Say Something I'm Giving Up On You

This is a story about a young girl who was brought to Forks in order to start a new life. What she found becomes more than what she can handle. Especially when a certain wolf imprints on her. The question that is on his mind is how could he possibly be able to imprint on two different people. This is a JacobxOC fanfic and I suck at summaries for sure.


5. Chapter 4: Only to Protect You

Author’s Notes: I do not own Twilight. I also made Renesmee two years older since Breaking Dawn. Since she looked like a nine year old after only being a few months old I decided that at the age of two she would look like a sixteen year old girl; also for my story’s sake I sort of slowed down her aging process so she looks like a teenager for a while. Please don’t kill me over this detail.

Say Something I’m Giving up on you

Chapter 4: Only to Protect you

            That evening when Billy and Jacob arrived at their house Carlisle was there waiting for them. Jacob already knew what this was about but he didn’t care because it was worth it to spend some time with her. He helped his dad into the house then he went outside to speak with Carlisle. “Look I already know what you’re going to say and I would like to add that I was just talking to her and nothing more.”

            Carlisle’s eyes grew stern at Jacob’s naïve behavior “Did I not tell you to keep away from her? You could’ve already put her in danger.”

“What damage could I have possibly done just by talking to her? Besides she pretty much hounded me into talking. Apparently she doesn’t remember what happened the other day.”

“Jacob listen to me carefully stay away from her. Until we get this whole situation figured out you must ignore her otherwise it might put all three of our species in danger.”

            The next day was Ashley’s first day of at a new high school; it was her last year of school and she felt that she needed to make herself scarce. One wrong move and she would end up back at the orphanage. Charlie drove her in his police car and gave her the whole speech to ease her nervousness about her first day. She began to walk into the building when she heard the sound of a motorcycle growing louder. She turned around to see Jacob riding up to the curb with a girl holding on to him. She then saw the girl jumping off of the bike and gave Jacob a kiss on the cheek and ran into the school. ‘Is that his girlfriend? She seems a bit young for him.’ She tossed the thoughts from her head and waved to him but he did nothing to acknowledge her. She thought that maybe he didn’t see her so she shouted “Hey Jacob!” He made it seem like he didn’t even know who she was. It felt like a sharp knife was being stabbed in her heart.

            She received a warm welcome from her fellow students and was even attracting the eyes a few of her male classmates. A few of the boys offered to buy her lunch, and she would’ve said yes but then she remembered what Charlie had told her last night. ‘If boys ever try flirting with you just tell them that sheriff Swan is your guardian and he has a lot of guns just waiting to be used.’ So she denied their offers just for their protection; then she noticed the same girl from this morning in her last class of the day. She sat right next to her and introduced herself as Renesmee Cullen. Ashley introduced herself trying to hide the jealousy in her voice, and that was when Renesmee had started to dig into a sore subject. “I saw you waving at Jacob this morning. How do you know him?”

“He and his father helped me move into my new home; Charlie invited them over to help and watch the game.”

“Oh so you live with Charlie? Why is that?”

“He adopted me.”

“Oh okay that sounds like him. And I apologize for Jacob’s behavior he’s just not much of a morning person.”

‘What did she mean by that sounds like him? What do I look like a charity case?’

“I have to ask are you Jacob’s girlfriend?”

“Well that’s a bit personal but I guess you could say we are.”

            She didn’t know why but it struck a nerve; she got up from her desk and moved to the back of the classroom. Renesmee just looked at her with confusion as she moved; Ashley isolated herself and did not speak to anyone until the bell rang to go home. She walked out of the building with her earphones in and music blasting; she walked by to see Jacob waiting by his bike and Renesmee running to hug him. She saw her waving at her but just ignored the gesture, and she saw Jacob’s face show a hint of anger. ‘Why in the world was he angry at me? If anything I should be the one angry at him.’ She continued to walk back to her house hoping to find some peace of mind.

            She came home to see Charlie sitting in the living room asleep in his chair. He probably just came back from the station since he was still in his uniform. She grabbed a blanket and placed it on him. She still could not understand why he chose to adopt her out of all the adoptable children. Was she really a charity case? Did he adopt her because he felt sorry for her? She shook the thoughts from her head; he must have had his reasons for choosing her despite her terrible adoption record. She sat there enjoying the silence even though Charlie was slightly snoring; she actually liked the sound it just meant that he was having a good nap.

Then suddenly a loud knock came from the door; she rushed to the door trying to make sure Charlie doesn’t wake up. She opened the door to see a shocked and somewhat scary looking woman at the door and an equally scary looking man standing next to her. “Um, can I help you?”

“Who are you? And where’s my dad?” asked the scary lady.

“Oh you mean Charlie; he’s taking a nap in the living room.”

            Charlie came walking out knowing that they were here to talk to him. He was blinking the sleep from his eyes as the lady looked at him with anguish painted on her face. “Ashley would you mind going to your room for a bit?” asked Charlie and she knew this was her chance to escape the scary lady’s wrath. She knew this was not going to end well especially from the yelling going on outside her room.

“Who is she? And where did she come from?”

“I’m pretty sure you know about the birds and the bees. Before you start having wild thoughts I have to tell you no she is not mine. Her name is Ashley and I adopted her through an adoption agency.”

“Why in the world would you feel the need to adopt someone? If you felt lonely why didn’t you spend time with Renesmee? She barely sees you anymore and you decide to find some girl you don’t even know about.”

            Ashley snuck out of her room and hid around the corner listening in on their conversation. Maybe this will put her raging thoughts to rest.

“Bella don’t disrespect me in my own house. You’re my daughter and I love you I also love Renesmee as if she was my own grandchild, but I felt that I needed someone in my life who needs me. I was curious about adopting so I decided to look into it and I had found a stack of adoptable children. Her file caught my attention and I knew that she was the one.”

“Dad there’s no way that you should feel the need to adopt a child when you have Renesmee. Besides if you’re going to adopt a child why didn’t you get an actual child this girl is practically older than Renesmee!”

“I read her file and out of all of those children she was there the longest. She was alone and never knew what a real family was. I thought that it would be a good chance to be an actual dad to her instead of the poor excuse I was with you. I had a chance to prove I was a good dad but I blew it with you; I want to change that with her. I chose her because she needed me. And you know what? I needed her too.”

            A silent sob echoed through the house and Charlie went to go get Ashley. She was sitting with her knees covering her crying face. He couldn’t help but smile; the social workers told him that she was a girl with steel nerves yet here she is showing her true self. “C’mon let’s go grab some dinner before it gets late.” She smiled at him and went to go grab her jacket and followed him into the living room. “Ashley this is my daughter Bella and her husband Edward. Bella and Edward this is Ashley. Now you two know your way out just make sure you leave the porch light on. If you’ll excuse me I’m going to go have dinner with my daughter.” With that they left the house and headed for his favorite diner.

Jacob’s P.O.V

            It had been a few hours since I dropped Renesmee off at her house and it was getting late. No matter what he did I just could not get rid of that image from my head; the image of her looking at me with hurt in her eyes. Ignoring her was utter torture for me, but I have to do it it’s for her own good. My dad came into my room looking surprisingly angry. I wonder what he’s so angry about. “Jacob, why are you ignoring Ashley? Out of all of the people in this universe you choose to ignore her.”

“It’s not like I have a choice. Carlisle told me to not talk to her until this whole problem is solved.”

“What problem?”

“I imprinted on her. I know it’s impossible since I have already imprinted on Renesmee. But it happened and I just have to listen to Carlisle.”

“Since when did you start listening to what others say you should do?”

“Dad I don’t want her to be put in danger! If that means hurting her feelings and making her hate me then that’s the price I have to pay. Don’t patronize me for doing the right thing.”

“Well Jacob I’m not against you doing the right thing but this is not the right thing to do. If you had a chance to get to know her you’ll know that she was abandoned. By every adopted family she was in and by the system itself. She entrusted her faith in you and you abandoned her too.”

“I DID NOT ABANDON HER!” My self-control was lost and I had to get of there before I shifted. I ran through the forest and felt my body changing; before I knew it I changed into my wolf form. It felt good to let loose once in a while especially since I’ve been so stressed out lately. I ran for a long while until I grew exhausted from running for so long. I shifted back to my normal form and walked around town for a bit before I headed back home. I walked by the diner and saw Charlie having dinner with Ashley; she looked so happy laughing with Charlie. The dull pain in my chest came back this time it pounded harder making me cringe. Maybe dad was right, and maybe I did abandon her. “I’m sorry Ashley. But I’m only doing this to protect you.”

End of Chapter

Author’s Notes: There’s the newest chapter! Sorry it took forever to update! I had a lot of online classes and family things to attend to. I hope you liked it and review please! It helps to fuel my writing!


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