You Kill Me In A Good Way

Kellin Quinn is Lacy Holt's babysitter. He is 17 and she is thirteen. Kellin and Lacy hate each other but when Lacy's parents are away for two weeks, will their feelings change?


14. We are forever (The End)

Over the period of the next month I started having weird mood swings, cravings, and gaining weight. I had went from 95 pounds to 105 pounds. I had turned 14 so I thought it was just from that. I walked out of Kellin's and my room. Did I mentioned he moved in with us? I went downstairs and saw Kellin sitting with my dad in the living room. I walked over and sat on his lap, kissing his cheek as he chuckled, "Hi, Lacy babe." 

"Hey you," I giggled and my dad cleared his throat. My dad loved Kellin, but was still a little uncomfortable when we were all lovey dovey around him. I got off his lap and sat next to him. Kellin flashed a gorgeous smile at me. 

"Lacy, you have a doctor's appointment today. They gonna be taking some blood work and looking in specific places," My mother said walking in the room. I blushed and gulped as Kellin snickered a little. I shot him a glare and he put his hands up in defense. 


We were on our way to the doctor's appointment. I had convinced my mom to let Kellin take me since I was scared of needles and a bit nervous. Hopefully having him there would calm me down. When we got there he checked me in and we went up two floors. We walked into the room with the doctor and I sat down on the papered thing that looked like a bed sorta, "Alright, Lacy, there are just a few things we're doing today. Some blood work needs to be done, and I have to go over, well I know that it's embarrassing to say, but I'm going to make sure you're okay to continue your birth control and that to make sure it's working," the doctor said. I was sure glad the doctor was female. 

She made me change into some hospital gown and lay back on the examining table. I spread my legs for her to look. Kellin made a face. She made some humming noises, "Well this may not be right, we'll have to wait for the blood work," She said before she took my blood. Kellin held my hand tightly the entire time they did. They told me that they would call me when it came back. So Kellin and I went home.


Over the next few days I woke up every morning nauseous. I threw up every now and again. I was in the middle of one of my sickness moments when Kellin got a call from the doctor's office. Well my mom did but they asked to speak to Kellin. I heard him gasp loudly. I finished and ran in the room, "What happened?" I panicked a bit. Kellin nodded and hung up the phone. He gave me a scared look.

"Lacy, you need to sit down for this please," He said and sat on my bed. I sat down next to him and crawled on his lap, "Baby girl, I want you to know that I here for you no matter what."

"Kellin, what's going on?"

"Lacy, You're pregnant.." He bit his lip. I looked at him in shock and shook my head, "Yes baby you are. It's okay though. I'll be here for you and our little one. We are forever."


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