Violet Brooks, out-shadowed by her family and friends, enters an arena to prove she is as strong as her friends and family. She enters, a place called, 'BOUNTY HUNTER' a massive amphitheatre where they are tested on wit, speed, creativity and strength. How will Violet cope as she won't harm as much as a fly, and she has to hunt to survive?


5. Travelling

I sat on the bus shelter bench, tightening my gloves.

I watched as hundreds of old, scratched buses pulled up, was this really the way to Bounty Hunter? The rain dripped slowly down the shelter. Suddenly, a green red and blue bus streamlined towards the bus shelter. When the door opened, a white smoke seeped out of it.

The bus driver smiled at me, his face was plastered in pink paint, his lips were green and his hair was rainbow coloured.

"Violet Brooks? I'm the driver to Bounty Hunter, are you coming?"

I nodded and stepped on, lugging my holdall, as that's all we could take.

The bus whizzed away, faster than light. It took me by surprise, I fell down in the midst of chairs and the soft furry floor.

When I staggered to my feet, I clung to the rails by me. I saw a random button on the side of the fluffy chair. So, naturally I pressed it.

Abruptly, a bed flew out from beneath me and threw me off my feet. I landed in a cradle of pure clouds, it was like so many marshmallows had just formed underneath me.

The bus door squeaked open again, two people came in. A boy and a girl. The boy had spiky bad hair, muddy brown eyes and a face like he was sucking a lemon. The girl, was similar, she had brown short, jagged hair, a plain, pale face and startling green eyes.

The boy instructed a command to the girl, she jumped and grabbed the bags they had taken.

"Hurry up Azalea!"

The girl frowned,

"This is your fault Nikolas! I told you to stay in the shelter!"

"Well, what else did you want me to do?!"

He hissed, he scowled, the muddy eyes suddenly seeming sinister.

The girl, Azalea, turned sheepish, she, without a second thought, grabbed the bags and crept to the back.

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