Say Something I'm Giving Up On You

This is a story about a young girl who was brought to Forks in order to start a new life. What she found becomes more than what she can handle. Especially when a certain wolf imprints on her. The question that is on his mind is how could he possibly be able to imprint on two different people. This is a JacobxOC fanfic and I suck at summaries for sure.


2. Confrontation

Author’s Notes: I do not own Twilight or any of their characters.

Say Something I’m Giving up on you

Chapter 2: Confrontation

            David and Carlisle were heading out of the hospital conversing when they saw Ashley on the ground and Jacob hovering over her. David’s instinct kicked in and he ran over and shoved him off of her; Jacob was taken out of his train of thought and began glaring at him. “David it was an accident. Calm down he didn’t see me and ran into me on accident.” said Ashley.

“Mr. Spears I know this young man and I know that he would not intentionally attack anyone.” said Carlisle.

“Ashley get in the car now!” yelled David.

            She was about to protest but then she saw the intense look in his eyes and how the tense situation would only get better if she left. She got into the car and saw in the mirror that the guy known as Jacob was still staring at her. David saw this and confronted him when he knew she was out of earshot, “Hey! Don’t you dare look at her!” Jacob turned his attention to him and he began making a noise resembling a low growl.

“Jacob you have to calm down; with your condition you can’t afford to be angry in a place like this.” said Carlisle.

“No offense doctor but I’m not stupid; I know this kid is a shape shifter.”

            Carlisle was a bit startled but not surprised since he knew that David wasn’t mortal as well.

“I don’t see where you think you’re so much more superior to me! By the way who are you calling kid! I’m probably the same age as you if not older!” shouted Jacob who was about to reach his breaking point.

“This is exactly what I expected from a member of the Quileute tribe.”

                        Those last words brought him over the edge and he felt himself changing when they heard the car door slam and saw Ashley running from the hospital and into the nearby forest. David’s rage was erased and was replaced with worry.

“Ashley! Don’t do this again!” shouted David as he ran after her.

            Left in the dust of the event were Carlisle and Jacob; Jacob began to calm down and looked to Carlisle for some sort of explanation.

“If you’re wondering what he meant by it happening again he was talking about her running away. He explained to me that when she is under a great deal of stress she runs, and she usually doesn’t come back for days. Even at that she doesn’t come back at all and he has to go find her himself.”

“No Carlisle that’s not what I was wondering at all. What I want to know is how is it possible for me to imprint on two different people?”


~*~*~*~*Ashley & David*~*~*~*~

            Ashley kept running at top speed but it wasn’t enough to get any distance away from David. He was hot on her trail and kept her in sight; but as he was getting closer she kept running farther. He knew he had to end this chase soon otherwise her poor health would take its toll. He caught up in a split second and pulled her down to the ground.

“Leave me alone David! You know I don’t do well in those situations!” Screamed Ashley as tears began welling up in the corners of her eyes.

“Yes I know and I’m sorry that I didn’t do anything about it earlier. But you cannot run away from your problems; you promised me that you would try.”

“I did. And you’re lucky that I was able to stay in that car for that long.”

            They both sat up and she couldn’t hold back her tears; he held her the same way he did when he first started working with her. “I know you’re trying, and I am proud of you for making it this far. I remember when I first met you: this scared little girl who used anger as a façade.”

            He began to retell how he had first met Ashley; his first and only case since he graduated from university three years ago. He was a highly academic individual who graduated with his degree at the age of nineteen. He had just been hired as a social worker and was given his first assignment. He thought that this case would be a piece of cake but little did he know what he was getting himself into.

End Chapter 2


Author’s Notes: I apologize that this chapter is so short but I’m improving bit by bit. Hm now the question for a future chapter how could Jacob be able to imprint on two different people? Who would he choose? Well the next chapter will explain the full story behind David and Ashley. Stick around readers and please review! It fuels my will to write!

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