Love Never Dies

Title made by my best friend XIa.
Ambrosia Grier, Vampire Queen, is your average teenage vampire. She lives in the Vampire Realm. Liam Payne is a vampire too. But he moved to the Mortal Realm to audition for the British X-Factor. Ambrosia hasn't seen him since then. But he comes back and everything falls apart.


10. The teenage party part one

Hey, So I had a chapter saved as a draft and my computer took a crap. It was a good chapter too. For the people that read on a daily basis, I just want you to know that i try my best to impress and satisfy you guys. I guess I've just been down lately. I've had depression for a long time and this past week I feel like the ground is going to give out beneath me. And I need someone to tell my feelings to, so I'm starting a new movella called 'My feelings/How to survive Depression'. I would really love to tell people how to get through this and tell them that they aren't the only one's out there, because I'm with you guys. I know the feeling. It's like you feel like you're just going to explode and hurt everyone in your wake. I'm going to work a lot on my other movellas that I haven't had time for so i think Dylan might take over this one for a while. Why don't you all become a fan of him, his account is called DylanFootballFanficRepeat. I'm going to write this Chapter and then i'll be done for a while. For now, Bye my lovelies!

Ambrosia's Outfit for the beginning of this chapter is here-

Ambrosia's P.O.V
"So, boys. practice your flying and mind reading. And don't forget, You need to be at the castle by 5:30 tonight. When you get there I'll tell you what you need to do. Wear something nice!" I told them, giving them each and hug and a kiss on the cheek. "See you later!" 
I walked out the door and pulled my backpack over my shoulder. I set towards the mark at a bathroom in a Nandos. I really need to try the Chicken Pei Pei Niall was drooling about this morning. I smiled thinking of Niall running into the door frame last night. He is such a doofus. In a good way. (don't get mad at me guys!)  I walked into the Nandos restaurant and made my way into the bathroom, I went into the handicapped stall and found the EV mark. I rubbed my ring against the mark and a cement staircase was waiting for me. I walked down the staircase and called Nash.
"Hey Nash, do you have the staff prepping for the party tonight?"
"Yes, the guests are notified, cooks are cooking, maids are cleaning." He said.
"I need to call some acts.' I said, walking.
"What acts?"
"5SOS, One Direction, and me if Matt has time to record a song." I answered.
"Ok, I think we are gong tot use the outside Ball."
"Yeah, I figured. What do you want for decorations?"  Nash asked.
"Uh, colorful stuff. Teenage crap. you know."
"Ok, well Cam needs some help bye."
"Bye." I hung up the phone.
About 10 minutes later I made it to my room. I unpacked all my stuff from the sleepover and headed to Matt's. I reached the door. I did a quick checkup and I had the acts, except me. The decorations, cooking , and venue were getting taken care of. I knocked on the door and Matt opened about 2 seconds later.
"Ambrosia!" He exclaimed. "Come in!"
I walked into his house and asked, "Do you maybe have time to record a song for the party tonight?"
"Yeah, I have a break from Beyoncé' today."
"Ok. " I pulled out my songbook. And we set to work.
"Ok, I put together some music and I think that it would go perfect with these Lyrics." He said, concentrating.
"Awesome." I said.
I was there for a while and it was already five o'clock. My phone vibrated and I had a text from Liam.
From Liam:
We're here early, where do you want us to meet you?
To Liam:
the outdoor ballroom.

Liam's P.O.V
"It's so cool!" Louis exclaimed, looking at the front of the castle.
"Yeah, we need to go to the outdoor Ballroom. Wait until you see that." I told Louis.
"YAY!" Everybody said. We walked to the outdoor ball room in time to see Ambrosia Arching her back in laughter.
"Hey, Am. Cameron." I spoke.
"Hey." Ambrosia said giving us all a hug.
"Cameron, may I ask. How did Tyler get stuck again?"  She asked, laughing.
"We wrapped him in duck tape and Sorta can't get it off.." Cameron answered.
"Did you try scissors?" I asked.
"No. Duh!" Cam said face palming and walking away.
Ambrosia laughed, "Ok, so Niall and Harry. You are going to help Matthew Espinosa get his band and stuff unpacked. "
"What's the band named?" Harry asked.
"He doesn't have a band. He's a record producer for the vampire singers and stuff."
"Oh." Harry said.
"They're over there." Ambrosia pointed for the boys. "Louis and Zayn. you are going to pick 2 songs for your performance. Liam, you're hosting with me and Nash."
"Ok" they all said.
"So, let's get this party started." I told her, kissing her on the cheek.
I was happy with her. I truly loved her. I couldn't live without her.


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