You Kill Me In A Good Way

Kellin Quinn is Lacy Holt's babysitter. He is 17 and she is thirteen. Kellin and Lacy hate each other but when Lacy's parents are away for two weeks, will their feelings change?


5. Heart Shattering Texts

Lacy's POV 

I awoke to Kellin's soft snores. I smiled and got out of bed. I checked my phone and saw that it was 10 p.m! I sat on Kellin and kissed his lips. He immediately kissed back. I pulled away and he pouted his lips. I giggled and got back on my feet, "Kellin!" 


"Get up babe!" I said walking out of the room. I heard him get up and follow me. I was lifted in the air and carried down the steps by my handsome boyfriend. He laid me on the couch and and sat on the recliner. I pouted. He smiled and pulled out a packet of cigarettes. He put one  in his mouth and lit it. I got up and shook my head. I walked upstairs to change. I changed into a black tank top and Hello Kitty pants. I saw Kellin's phone ringing. I picked it up and looked at the text. 

"Hey babe wanna have some fun tonight?" I read out loud. My heart shattered. 



Sorry Short chapter what's gonna happen to Them now?

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