Poems I wrote.

Cover made by: @Norhan Payne


3. True Country Love


I don’t want to wear heels,

I wear boots.

I’m not the type of girl you have to take to a fancy restaurant,

just take me muding and you have my heart.

I’m not looking for a city boy,

I want a boy who wears boots and is himself.

I want someone to accept me for me,

from my country roots, to my cranky attitude.

And finally,

I found that person.

I use to hide my country side to please people,

but since I met you I don’t have to anymore.

I love all the time we spend.

Whether it’s just sitting and talking,

or if we are out doing something.

You stole my heart from the beginning,

and you accept me.

Our love isn’t just a normal love,

it’s a true country love.

The love i’ve finally been looking for,

a true country boy.

You changed me,

back to my true self.

Even in the short amount,

we’ve been through a lot: good and bad.

But nothing can change love.

No matter what we do,

we are always by each others side.

I finally found my fairy tale love,

a true country love.


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