Jerks like you

His eyes a sweet blue e as they stare into mine hungrily. I had never felt before like I feel now. My legs turning into uncontainable jelly as I stutter and splutter to try and form words. Anything. Hope fills me as I think, for the first time in ages, that I may mean something more to him. He takes a step closer, his cologne wavering across to me, kissing my senses into delight. His soft eyes look straight into mine and for once, I feel safe. I feel as if nothing can touch me. And I want to fall in to the pit he has dug, but I can't. I can't let myself fall that far down. I won't allow myself to get lost in a fantasy when I know i'll only be slapped back to the hurt of reality...
*** has always been reserved and quiet, keeping low and alone to avoid getting hurt. She builds walls around her, stopping her heart from being shot at. With only one friend, it's a struggle for her in high school. And then, she meets Hunter. The annoying jerk.


1. Note from Aurthor.

I thought this would be pretty fun to write, just an idea. till i realized i should probably finish the other stories of mine... Sowie.<3

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