Violet Brooks, out-shadowed by her family and friends, enters an arena to prove she is as strong as her friends and family. She enters, a place called, 'BOUNTY HUNTER' a massive amphitheatre where they are tested on wit, speed, creativity and strength. How will Violet cope as she won't harm as much as a fly, and she has to hunt to survive?


7. Arriving

We all walked along a red pathway towards Bounty Hunter.

My sandals were sweating, hands shaking. I admit, usually I'm not one to get nervous, but this time, I was. The glass door slid open, smoothly and swiftly. A trim woman in a dress-suit and dark topknot welcomed us.

Her voice was cocky, but endearing.

"Welcome! Have we got everyone? Let me just check!"

She pulled out a black leather clipboard, and started reading names off of it, expressionless.

"Have we got....Riley Carmon?


"Caren Blake?"


"Azalea Scott?"


"Nikolas Scott?"


"Kyley Rivers?"


"Alan Greylian?"


"Caroline Copper?"


"Violet Brooks?"


She smiled,

"Follow me then!"

We trailed behind the smartly dressed woman, exchanging looks at each other, analysing each other. I guessed that this was going to be a bumpy ride, considering some people had brought weapons to kill, not only animals but humans too.

To knock out the competition I suppose.


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