Love Never Dies

Title made by my best friend XIa.
Ambrosia Grier, Vampire Queen, is your average teenage vampire. She lives in the Vampire Realm. Liam Payne is a vampire too. But he moved to the Mortal Realm to audition for the British X-Factor. Ambrosia hasn't seen him since then. But he comes back and everything falls apart.


4. The Coronation

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Ambrosia's P.O.V
I sat there sitting on the old, worn chair in my dad's old study, tears streaming down my face. I cannot believe he said that. Maybe the mortal world really did change him. My worst fears really did come true. I still can't wait for the coronation tomorrow, and he isn't going to ruin it. I get to wear my mom's old dress and see all of my friends in dresses and suits all dressed up for me and Nash.  


"Coming!" I yelled as I walked to the door to my room. I opened it and looked at Liam: He was dressed in a Jet Black suit and a red tie that just tied it all together. I saw he was looking at me too. 
"Is it that bad?'  I asked, looking down at my shoes.
"No." He said, lifting my chin up with his fingers, "It's amazing, I've never seen anything so beautiful." 
"Are you referring to the dress or me?" I asked, getting a bit worried.
He chuckled, "You, your amazing." He said, earning a smile from me. "And beautiful." He added.
"We should get going." I simply stated.
"Good Idea." He said, sliding his arm around my waist as we walked to the car. As we got in, he reached over and slid his hands into mine drawing circles on my soft skin, knowing I was nervous. He reached over and slightly pressed his lips onto mine as we drove off to the Prom.

Flashback end~


A tear rolled down my pale face as the doors burst open.
"Ambrosia!" Liam exclaimed. "There you are, I've been looking all over for you." 
"Like you care." I said another bloody tear rolling down my face.
"Ambrosia! I care! I always have, I never stopped." 'He said, with a shocked look on his face.
"Then explain why you left me!" I raised my voice.
"You needed time alone, Ambrosia. I just knew it." He said. My lips dared to turn upwards, he knew me more than I did.
"You really thought that?"  I asked, looking up at his face.
"Yes, and see?" He said gesturing to me. "Your better than ever, ready to take on the responsibility of the whole race of the Vampires."
"Your right." I said leaning in, wrapping my arms around him. He gladly took the hug and pressed his face into my neck. 
"I love you, Ambrosia. He said, surprising me. "I always have."
"I love you, Liam." I replied, not knowing what I was saying. "Always." 
He moved out of the hug and cupped his hands around my face, (A/N I know Harold does this, but I don't care)  He put his soft lips onto mine, I had been craving his lips for so long. Our lips moved in sync for what seemed like hours until the slight movement of the door startled us. It opened, as we scrambled to get into a friendly hug again. 
"Ambrosia, It's time for coronation prep to start." My Hair and Makeup lady, Joy, said.
"Ok, I'll be right down." I said before she closed the door quietly. I moved my lips to Liam's and pecked my lips on his twice, as I hurried across the room to the door. 
"Good luck!." He called to me before I closed the door. 






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