Trip to Cameron and Nash


3. the burgertent

we were in LA and we didn't know what we should do because the nex flight is only tomorrow.

So we grabbed our things and walked away from the airport. WE WERE STARVING, So we were looking for a place to eat. About 10km later there was a burgertent and we were starved so it didn't mind if it was bad food, food is food.

We walked inside and took the last table of the right, close to the toilets.

waitress; so what do you wanna order?

G; 2 chickenburgers, a large ice tea and a big pack of french fries.

O: for me the same please.

The waitress orderd and she walked away, we were waiting untill the waitress came. A few minutes latere we heard loud laughing in the toilets.

2 hot boys came out of it.

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