That guy.

This is a about a girl called Alana; who meets a boy in the apocolyse and grows a connection with him, but will things all be alright till the apocolyse is over?
read and find out��


4. chapter 3;

My head was pounding. I opened my eyes, my brother had dragged me along a gate.

I stood up holding my four head, we was outside a prison.

'Someone came outside, I called for help, but thy didn't here me' josh said looking at his feet.

I patted his back' don't worry, you did the right thing'

I turned to the prison.

'Hey!!! Anyone here me! We need help!' I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I started rattling the fence.

A few walkers made the way towards us.

My brother tugged on my trousers

'Im not always going to be here to help you, I'll try my best. But you try, aim for the head' I said to josh.

I got out my sword just incase.

He walked up to the thing. He looked back at me.

I nodded my head.

As the walker bent down to get josh. He put his knife clean through the side of its head. He stood there, I was so happy. Now I knew if anything happened to me, he would be fine.

I herd someone shout, waking me from my day dream.

It was a man with a cross bow, he ran down a path pointing it at us.

I jogged to my brother, pushing him behind me.

I grabbed my sword and held it horizontal to my body.

'Who are you?' The man shouted with a rough tone in his voice.

'Help is what we want. And need.' I said sternly.

He motioned us towards the gates.

We walked through and he closed them behind us.

'His cross bow still pointed at us.

'Who are you?'

'Im alana, and this Is josh' I said pulling josh to the front Of my body.

'How did you find us?' He asked lowering his bow a little.

'We walked, for a god dam long time! And we found this place, look we're starving, weak, and I haven't slept for two days!' I raised my voice.

He looked at me, and nodded.

'Follow me' he said putting his bow on his back.

I two out my sword in its holdall.

I grabbed joshed hand and walked towards this huge building.

We got inside and it was a huge prison. It was glum, and echoed with every step.

'Wait in here, I'll be back in a minute' the man said walking away.

Me and josh sat in the cell as instructed to. Josh laid down on the bed.

The man returned with another man.

'Okay, so what do we have here a couple if kids?' The man said staring at me.

'Please, we just need help' I said trying to be strong, my knees were still very weak.

'If you try anything, your straight out, in rick, an this is Daryl' he said pointing to the cross bow man.

'Thank you, im alana, an this is josh. My brother' I said looking over to josh, who was still just lying on the bed.

'Have a rest, we will show you to the food room when you awake' rick said.

'Thank you' I said as I climbed onto the top bunk.

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