Poems I wrote.

Cover made by: @Norhan Payne


6. A Nice Wake Up Surprise

When I wake up, I have a missed call, and three texts.

The texts are normal, but a call?

It's past time that he should be at work. 

Then I read the text,

"I got in an accident, but i'm okay."

I grabbed my phone and call him back. 

I asked him what happened. 

"I fell asleep behind the wheel and went into the ditch."

The damage to the car was bad, but luckily my love was fine. 

I knew this had been my fault. 


I was the one that caused him to stay up,

Kept bothering him. 

My nice wake up surprise, 

turned into a blaming game. 

My wake up surprise, 

was caused by me. 

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