Say Something I'm Giving Up On You

This is a story about a young girl who was brought to Forks in order to start a new life. What she found becomes more than what she can handle. Especially when a certain wolf imprints on her. The question that is on his mind is how could he possibly be able to imprint on two different people. This is a JacobxOC fanfic and I suck at summaries for sure.


10. Chapter 9: What am I Fighting For?

I AM SO SORRY!!!!!!!!! I didn’t realize how long it has been since I last updated. Things got a bit hectic and I completely forgot about this story. Don’t worry guys the story’s not dead! Okay time for business: I do not own Twilight! There are also going to be a few internal arguments since they cannot speak when in their wolf forms. So when they do this it will look like this so just letting you know. Also I do not own the song Locked Away by R City

Say Something I’m Giving Up On You

Chapter 9: Who am I fighting for?

            David lunged at Jacob and clasped onto his muzzle with an iron grip. Jacob tried to shake him off but due to his size it proved to be futile. He used his size against him by ducking underneath and flipped him into a rock formation.

‘She belongs here with her family. You have no right to take her away!’ He bared his fangs ready for another attack.

            David got up with ease and swiftly ran behind Jacob, grabbed him, and threw him against a tree. ‘You don’t know what she needs. You’ve only known her for a short amount of time; I’ve known her since she was five years old. As long as she stays here she’s at risk of ending up dead!’ He placed his paw on Jacob’s throat cutting off his air supply. ‘You have no idea what she’s been through. To think I could trust her safety with that human. He could barely keep a watch on his own daughter let alone Ashley.’ This caused Jacob to snap as he tackled him to the ground and then flung him into the air by his tail. As David came down he knocked Jacob over then clamped down on his back leg causing him to cry out.

            Ashley stirred when she heard the cry; her eyes opened but her vision was still blurry due to her head injury. She saw that there were two wolves fighting each other, but they seemed a little large to be wolves. She thought that it was her mind playing tricks on her but one seemed to be badly hurt. She stood up ignoring the chronic pain in her head and witnessed the fight before her.

            Jacob pushed David off of him again and attempted to attack only to miss. They were both a large distance away from each other. Jacob tried to stand but ended up tumbling over; David didn’t like the idea of fighting someone who was down but the situation was too desperate for his morals to kick in. He backed up a bit and was ready to charge for the kill.

‘If I got locked away and we lost it all today... Tell me honestly... Would you still love me the same? If I showed you my flaws If I couldn't be strong Tell me honestly Would you still love me the same?’

            She didn’t have a chance to think as she ran towards the injured Jacob oblivious to David who was also charging towards him. She stood in front of him with her arms spread out “Stop!” It happened in a flash and David was having trouble stopping; Ashley closed her eyes and waited for the impact.

‘If a judge for life me... Would you stay by my side? Or is ya gonna say good-bye? Can you tell me right now?’

            Nothing had happened and when she opened her eyes she saw the other wolf standing in front of her; his muzzle was bleeding profusely when the first wolf let go of him. Her eyes filled with tears as she tried to find a way to stop the bleeding; she took off her sweater and placed it over the wound. David rustled behind her and she stood up to him “Leave him alone! I don’t care what he did no creature deserves to die!” She stared him down until her vision became blurry again and she was falling to the ground when Jacob (in his human form) caught her. He winced in pain but still held on to her.

‘If I couldn't buy you the fancy things in life Shawty would it be alright Come and show me that you are down.’

            David shaped back into his human form; he glared at Jacob but his eyes softened when he saw her. Her saddened expression had disappeared now that she was being held by him. Maybe he was capable of protecting her. David had always bore the responsibility of protecting her that he didn’t know how to allow someone else to help. Despite his best wishes he won’t be around her all the time. Maybe acquiring the young wolf’s help wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

“Look, maybe you could help me look after her. With my career I would be dealing with lots of children so I won’t have as much free time to check up on her. It pains me to say this, but I think it would be better for her to stay here.”

‘Now tell me would you really ride for me? Baby tell me would you die for me? Would you spend your whole life with me? Would you be there to always hold me down?’
            Jacob looked up at him with a confused look. Wondering why he would all of a sudden trust after practically mutilating him. “Don’t get me wrong kid I still despise you. However I know it was unfair of me to judge Charlie so quickly. He does the best he can and it clearly shows.” He went to pick Ashley up when Jacob pulled her closer to him. “Kid I know you’re being Mr. Tough-Guy right now but let’s face it you can’t possibly carry her in your condition.”

“I would if it wasn’t for you.”

“No use crying over it. I’m taking her back to her house while you go and clean up. If we’re lucky she won’t remember any of this.” He picked her up and carried her back to the house while Jacob went back to his house to clean up and heal his wounds.

~*~*~*~*Charlie’s House*~*~*~*~

            David laid Ashley on her bed feeling lucky that Charlie was doing pulling a night shift tonight. He wanted to stay for a bit to make sure that she would stay asleep so he looked around her room.

‘Tell me would you really cry for me? (Would you really cry for me?) Baby don't lie to me

If I didn't have anything... I wanna know would you stick around?’

            He saw the various pictures on her walls some were actual photos and some were drawings. A lot of them were of Charlie and what looked to be a man in a wheel chair. A few were of them yelling at the television and there were some of them at the lake fishing. In each one she looked happy; a lot happier than when it was just the two of them.

‘If I got locked away And we lost it all today... Tell me honestly... Would you still love me the same? If I showed you my flaws If I couldn't be strong Tell me honestly Would you still love me the same?’

            He felt like an idiot for even considering taking her away from this. In the end if he had taken her away the only one who would be suffering would be her. She needed a parent in her life and he could never fill that void; sure he could fill in as an older brother but never as a father. Then he saw another picture of her with a boy with blue eyes and black hair and he glared knowing he would have to put some fear in that boy as well. Finally he came upon a picture of her and Jacob sound asleep while sitting on the couch. She looked peaceful next to him which was nearly impossible especially around newer people.

‘All I want is somebody real who don't need much A gal I know that I can trust... To be here when money low If I did not have nothing else to give but love... Would that even be enough?’

            Just then her computer beeped which startled him. He looked at Ashley and saw that she just rolled over and snuggled with her pillow. He looked at her computer and saw that it was an email from someone named Logan. “Who the heck is Logan?” The email was labeled ‘Finished Video’ and with curiosity getting the best of him he wanted to open it. Luckily he found some earbuds and played the video. It looked like an amateur music video right off the bat but he kept on watching. Ashley appeared first on the screening and for the first time he heard her sing. “If I got locked away And we lost it all today... Tell me honestly... Would you still love me the same? If I showed you my flaws If I couldn't be strong Tell me honestly Would you still love me the same?”  The camera showed scenes of her walking around town and leaning up against a lot of walls. He knew she would have an angelic voice but he never thought she would be this good. He was definitely wrong about this place obviously they were doing something right to get her to open up. Out of the many years he’s known her he could never get her to open up this much.

‘Tell me, tell me, would you want me? (Want me!) Tell me, tell me, would you call me? (Call me!) If you knew I wasn't ballin' Cause I need a gal who's always by my side... Tell me, tell me, do you need me? (Need me) Tell me, tell me, do you love me yea? Or is ya just tryna play me?

Cause I need a gal to hold me down for life...’

            “Maybe it is better if I just leave. She obviously doesn’t need me anymore. I should just leave her with her new life.” He said with his head hanging in grief.

“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but once again that would make it worse.” David turns in the chair to see Jacob walking into the room.

“This has nothing to do with you kid. It’s best that I leave so she can live her life.”

“And then what? She’ll still be sad because no matter what you are still one of the people she is close to. She would be devastated if you weren’t here.”

“Kid you are more than capable of protecting her; she doesn’t need me anymore.”

“She’ll always need you. Just like how she’ll always need us. Besides we still don’t know who it was that attacked her. Until we figure out who it is she’ll need the both of us whether we like it or not.”

            David just chuckled at his improper proposal for them to team up. However he did see where Jacob was getting at and that with only one protector she was still at risk. A temporary truce wouldn’t be so bad. Once this is all over then he can make his decision until then he was looking at his new partner.

“Fine then. I’ll start looking for a place around here tomorrow and I’ll request a temporary transfer.”

“Whoa whoa. No one said anything about you moving here.”

“Kid if I have to be here for around the clock Ashley watch I’d rather live here than stay in that hotel room forever.” He chuckled again as he walked out of her room and left the house.

            When Jacob knew that David was a safe distance away he looked back at Ashley. She was still in the close she was originally in which were now covered with blood and dirt. He mentally criticized David for not having the decency to change her before he put her down. He tried his best not to look as he changed her into some pajamas that he found in her dresser. He spent most of the moment with his eyes closed and hoped that he didn’t put anything on backwards or inside out. When he opened his eyes he saw that he put them on correctly and gave a sigh of relief. Once that awkward stage was over he was able to look at her without having any reminders of what happened earlier. He laid next to her on the bed and saw that she looked like she was shaking. She was probably a little shaken up by what has been happening.

‘If I got locked away And we lost it all today... Tell me honestly... Would you still love me the same? If I showed you my flaws If I couldn't be strong Tell me honestly Would you still love me the same?’

He wrapped an arm around her and she had stopped shaking and she even laid her head on his chest. This made his beating worth it. The wounds and the pain were all worth it for the girl that was in his arms. He wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything in the world. He fumbled around in his pocket for the ring. He looked at it again and made sure it looked like that ring she liked, but since he didn’t want it to seem like an engagement ring he put in a sapphire instead of a diamond. He slipped it on her finger and kissed her on top of the forehead as he fell asleep too.

‘Will you still love me the same?’

~*~*~*~* Meanwhile in Volterra*~*~*~*~

“How could you possibly let her live! Your objective was to kill her and dispose of her corpse. It’s so simple a newborn could do it! She’s a human nonetheless so how could you possibly fail!” shouted Aro at Alec and Jane.

“There was a wolf with her.” said Jane.

“Why would they interfere? You were not in their territory were you?”

“No Sir. However this wolf did not look or smell the ones from the tribe.” said Alec.

“Leave us for now. We’ll have to think of another plan to dispose of this pest.”

            When Jane and Alec left the room Aro turned to Caius and Marcus. “How are we supposed to get rid of her with the wolf by her side? If we dispose of him they will surely come after us.” said Caius.

“I’ve already figured out how to take care of him. We’ll just need to create a few more newborns.”

“Aro tell me again why we are going through so much trouble to dispose of one human girl?” asked Marcus.

“Because if she lives then our attempt of combining our kind with the Quileute tribe will cease to exist.”

End Chapter 9

So was it worth the wait? I promise I will be on top of updating sooner! I will not leave you guys hanging anymore! Remember to R&R!



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