Say Something I'm Giving Up On You

This is a story about a young girl who was brought to Forks in order to start a new life. What she found becomes more than what she can handle. Especially when a certain wolf imprints on her. The question that is on his mind is how could he possibly be able to imprint on two different people. This is a JacobxOC fanfic and I suck at summaries for sure.


7. Chapter 6: Break Me Down

Author’s Notes: I do not own Twilight!

Say Something I’m Giving up on You

Chapter 6: Break Me Down

            The morning rays peeked through the blinds and drenched Jacob in its glow the smell of breakfast invaded his nose as the sounds of footsteps were slowly approaching the door.  Jacob woke to see Ashley hanging off the edge of his bed. He considered putting her fully on the bed but she looked comfortable where she was. The door slammed open and in came Charlie shouting that breakfast was ready. Which startled Ashley and she fell over the edge of the bed and her knee connected with Jacob’s groin.

            For a split second he thought he would lose control, but he quickly moved her off of him then proceeded to yell and roll around on the floor. “I am so sorry!” said Ashley as she tried to help him. Charlie was just standing there and Billy came in an instant; within minutes they both busted out laughing. “Dad this is not funny! Jacob’s really hurt!”

            He finished laughing and popped into dad mode and helped him into his bed while Billy went to go grab some ice. Everybody left to eat while Jacob rested and fifteen minutes later Ashley came back in with a tray of food and a glass of juice. “I brought you some food in case you were hungry.”

He looked at her and said, “It’s not like I can move to eat so what’s the point?”

“Look just because you are in pain does not mean you can be rude.”

“Hey you’re the one who did this to me.”

            She slammed his tray on to his desk and left the room slamming the door as she left. He couldn’t help but notice the tears she had when she slammed the tray; he sighed deeply regretting his choice of words “Even when I’m not trying to hurt you I end up doing it anyways.” ‘Maybe I did deserve this injury.’ After about thirty minutes of wallowing in his guilt Jacob heard the door open again and Ashley came sat down and grabbed his tray. “Just because you’re a jerk doesn’t mean you should starve.” She fed him in silence and avoided making eye contact with him; in an instant the food was gone. “Thank you. The food was amazing.”

“I think you should save that compliment for your father since he was the one who cooked the food.”

“Still thanks for feeding me. Without you I wouldn’t have eaten all day.”

            She rolled her eyes and grabbed his glass to give him the last bit of juice although some ended up on his face and his shirt. He leaned forward slightly and slowly took his shirt off once glimpse of his Adonis body made Ashley’s face turn tomato red. She left to go get a cloth to clean him up. She handed him the cloth and he wiped off the juice but he missed a spot on the side of his neck. She took the cloth and reached over and wiped it off. Before she could pull her arm back he grabbed her hand.

“Jacob let me go.”

“No. Not until you stop avoiding me.”

            His other hand went under her chin and lifted her face so that her eyes met his. He leaned forward and she leaned backwards. He knew she would try to move away so ignoring his minor injury he pulled her down on to his bed. He chastely placed a kiss on her lips and her body froze; her mind became fuzzy as he continued to kiss her.

            “Ashley c’mon let’s go before I start stinking up their house!” Charlie shouted from the living room. She snapped back to reality and slapped Jacob before she got up from his bed. For once he actually felt pain from the slap which was strange to him because something like that never hurt him before not even when Bella punched him did it hurt like that. “Jacob please don’t even start this.”

“Why not?”

“Because you just began to talk to me again. Besides you have Renesmee and I…”

Jacob’s face grew more serious “And you what?”

She did not know what else to say so she said what first came to mind.

“And I have Logan…”

            Before he could respond she left, and he just sat there trying to keep his calm composure at least until she had been a certain distance from his house. Billy went to his room and saw Jacob’s anger boil over. He went to open the backdoor because he knew what would happen next. Jacob ran past him and as soon as he made it outside he shifted into his wolf form. He ran at top speed leaving Billy in the dust. “Ashley. Jacob. Are you both destined to love or to hurt?” Said Billy to himself as he went back inside.

End Chapter 6

Author’s Notes: What did everyone think? Sorry it took so long College is tough! Love the reviews readers you guys are amazing! I promise I will have the next chapter very soon! Keep the reviews coming! Please do not hate me for making her slap him! *Hides under table waving white flag* I promise it will be resolved soon!

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