Violet Brooks, out-shadowed by her family and friends, enters an arena to prove she is as strong as her friends and family. She enters, a place called, 'BOUNTY HUNTER' a massive amphitheatre where they are tested on wit, speed, creativity and strength. How will Violet cope as she won't harm as much as a fly, and she has to hunt to survive?


3. The brochure

I walked into the living room after accidentally smashing a plate.

Aunt Lillian was still sweeping it up, she gave me a good scolding afterwards. Mum and dad were admiring Yvonne's hair, and awards. Mum called out to me,

"Violet, can you get Yvonne a drink, she's thirsty!"

Stupid Yvonne.

I came in with a glass of orange juice and handed it to her.

"AAH! I can't drink that! I'm allergic!"

I knew almost too well that she wasn't, but, as always, mum ushered me into the kitchen.

I opened the window, letting a gust of wind into our small cottage in Marchants. A brochure drifted in through the window, I snatched it. I read,

'Bounty Hunter! A place were 15-25 year old's can test themselves on wit, speed and strength. However, they will only get food from hunting. Call 44673498 09 09 now if you're interested!'

An idea sparked in my head, I jabbed the number into my phone.

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