That guy.

This is a about a girl called Alana; who meets a boy in the apocolyse and grows a connection with him, but will things all be alright till the apocolyse is over?
read and find out��


3. chapter 2;

I had my back pack on, and my sword in my hand. Josh had a knife in his holdall attached to his jeans, he also had his back pack on.

'Do. NOT. Take your eyes off me. We're going to the woods. We just got to hope there something good on the other side' I told josh

He looked so scared.

'Ill make sure your okay!'

He still looked so scared.

We walked downstairs, I felt josh grab my hand.

He looked at the blacket on the floor.

He pointed to it

'Mommy and daddy?' He said

I nodded and kneeled down to his level.

'This is going to be the hardest thing you've ever done, but I believe in you'

We turned to the light of the door, I looked down at josh and he looked back up at me.

We walked out the apartment and the streets was covered with crashed cars and smoke was every where, filling the streets.

'Im scared' Josh said tearing up.

I nodded.

I grabbed his hand and started to head west.

After a few miles, josh was complaining about being tired.

'Take my back pack, put it over yours'i instructed him

He did so.

'Jump' I said bending a little so he could get on my back.

Soon enough night fell, we was deep into the woods.

Josh was asleep on my back. At this point he was so heavy.

I laid him on some leaves. I sat down next to him and got some food out of his back pack. I ate and got my energy back, I was to tired to carry him any more though. There was a rustling in the bushes. I stood up and stood over josh.

I was not going to let anything harm my brother.

It was only a deer.

It stood peacefully in front of me.

Just starring at me.

That's when something attacked the deer and was ripping it to shreds!

I helped in my gasp, I picked josh up, trying so very hard not to wake him. I got everything and walked away. Not making a noise.

After i walked and walked and walked some more. The sun started to rise, I was so tired, I was in pain from how tired I was.

I fell to my knees, waking josh up.

He rubbed his eyes. He jumped to his feet trying to help me up.

'Stop! I just need a minute' I said sternly.

He nodded a little hurt.

After about 5 minutes he handed me my back pack, while he got some food, and started to eat.

'Your going to have to walk and eat' I said

He nodded.

We started walking again, we broke out the other side of the woods, but I collapsed before I could see anything.

The last thing I herd was my brother screaming.

'Alana!!! Wake up!! Please!!' He was crying.

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