Love Never Dies

Title made by my best friend XIa.
Ambrosia Grier, Vampire Queen, is your average teenage vampire. She lives in the Vampire Realm. Liam Payne is a vampire too. But he moved to the Mortal Realm to audition for the British X-Factor. Ambrosia hasn't seen him since then. But he comes back and everything falls apart.


1. He's back

"Your Highness, time to wake up!!!" 

"I'm up" I yelled back. The light was shining through the curtain. Too bright. I reached over and grabbed my sunglasses. Thats better. I jumped up and peeled off my sweaty clothes and grabbed a black T-Shirt and black skinny jeans and pulled on my lucky jacket. Not that I have anything I need luck for. I ran downstairs to the kitchen.
"Ugh, there's nothing to eat" I said to myself.
"There's some steak on the stove you can eat." 
"Oh God!" I screamed "Who said that?" 
"I did."
"How many times have I told you not to scare me, Nash?" 
"Not very many." 
"How many then?"
"Erm, two?"
"More then two thats for sure."
I walked over to the stove and looked at the Rare Steak.
"Who made this?" I asked.
"Cameron did." Nash told me.
"When was he here?" I asked again.
"I'm still here!" Cameron said from the cutting board.
"I cannot see this morning!" I said.
"Maybe you should put your ring on?" Nash Suggested.
"I don't have on until the coronation." I said.
"And When is that?" Cameron asked.
"Um, TODAY!" I said remembering. "Crap! I have a dress fitting and hair and makeup oh crap!"
"Take the steak to go then." Nash said.
"Oh no you don't, both of you are coming with me you have fittings too." I said.
"Ugh, fine!" They both said.
We ran all the way down to the fitting.
"Well it's about time you showed up!" Tyler said. "I've sat here waiting for you for hours!"
"We've been here for 20 minutes, Tyler." Jack said.
They are all here! Tyler, Jack, Marcus, Stevon, Damian,Vicki, Jeremy, Elena, Carolyn, Liam. Wait Liam?
"Why is Liam here?" I asked.
"Since your Coronation is today and I was set up for a fitting, I thought I'd come." Liam said.
"No, I set up only 11 fittings for today not 12." I said.
"I was called and was told I had a fitting for Friday at 9:00 Am" He said.
"Did you bring the mortals?" I asked.
"No, I haven't even told them about you or the Vampire Realm." He said. "Why would I bring them here anyway? They all hate Vampires anyway." 
"That's offensive." I said. "Anyway we have to get going."
"Alright, if the girls would come with me." The fitting person said. "And the boys go with Matthew." The fitting person said pointing to a guy I assume was Matthew. 

How did Liam get here? Why is he here for real? He didn't just come for the fitting. He left me for the mortal world. I actually loved him. And I still do. Why does this have to happen to me?  









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