You Kill Me In A Good Way

Kellin Quinn is Lacy Holt's babysitter. He is 17 and she is thirteen. Kellin and Lacy hate each other but when Lacy's parents are away for two weeks, will their feelings change?


6. Those Three Words

I felt arms around my waist, "Hey beautiful," Kellin's voice rang in my ears. I pulled my self out of his grip. 

"Don't touch me. Ever," I growled. I felt tears prick at my eyes. 

"Lacy, what's wrong? Did I do something?" His tone was scared. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah you did do something wrong! Who the fuck is she?!" I yelled.

"Who the hell are you talking about?" I threw his phone at him. He caught it and looked at it. 

"Katelynn is my exgirlfriend!" He yelled back. 

"Why is she asking you if you wanna have some fun huh?" He looked down, "Exactly!" I said walking away. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to him, not letting go. 

"I don't love her, I love you, Lacy Anne Holt. I promise that I do. I promise that I will for the rest of my life," he said crying a little. I hugged him, "I don't want to lose you." 

"K-Kellin?" I said nervously. I was about to say something I've never told anyone before. 

"Yes, my dear?" 

"I-I love you," 


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