Say Something I'm Giving Up On You

This is a story about a young girl who was brought to Forks in order to start a new life. What she found becomes more than what she can handle. Especially when a certain wolf imprints on her. The question that is on his mind is how could he possibly be able to imprint on two different people. This is a JacobxOC fanfic and I suck at summaries for sure.


3. Extra Chapter: Save Me

Author’s Notes: Okay readers loving the reviews! Alright this chapter is the background story of Ashley and partially of David. This is to shine some light on these characters before I continue on with the story. I’m sure what David had said seemed to have stumped a few people. Also I apologize if the chapter title for the first chapter was misleading; I kept meaning to change it when it was done but never got around to changing it. If anybody is curious about what David looks like I would suggest you search for Eddie Spears from when he was on Black Cloud. I mean specifically Black Cloud; he does not look like that anymore! So cherish this hunky image of overprotective David!

Say Something I’m Giving up on you

Extra Chapter

            David grew up in a pack that was similar to the Quileute only his pack was considered superior; he was taught that his pack was of the purest of bloodlines and so he believed he was above all others. When the time came his father had chosen him to take over leadership of the pack; he was sure of himself that he wanted to lead his fellow shape shifters to reign as the best there ever was.

            The day of his coronation David was beginning to feel unusual; at first he thought he was nervous for the big day but this feeling of uneasiness was too strong to be his nerves. Then a pungent odor invaded his senses: it was the smell of the blood suckers. He tracked the blood suckers to enforce their own treaty and remove them from his territory. The smell was getting stronger and that was when he heard the screams of a child.

            That is when he saw her: curled up behind a tree was a child with dark brown hair and light brown eyes stained with tears. His heart was beating fast and his mind was spinning out of control. ‘Was this what it feels like to imprint?’ He heard other noises and saw two male vampires feasting on what he assumed were her parents. If he didn’t interfere quickly they were going to go after her for sure and hell would freeze over before that would ever happen.

            He shifted rather quickly and fought off the puny vampires with ease and to ensure that the two victims did not turn into a bloodsucker themselves he took matters into his own hands. Then came the difficult part which was to approach the child without scaring her; he wanted to protect this girl with all of his might. He walked slowly up to the girl hoping his wolf appearance doesn’t make her panic. She kept hiding her face in the tree hoping that if her eyes were closed then all of this would disappear from her world. She opened her eyes once again to see the huge wolf and how he kept his head low to the ground; she unfolded herself and stood up. She felt that she could trust him as if he were a guardian angel sent to protect her.

            She walked up to him and held out her hand; he sniffed it and placed his head under it as if asking to be petted. She gently began petting him and he nuzzled closer to her. She was glancing all around the forest until her eyes fell upon her battered parents and the tears came pouring out once again. She turned to her savior and held on to him burying her face in his muzzle.

            David decided it would be best to just take her back to the tribe and hope that they could help her. It was already nightfall when they arrived back to his home; the ceremony was canceled obviously due to the guest of honor not showing up. He had placed her sleeping form in his bed right next to him because every time he tried to leave her grip on him tightened. This girl had lost everything in one day than anyone has lost in their entire lives. He made a silent vow to this girl that on his life he would protect her and do everything in his power to make sure she is happy.

~*~*~*~*Five Years Later*~*~*~*~

            Time has passed and David is now twenty two; he had spent the last five years not as the leader of his tribe but pursuing a career in social work in order to stay close to Ashley. The trauma from the incident caused her to forget about everything; how her parents died, the fact that vampires killed them, and even forgot about him. She kept bouncing from foster home to foster home finding some way to be removed from the foster family and back to the orphanage.

When he first came to the social services they automatically assigned her to him to scare him off since she is the most difficult case the agency has ever had. It had been five years since he last saw her; he had billions of thoughts flowing through his mind. ‘Will she finally remember me?’ Was the loudest thought that echoed through his head.

He then walked through the huge building to the very back to an isolated room with the door completely covered in black paint. As he came closer to the door the loud screeching which he thought was supposed to be music. He knocked on the door softly at first; after a few minutes he began banging on it to be louder than the music. Suddenly the music stopped and the door flew open to reveal a teenage girl with her dark brown hair with a light blue streak and her light brown eyes hidden behind dark eye makeup.

”You know that in this building if you want to enter someone’s room you knock like a normal person.” said Ashley.

“I did knock at first but I guess you probably didn’t hear it over your music.” Her attitude might have scared off her previous social workers but it would not faze him.

“I already know how this works: you’re going to try and be a hero and get me to explain why I act this way or why I am difficult for adults to handle. Let me save you some time and just say that if 13 other social workers gave up on me what makes you think you have any chance?”

At that moment he didn’t see this girl that everyone was so afraid of; he saw the little girl from the forest scared and crying out for help. This tough façade was only to keep everyone out and to prevent her from getting hurt. He knew this because he knew her; he watched her grow up.

“I know that I have a chance because I know you better than anyone else on this earth.”

She scoffed at his words believing that everyone lied to her and that the only one who cared about her was herself. “I’m more than just a file.”

“If you don’t believe me then looks like I’ll have to spill my secret. Every Christmas when all of the other kids were receiving toys and clothes you were left with nothing because you were older and were expected to let the younger ones have their Christmas. However every year there was a present waiting for you in your room; it was the same gift every time a handmade dream catcher.” He held up a dream catcher that he had in his bag; her eyes widened in shock and tears were forming in her eyes. He expected a happy reunion but instead she pushed him out of her room and slammed her door.

The music began playing again only it was louder if possible; his colleagues walked by and smirked at his dismay. He sat at her door all evening and at one point the music stopped. He assumed that she had fallen asleep and felt it would be okay if he dozed off. As he began to relax he faintly heard her crying and begging for help. His instincts kicked in and he began ramming into the door; the other social workers were telling him to stop and that he would’ve woken the other children. He could not hear any of them because all he heard was her crying out for him. The door soon gave in and opened causing him to tumble to the floor. He looked up to see her clenching her blanket tightly tears coming out freely. He touched her shoulder gently and she woke up shaking; she saw him and the next thing she knew she wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his shirt. He held her until she began to fall asleep again, and before she fell asleep he promised her that he would never leave her and that he would protect her for as long as she lived.

Author’s Notes: Well there’s the extra chapter; I hope this gives you some insight on these characters and how their relationship developed. Please read and review!

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