You Kill Me In A Good Way

Kellin Quinn is Lacy Holt's babysitter. He is 17 and she is thirteen. Kellin and Lacy hate each other but when Lacy's parents are away for two weeks, will their feelings change?


12. A little fun (Part 1)

Kellin decided to pick me up suddenly and carry me downstairs. I giggled softly and kissed his cheek, wrapping my legs around his waist of course. My parents had left a note saying that they had ran out to meet a client. Kellin smirked at me, "Lacy, baby, wanna have some more fun?" he asked laying me on the couch and kissing my neck. 

"Of course I do, Kel," I replied as he bit down on the sensitive softly. A soft moan escaped my lips and he smiled against my skin. He was just in pajama bottoms and I in a black tank top and sweat shorts. He pulled the straps down slowly, revealing my breasts to him once again. He smirked and kissed down my chest slowly. I whimpered as he took one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked softly. He bit down a little hard and I moaned out again. God he was amazing. 

He started to grind his hips into mine and he groaned softly. I could already feel how hard he was. It must of been torture for him not to be inside me yet. He let go of my numb and pulled the shirt off me. He then proceeded to take off my shorts and panties. He smirked when he saw my folds that were glistening from wetness, "God, baby, you're gorgeous," he whispered seductively. He slid his finger up and down my slit slowly and teasingly. I moaned and squirmed a bit. I was way past the point of want, I now needed him. His finger moved to my clit and he rubbed it slowly, making me gasp out a bit. He chuckled lowly, "Do you like it when I touch you like this, babygirl? Tell me that you do."

"I do, Kellin. I love it," I moaned. He smiled and kissed down my thighs to my hot center. He spread my folds with his fingers and kissed my slit. I moaned louder than before and he started to lick up and down and in circles. I tangled my fingers in his hair as he pleasured me. He started to suck on my clit softly causing me to cry out in pleasure, "Oh god, Kellin!" 

His slip two fingers in after a few minutes and pumped them a little faster than his mouth worked on my clit. It felt amazing. I felt close already and it had only been five minutes since he started. I felt myself tighten around his fingers, a sign that I would be having an orgasm any second. He smirked against me and mumbled, "Cum for me, Lacy," his words were what pushed me over my edge. I came hard with a loud ,almost scream like, moan. He helped me ride out my orgasm and then pulled away. He came back up to my lips and kissed me passionately, the taste of my juices still on his lips.

There was a sound of a car door, my parents were home. Kellin pulled away and I quickly dressed. He sat next to me on the couch and pulled me close to cuddle, "We'll finish this later," he whispered in my ear. My mom and dad walked in the door. They didn't suspect a thing. 

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