Poems I wrote.

Cover made by: @Norhan Payne


2. Love me?

I'm not perfect,

but my love flows.

I've been lied to,

did they really love me?

Please change this,

save me from the pain.

Will you love me?

I'm scared,

I can't take anymore pain.

Will you promise to love me?

will you accept me,

and protect my heart?

Promise not to lie to me?

To not hurt me?

I've never truly been loved,

will you be the first?

To save me,

will you love me Forever?

Will you, 

hold me close in time of need?

Kiss me,

to make me smile?

Call me beautiful,

to make my day?

Will you take the honor,

of being my first true love?

Will you love me for all eternity?

Do you promise to love me? 

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