Love Never Dies

Title made by my best friend XIa.
Ambrosia Grier, Vampire Queen, is your average teenage vampire. She lives in the Vampire Realm. Liam Payne is a vampire too. But he moved to the Mortal Realm to audition for the British X-Factor. Ambrosia hasn't seen him since then. But he comes back and everything falls apart.


7. The Afterparty

Hey Guys, I really have nothing to say but... HAS ANYBODY SEEN THE NEW 5SOS VIDEO?!?!? I love it so much! lol anyway thanks guys for reading ilyasm


Ambrosia's P.O.V
After Liam left to go back home for some clothes, I went to find Nash. I made my way down to the after party and spotted his brown hair by some other guys. 
"Nash, did you need something?" I asked.
"Uh, yes." He said, turning to the other guys. "Stay right here guys." 
"K." They all said. 
We walked to the corner of the venue, near a picture of me. 
"So, Ambrosia, What's going on with you and Liam?" He asked.
"Um, we might be dating again. " I said, picking a piece of lint off my shirt sleeve. "I'm really not sure, I need to ask him." 
"Ambrosia." He said, grabbing my shoulders. "If you are, and he breaks your heart again, I will hurt him." 
"I know you will, and I am fully committed into Liam and I dating." I said, pulling him into my arms. "Thanks for everything Nash." 
"No problem Ambrosia." He said, pulling out of the hug. "Twins forever right?" 
"Right." I said.
"Hey, do wanna meet those guys that I was talking to?" He asked. 
"Sure." I laughed. "Why not?" 
He pulled me through the crowds until we reached the boys. 
"Alright, this is Ambrosia." He said. "My sister." 
"Hi, I'm Jack." A boy with brown hair and brown eyes said. 
"Hi, I'm Aaron." A boy with curly brown hair told me.
"And I'm Carter."  A guy typing away on his phone said.
"My name is Jack too."  another guy said. " You can call me Jack J."
"I'm Taylor." A guy with a green snap back said.
"And I'm Shawn." A boy with a bandanna said.
"I'm Cameron." Cameron said. "You know me already." 
"That I do." I said back, scanning the crowds for Liam. "Listen, guys I really have to go, It was nice meeting you!" 
I started to walk away, as I spotted Liam. I reached him and snuck up on him. 
"I Creep On you!" I whispered in his ear. 
"HOLY PASTA!" He yelled, everyone looked at him.
"Sorry." He said, then turned to look at me. I was on the ground laughing.
"Go ahead laugh." He said smiling. 
He put his hand out and helped me up, spinning me in he air.
"Not so funny anymore is it?" He asked while I sat there and blushed. "C'mon. I got you something."
"You did?" I asked, surprised. 
"Yep." He said, as he pulled me over to a bench. He pulled out a bouquet of flowers. 
"Ok, what's going on here?" I asked, looking at him. 
"What do you mean?" He asked, with an innocent look on his face. 
"This is the second bouquet of flowers you've got me today." I said. "What do you want?"
"I know this is sudden." He said looking into my eyes. 
"Liam James Payne, if you propose I swear I'll-" 
"No, no, that's not it!" He said interrupting me. I breathed a sigh of relief. "I want to know if you'll meet the members of my band?" 
Woah, how is that even possible. I mean Nash will get suspicious, and his band members will get suspicious of me and-
"They're vampires, Ambrosia." He said.
"How is that even possible! I looked and there is no evidence of ANY Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, or Zayn Malik that was here until age 3" 
He looked at me with a grin on his face. 
"Wait, so you're saying that their parents like took them out of the realm before they were three?" 
"No, their parents never left they just left them at someone's door step." He explained. 
"In that case, sure. I'd love to meet them." I answered, smiling. 
"Good." He said, looking away. "Look, Princess Elsa." He pointed to the right. 
"The last time I saw her was at the ball last month."  
"Hey, did Matt finish that song of yours?" Liam asked. 
"I don't know." I replied. "There he is, I'll ask him." 
I ran over to him.
"Matt, do you have my song done yet?" I asked. 
"Yeah, why?" He answered. 
"Can i sing it now?" I asked. 
"Ya, the band knows the chords so sure." 
"Yes! thanks Matt!" I said, climbing up on the stage and grabbing a Microphone. 
"Hello, everybody! Thanks for coming to the party!." I said, looking over to Elsa. "I'd like to thank Matthew Espinosa for making the music to this song!" 
I nodded to the band and took a deep breath and started to sing. 

La Da Da Da Da, I'm gonna bury you in the ground.
La Da Da Da Da, I'm gonna bury you with my sound.
I'm gonna drink the red from your pretty pink face. 
I'm gonna-
Oh you don't like that? Or do you Just not like me. 
Sorry I don't treat you like a goddess, is that what you want me to do?
Sorry I don't treat you like you're perfect, like all your little loyal subject do. 
Sorry I'm not made of sugar, am I not sweet enough for you? 
Is that why you always avoid me? I must be such an inconvenience to you.
Well, I'm just your problem.
I'm just your problem. 
It's like I'm not even a person, Am I? 
I'm just your problem.
Well, I shouldn't have to justify what I do.
I, shouldn't have to prove anything to you.
I'm sorry that I exist, I forgot what landed me on your blacklist.
But I, shouldn't have to be the one who makes up with you.
So, Why do I want to?
Why do I want to?
I'm just your problem.
I know, I'm just your problem.
I'm just your
I'm just your
I'm just, I'm just, your problem!

I grabbed a guitar and jammed out.
I'm just your problem
I'm just your problem
It's like I'm not even a person, Am I?
I'm just your problem. 
So, Why do I want to? 
Why do I want to?
It's all so pointless!
Because, I'm just your problem!

I finished the song with a bang. 
"Thank you!" I said into the microphone and hurried down the steps back to Liam. I looked over at Elsa, who glared at me , knowing the song was about her. 
"Did you see Elsa glaring at you during the song?" He asked. 
"Yes!" I said. "She's going to kill me!" 
"You did amazing, Am. " He said, pulling me in for a hug. 
"Well, Well, well." Elsa said. 
"What do you want Elsa?" Liam asked coldly, pulling out of the hug. 
"Oh, I just want to congratulate Ambrosia." She said, batting her eyes.
"Bull, what do you really want?" Liam asked, crossing his arms over his chest.
"You, Liam. I've fallen in love with you." She said, throwing herself at him. 
"No, No." He said, walking over to me. "I love Ambrosia, not you. Your prince charming will come some day." 
Then we walked away. 

Hey, thanks for reading again! I've been really busy. So, ya. Here is the video for the song I put in this Chapter. 






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