Youre My Everything

Mikayla and Niall have been bestfriends since they could remember .
But the worst part is, is that Niall is in love with her .. What is Mikayla going to do when Niall tells her the truth? .. Will it ruin their friendship, or make it stronger?


1. Prologue

Prologue ..

Mikayla's pov :

I can't believe it. Today is me and Niall's 15th anniversary. Time has gone by so fast, I still can't believe that we've known eachother for 15 years. We have been bestfriends ever since we met. I'm so glad I met him. "Hello love." Niall smiled and said to you as he walked through your front door. "Hey Niall." You said, looking down at your feet. You were hoping that you didn't blush. "So I've got the whole day planned out and you're gonna love it!" He seemed excited about today.. Not that I'm not happy about that, it's just.. He's never been so happy to see me before. I wonder what's going on in that cute little Irish head of his..

Niall's pov :

The day was finally here, the day where I get to be with Mikayla, the day that I get to ask her to me mine.she was seriously my everything, the only thing that made me happy. I loved her to death and I hoped that she felt the same way...

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