Violet Brooks, out-shadowed by her family and friends, enters an arena to prove she is as strong as her friends and family. She enters, a place called, 'BOUNTY HUNTER' a massive amphitheatre where they are tested on wit, speed, creativity and strength. How will Violet cope as she won't harm as much as a fly, and she has to hunt to survive?


1. The dinner

I sat down awkwardly, on the scratchy braided chairs, as my uncle and aunt flaunted their engagement rings.

"I just couldn't believe it! It was such a surprise!"

My aunt Lillian gushed, wiping her eyes with a pink hankie. She placed her leather handbag on my lap and perched on the edge of the chair. She practically pushed me off, so I didn't retort and simply got up from my seat, making out I was getting more veggies.

Aunt Lillian sighed,

"Really Violet, you should have some meat, you're fifteen for goodness sake, give up this stupid veg diet!"

I was a vegetarian, I had been since I was eight.

"Sorry Aunt Lillian, it's just the way I am!"

She sighed again, but smiled when she was offered more ham.

Since I was shoved out of my seat, I sulked and took my coleslaw, cucumber and rice upstairs.

I ate in my room like I always did.

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