk away.

He lashed out. Threads of purple light beamed out of his palms and wrapped around her, yanking him back against him. "You're so weak. You're turning into one of them." He growled in her ear.

She stood still.

"You want to protect them. The weaker species. That makes you weak." He clenched his fist harder, tightening the threads that embraced her.

"Nixon." She choked.

He chuckled, "You can't even fight back."

"I don't want to hurt you."

"You can't hurt me." She began to shake. She closed her eyes, trying to fight the redness that dared to take over her green irises.

"You want to. You want to change back, become who you truly are." Nixon coaxed. "Do it, let yourself be free. We can wipe out the humans, take back our planet. Send them back into the shadows."

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"Because...it's not right."

He laughed. "It's not right," he mocked her dramatically. "Nothing is right in this world, haven't you realized that?" He spoke in thought, a hint of sarcasm rose in his voice. "That's why we do what we want. There is no right or wrong."

"You're wrong." She snapped, her body was instantly surrounded in a blue light and she forced herself out of Nixon's grip.

"Did you not just hear what I said? There is no wrong." He bounced back and forth on his feet, becoming impatient.

"Yes, there is. You're wrong, you're the monster." She argued back, her red eyes contrasted greatly against the surround blue light and smog. "You just can't admit it."

He flew backwards down the alley from the force of her blue light. She sent it after him like whips, they lashed him over and over again. He gritted his teeth, there was no way he would give her any satisfaction in knowing she was hurting him.

His silver eyes became prominent, telling her that she'd hit a nerve. She sent her smoke in after him as well, knowing he was much stronger than herself by now. She had to keep him distracted.

He saw the smoke heading for him, knowing this time it wouldn't be used to heal. A surge of panic spread through him, causing him to lash out his own pile of smoke, his purple. He hurled it towards her, sending the blue light back at her. She deflected it with her hands, sending it into the brick wall. It disappeared.

"See, you're coming around." He gathered himself up off the pavement. He sent one strong beam of light straight his sister, so fast she couldn't dodge it.

She was forced backwards, only she wasn't standing at the end of the alley. She flew out onto the street, landing smack in the middle of the road. Her bones were cracked, broken and twisted. They quickly began to heal. She picked herself up, popping her joints back into place as she did.

"You sure did grow stronger." She muttered, stalking back into the alley. She knew that Nixon must have tripled her number of kills by now, meaning he had much more training with his powers.

"You could be just as strong as me." He offered. "Amara, you know you want to join me."

She shook her head, "The Doukas siblings, the Fury twins, is that what you want to be again? A duo of merciless killers?"

"Amara, we've never stopped. You're not as innocent as you like to believe you are." He reminded her, remembering how she helped destroy their last few cities.

"I did that because you exposed us. If we didn't kill them all then we'd be killed!" She argued.

"Not if you just killed the right people." He stated flatly. "Admit it, you killed them all because you liked it. You liked hearing their useless screams, watching them fall one by one. Seeing the look of pain you could cause. You loved the power. The control."

The blue smoke wavered around her. He knew he was right.

"You love how strong you are, how weak the look in comparison. You know they don't deserve to run this world, they should be forced out of it." He continued, taking a few steps closer to her. His voice was so convincing, one of his many good traits, making people hang on his every word.

She held her hand in front of him, blue smoke and light strengthened in her palm. He readied himself for her attack but to his surprise she didn't lash out towards him. She swung her hand to the right, sending her power freely towards the young jogger who's unconscious body hadn't moved. Of course she wasn't suppose to until they were far from there.

The girl didn't budge, Amara's powers had put her in a deep trance. The smoke began to devour her and the light burnt her skin. Quickly, the young girl was nothing but a pile of ash. Ash that contained only her DNA, no trace of Amara or Nixon.

He gave her a smile, "Welcome back, sister."


Author's Note: If you enjoyed that then you can read the whole story which is based off of this here: http://www.wattpad.com/story/10193828-hadis

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