Violet Brooks, out-shadowed by her family and friends, enters an arena to prove she is as strong as her friends and family. She enters, a place called, 'BOUNTY HUNTER' a massive amphitheatre where they are tested on wit, speed, creativity and strength. How will Violet cope as she won't harm as much as a fly, and she has to hunt to survive?


6. Azalea

I woke up on the cushy bed, a purple sleeping mask covered my eyes. 

A lot more people had boarded since last night, a girl with dirty blonde hair was cleaning her....knife?

She winked at me when I looked over, then smiled, it hit me. I forgot we had to hunt for our food! What did I have that could..... wait, I was a vegetarian! Of course! I could find some berries and leaves to make a salad. Little bland though. 

A girl was on the bed next to me, reading. Azalea, I roughly remembered her name from yesterday, her brown hair was caped in front of her face, her green eyes were brimming with tears. 

"Hey, you okay?" I asked curiously,

She looked at me, her lips mouthed the words she was trying to say, yet only a whisper escaped.


The bus juddered to a halt, I stared out of the window, my mouth gaped. 

A majestic electric blue, thin, cylindrical building towered in front of the bus. It had bright red doors on every floor, it was too colossal for words. Back in London, it could have blended in with the skyscrapers. The walls were made out of glass, so you could see every room clearly. Azalea looked even more worried than before, I could almost feel her shudder. The bus driver turned around and told everyone to hop off. 

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