Trip to Cameron and Nash


2. the airport

We were at the airport in Zaventem ( that is an airport someWhere in Belgium)

we walked through the airport and had an pitstop at starbucks to drink a cold milkshake.

'THE FLIGHT TO MANHATTAN LEAVES IN 10 MIN' we heard through the airport.

OMGG NOOOO OUR FLIGHT IT'S ALMOST LEAVING! We screamed at the same time. We grabbed our tickets and our bags and ran like freaks through the airport! Right on time we had our flight, we were so lucky.

So we were sitting on the plane and we were waiting untill he will land in Manhattan. 5 minutes laters the pilote said 'we have a technical problem and we gonna land in LA'.

G: oohno are you kidding me

O: omg this is soo not true!

G: fuck maybe we won't see nash and cameron.

O: pffff

So the plane was landing and here we are. Dropped in the middle of nowhere.

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