Love Never Dies

Title made by my best friend XIa.
Ambrosia Grier, Vampire Queen, is your average teenage vampire. She lives in the Vampire Realm. Liam Payne is a vampire too. But he moved to the Mortal Realm to audition for the British X-Factor. Ambrosia hasn't seen him since then. But he comes back and everything falls apart.


5. The Coronation- Part 2

Hey guys, thanks for reading again! Ugh, i'm tired. So, I still haven't got any questions, so, please send me some. I really want to make it up to you! Alright, here is part 2 to the coronation chapter, i promise the coronation is in this chap guis! My writing might be a little bad because my best friend is moving all the way to Australia, i seriously cannot live without her. I have no clue what i'm going to do! We have been together since 5th grade and look we are both 20 and following our dreams. I'm living my dream at Manchester university, getting a  degree in Music Technology and recording more and more music everyday. And she is going to a school called: School of Art: Australian National University. I am really proud of her. So, ask me questions and read this Chapter!



Ambrosia's P.O.V
After. being pushed, pulled, and stretched far past my limit, I was walking around the venue looking at every little detail. Like the pictures i chose to be put around the whole kingdom, they were awesome! And, the little hidden infinity signs that my dad loved so much. I also, noticed the small flower that Liam knows I love so much. I've been waiting forever for this exact day, and it has gone so well. 
"Walking around too?" 
"God-" I spun around. "It's just you Nash"
"Yep." He said looking up at the ceiling. " Just me." 
"Are you taking in all the details?" I asked, looking over at him. 
"Yes, It's amazing how these people managed to get all the things we wanted: Even down to the infinity signs." 
"That was in Dad's journal." I said pulling it out and flipping to the page. " 'I only wish that at Nash and Ambrosia's coronation that they hide infinity signs all over the venue, and that Nash wears my coronation suit.'." 
"Mom had something like that in her journal too." He said, pulling out her journal. " ' Ambrosia is to wear my coronation dress and put her own twist on the coronation.'" 
"And that I did." I said, gesturing to a picture of me in Red skinny jeans and a shirt that says 'I party with Jay Gatsby' with my tongue sticking out. 
"I really want to steal that shirt." He said.
"My shirt." I said. "It's a girl shirt anyways." 
"Pshh, I don't care." He said. " Heads up, Liam's walking over."
"Ok." I said giving him a hug. "Good Luck." 
"Good luck." He replied.

Liam's P.O.V
As I walked over to her, the events of earlier played in my head. I smiled, feeling proud of myself. She looked stunning in her dress. She struggled to give her twin brother a hug, being careful not to ruin her makeup.

"Hey." I said as I reached her. 
"Hi." She said looking up at me, smiling. The smile I  missed for 3 years.
"Do you like the flowers?" I asked.
"What flowers-oh duh!" She said, face palming her forehead. 'Yes, I love them." 
I laughed. "I thought you would." I said, intertwining my fingers with hers.
She looked down at our hands and smiled. "I've missed this." She said.
"Missed what?" I asked.,Wanting to hear her view.
"Us- when we hold hands, when you cup your hands around my face, when you compliment on my outfits." She said smiling. looking up at me. "I just hope you would stay here." 
"You know I can't, Am. " I said, stopping her and sitting down with her next to me on a bench. "I have a band that I just can't abandon, and my manager would kill me." 
"He can't, you're  already dead." She said. "And I know, I get it , i really do, Just please visit me once in a while?" 
"I will, don't worry." I assured her.
"So, tell me about the people in your band." She asked.
"Well, there is 5 of us." I started. "Me, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis."
"What are their personalities?" 
"Um, Harry is a real flirt when it comes to girls, he's nice, and cares about other people." I explained. "And he tells really bad jokes." 
"Ok..Um what about Zach?" She asked.
I chuckled, "Zayn." I corrected. "Zayn, likes to draw. When I met him he was really shy, and he said nothing. Zayn, is really fit and likes to ride his bike a lot at local skate parks. And uh, That's it."
"Uh,Niall?" She asked.
"Niall is really your normal Irish Carefree guy. He likes Nandos, has blonde air and eats like he has five stomachs." I said.
"And Nandos is?" she asked with confused look on her face.
" A restaurant in England." I answered with a smile.
"Ah, I see." She said. "There was one more." 
"Oh, Louis," I said picturing him in my head. "Louis is the craziest and random-est person I've ever met. He has brown hair, he loves carrots, and well he embarrasses me all the time." 
She laughed, "Sounds like a charming band you got there." She said.
"But, we love each other, and it works." I said, smiling.

Ambrosia's p.o.v
I stood there, heart pounding with nervousness, waiting for the priest to call my name. 

"Hamilton Nash Grier: Son of Hamilton Tomas Grier and Adriana Bianca Grier." I watched my twin brother walk down the isle, and got his ring, crown, and staff and walked off.
"Good Luck Sis!" He said as he walked by. 

"Ambrosia Felicia Grier: Daughter of Adriana Bianca Grier and Hamilton Tomas Grier." 
I walked down the isle and smiled as I had my moment: My moment to show all the Vampires that I will be a good queen, and  that I will lead these Vampires in anything that occurs. I saw Liam Standing with a big grin on his face, obviously happy for me. I waved and received a kiss blown from him. I reached the priest and he smiled at me, i returned the smile. 
"Ambrosia, are you ready to take on the responsibility of the whole race of vampires?" He asked.
"Yes, I am." I said, and he gently placed the crown on my head. 
"Are you ready to lead the vampires in anything that happens?" He asked again,.
"Yes." I said, and he placed the Staff in my left hand.
"And don't forget this." He said sliding the ring on my finger. "Just in case you go into the mortal world." He said with a smile.
"Can't forget that!" I exclaimed. 
I walked back down the isle and smiled as I realized I was finally the queen.







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