Say Something I'm Giving Up On You

This is a story about a young girl who was brought to Forks in order to start a new life. What she found becomes more than what she can handle. Especially when a certain wolf imprints on her. The question that is on his mind is how could he possibly be able to imprint on two different people. This is a JacobxOC fanfic and I suck at summaries for sure.


15. Chapter 14: The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Ashley felt her fear rising and there was something deep inside wanting to come out. The hunter had pulled out an oddly shaped knife and traced it down her arm. “To think my grandfather was right about you guys all these years. They wrote him off as crazy and that you guys were creatures of myths. Well now I have actual proof, but the problem is I cannot kill you. However I do need something as a trophy to my grandfather who had taught me everything about your kind. Maybe I can take your little tail as a prize even though you have only one. That means that you’re still fairly young which makes you all the more rare. Heck even a vial of your blood will make me millions. He unbound her left arm and held a tight grip on it knowing well that she would try to escape. He took the knife and made a slash along her wrist. She screamed at the pain and scarlet blood began to flow. To the naked eye it was red but up close one could see there were streaks of silver. From what the hunter was taught as a kitsune gains more tails their blood goes from silver to gold. It is said that any amount of blood with gold in it could bring someone back to life, but it was just a myth since there were no sightings of any nine-tailed kitsunes.

With his new vampire status the hunter was suddenly struck by the luxurious scent of her blood and his hunger grew. The ring was glowing at this point meaning it was at maximum power to yield his newborn hunger. He lifted her wrist up to his nose and inhaled the intoxicating scent. Then without hesitation he planted lips on the wound and began to drink the warm sweet liquid flowing from her veins. His eyes popped opened as he tasted her blood and any pain or emotions he was feeling were gone and all he wanted was to indulge himself with the sweet nectar.

She struggled against him but he held her in place and soon she didn’t have the strength to struggle anymore. That feeling deep inside of her was getting stronger and she could feel it start to pulsate within her chest. He wouldn’t stop feeding from her and at that point he didn’t care that he would be killed afterwards. He would happily die with the memory of such a sweet reward.

His feast was soon interrupted as he was thrashed into a large nearby rock. He looked up and saw what looked like a giant wolf. He growled in anger at the loss of his meal, “You just had to get in the way mutt!” He lunged at Jacob but was easily slammed into the ground.

While Jacob was dealing with the hunter David was getting rid of the chains knowing that it was the cause of her fatigue along with her blood loss. When she was freed she collapsed on to David. He lowered her slowly to the ground and tried to hide her from the hunter’s sight. He went into the battlefield as well and he was more than ready to shift. He growled at the hunter and lunged at him but Jacob got in front of him. “This is my fight! Don’t interfere!”

Look pup this is more than just you now. If we want this guy to suffer we both need to fight!”

She is my responsibility! So it’s my job to make sure he pays!”

The hunter took full advantage of Jacob turning his back to him and charged at him full throttle. His ability was the same as Edward’s so he could read their minds and know their strategies. He tackled Jacob to the ground and he dug his fangs into Jacob causing him to cry out. The cry echoed through the forest and where Ashley was laying her eyebrows creased in pain as the pulsing grew louder. She curled up in a tight ball from the pain and then she heard Jacob whine is pain. Her eyes shot open on this time they were not gold they had gone completely white. There was no sign of any pupils almost as if she was possessed by something. Her fangs grew longer as well as her claws.

The hunter was currently in battle with David who was starting to stagger from injuries as well fatigue. He fell to the ground and felt like he couldn’t get back up. The hunter was above him getting ready to strike the killing blow when all of a sudden he could hear someone else’s thoughts. He figured it was the kitsune waking up which he felt would make it easier for him to find her. His confidence was quickly swept away and replaced with fear as he could now hear the thoughts clearly repeating the word ‘kill’ over and over again.

The thoughts were getting louder and he looked around to see where she was. He backed away from David as he tried to pinpoint where she was. He turned around just in time to move out of the way of her claws as she slashed at him. The image of the helpless feeble fox was now replaced by a bloodthirsty rabid-like fox before him. He noticed her completely whitened eyes and how she licked the venom off of her claws. His eyes widened as he saw that the poison did not affect her at all. She growled at him and crouched down on all fours ready to attack and as she prepared herself she smirked sensing his fear grow.

He backed up and eventually darted into the forest while she stayed in her position. One thing she loved was a good hunt. After a few minutes she darted out after him following his scent and the crushed leaves he left in his path. He kept running in a random fashion and soon became lost in the forest. He stopped for a second and tried to catch his breath as he scanned the area. What threw him off now was that he could still hear her thoughts but it wasn’t getting louder or quieter so he essentially didn’t know where she was. She jumped out of a tree and slashed at his back this time it was deep into his flesh which caused him to scream out. Even in the pain he was he made a run for it.

While she was off on a hunt David had a change to regain some of his energy and his wounds were beginning to close up. He had changed back to his human form and sat up and scanned for Jacob. He was near a tree now in his human form curled up in a ball rolling from side to side in pain. The venom for the bite was circulating throughout his body causing immense pain. A pain he had never felt before and with each passing second the intensity grew. David was able to get up and go to his side to see what they were dealing with. One thing he knew for certain it was that not one of their kind was able to survive their venom. From the looks of it Jacob didn’t have much longer until his body shuts down.

He then heard rustling in some nearby bushes then out darted the hunter running for his life. He was soon followed by Ashley as she teared through the bush easily and she soon caught up to him. She grabbed him by the back of the shirt and threw him behind the very boulder she was tied up to. What happened next David didn’t see but all he could hear was blood curdling screams that were intense to begin with but soon went silent. Next he heard bones snapping and things being ripped apart. He hated the hunter as much as she did but he also knew that no one deserved that type of punishment. “Ashley stop!” He shouted as he rose to a standing position. He walked over to where she was and he was horrified by the sight. The hunter’s body was completely dismantled and even though he was separated she still continued to rip each piece apart. “Ashley please stop he’s already dead!” He placed a hand on her shoulder and she turned and shoved him back causing him to land hard next to the river. From across the river Jacobs cries grew louder as the poison grew stronger. Suddenly his cries grew weaker and he was finding it hard to breathe. David groaned as he tried to get up, “Ashley! Snap out of it! Jacob is dying!”

Suddenly she stopped as if something snapped her back into reality. She looked at what she had done and gasped. “What have I done?”

Ashley don’t worry about that right now! Jacob needs you!”

She turned around and saw David as he pointed to the other side of the river. She looked at where he was pointing and saw Jacob now instead of being curled in a ball he laid on his back fighting to keep his eyes opened. She quickly got up and ran to him; she grabbed his hand and noticed he was growing cold and that his pulse was getting slower. “David! I need to get him to the river!” She tried to help him stand up but he was growing weaker and she was not strong enough to begin with. David managed to get up and went to help her he struggled at first but was able to guide him to the river. She asked if there was a bowl or something to hold the water but there was nothing that they could use. She had no choice but to use an alternative method.

She scooped some of the river water in her hands and poured it into her mouth. She used her claw and slit her wrist and allowed the blood to flow. She lifted her head and opened her mouth and let some of the blood drip in and mix with the water. She looked down at Jacob who was now laying unconscious in front of her losing his ability to breathe. She placed her lips on to his and opened his mouth and allowed the liquid to flow into him. She stimulated him to swallow the content and she waited. Her eyes were filling with tears as she held his hand to her lips and kiss them dearly. She laid her head on his chest and continued to cry because she was too late.

She opened her eyes when she heard a faint thump. She silenced herself as she listened attentively. She heard the thump again and another one soon after. His heart was slowly beating but the pace was growing gradually. She felt his body warm up rapidly and then she heard the sound she was waiting for. His head lifted from the ground and gasped for air very loudly. Air filled his starved lungs and his head fell back with a thud which caused Ashley to wince. David wasn’t worried because he knew the kid had a thick hard skull. She placed her head back on his chest and felt his arms wrap around her and held her as close to him as possible.

It took hours for him to wake up from his slumber and while he was out his grip loosened which allowed Ashley to slide out. David was building a fire since he knew from personal experience to never move a sleeping shapeshifter. She joined him near the fire as they chatted. When Jacob woke up he saw David sitting right next to Ashley who was crying and he placed his arms around her. This made Jacob a little ticked but knew nothing was going on between them. He managed to stand up on his own and slowly made his way to the fire. When Ashley saw Jacob walk up she turned the other way and was quickly wiping away her tears. He looked at her closely and couldn’t help but be concerned, “Ashley what’s wrong?”

It’s nothing Jacob… Really it’s nothing.”

If it’s nothing then why won’t you look at me?”

David took this moment to unwrap his arms and went to go and gather the pieces of the hunter so he could burn them. Jacob sat next to her but she scooted away from him. He soon cornered her and tried to get her to look at him. He used his hand to try to shift her face towards him but she jerked back which was annoying him. He grasped both of her shoulders and turned her body to him, and with his dominant hand he grasped her chin and turned it to him and looked into her eyes. This was the first time he was seeing her in this form so he was taken back at first but then he truly began to see the real Ashley. His eyes went from looking at her ears to roaming down to her golden eyes which glowed from the light of the fire. “You’re so beautiful.” He couldn’t help but say which made her face go red with embarrassment. She used her hands to disengage his hand from her face.

Jacob was about to say something when David chucked one of the hunter’s arms on the fire and proceeded to throw the other one. When Jacob saw the flying bits of hunter go into the fire he whistled, “Damn David I didn’t think you had it in you. You tore that hunter to shreds. Must’ve been one hell of a kill.”

When David heard Jacob’s comments he frowned and as he passed Jacob to grab the last piece of hunter he said, “It wasn’t me who did this.” Jacob looked in David’s direction in confusion. If it wasn’t David or him then who else could’ve done this. When he realized it he looked back to Ashley. She knees were brought up to her chest and her head was lowered burying her face in the dark space.

It was you Ashley?” She stayed silent and her grip tightened. “Ashley it’s okay the hunter had it coming to him.”

Then she snapped “IT WASN’T OKAY!” She stood up and looked down upon him in anger. “What I did was most certainly not okay. It wasn’t so much that I killed him I tortured the creature! I played with him like he was a toy before I brutally murdered him. I had no remorse whatsoever I just knew I wanted to kill. I had no control over myself. It was like a beast took over my body and all I could do was listen to his screams.”

But he deserved it for what he did to you. You were only defending us. He was a monster.”

NO I WAS THE MONSTER!” She growled but managed to calm herself down. “As for you guys I didn’t even know you were here. When I was in that state I couldn’t see anything nor could I hear anything but his screams.” She couldn’t hold her tears in any longer and she collapsed holding herself. “I am the monster...” She sobbed.

Jacob knelt down in front of her and pulled her to him. She tried to push him away but her pulled her arms down and drew her to him. He wrapped his arms around her and shifted her head to lay on his shoulder. “You are not a monster. Do you hear me? I know in my heart that you are no monster. Yes you slipped up and lost control. We’ve all lost control before but we don’t let that bind us. We learn from our mistakes and we grow. You just need to know how to control that side. I know David will help you and so will I. Ashley I know it hurts now but I also know that you will rise above this.” He pulled her up to look at him again and he wiped her tears away. He then slowly leaned in for a kiss. She kissed him back and wrapped her arms around him and when she tried to grip his shoulders her claws dug into his skin a little bit. He winced in pain at first but soon got over it. Then he remembered something which soon led to some questions being formed.

He broke the kiss and she took deep breaths to regain her composure. David walked in at this time and ignored the fact he walked up on them making out. She was like a daughter to him so it made him angry seeing her face being gnawed at by some puppy. He sat down on the log and Ashley sat next to him and leaned her head on his shoulder. Jacob decided to sit on the log too and tried to figure out how to ask this question. “Okay I have to bring this up. How am I not dead? I mean when that hunter bit me he injected that venom into me. I thought I was dead for sure.”

You’re just now asking that question? God talk about being dense. Also if you want that answer it’ll be from her.” David pointed at Ashley who grew red again and punched David in the arm.

Well I am not sure if you’ll be able to understand all of this.”

What she’s saying is she thinks you’re too stupid to understand this.”

I did not say that!” She said and punched him in the side which made him wince. “What I meant was that this is a lot of complex information to take in in such a short amount of time.”

He looked at her and playfully glared in her direction, “Try me.”

She sighed knowing that he was not going to let up on this subject. “Well you probably know by now that I am a kitsune which means that I am a shapeshifter but instead I am a fox, or in this case partial fox. Now one of the special things about me is my blood. My blood itself can heal physical wounds and when it is combined with water from a river it becomes an antidote for any kind of poison. Now the hunter told me that when I get older and achieve my ninth tail that my blood will turn gold and I could revive someone with my blood, and although that sounds cool and all it is completely false. My blood will stay the same no matter what age I am. My tears on the other hand can revive someone but under certain circumstances. They have to be sympathetic tears and there has to be compassion. For example I can’t just cry over a random stranger and they come back to life. It has to be someone that I form a link with or form a tie with. Like earlier when I heard you scream there was a loud pulsing coming from inside of me which unleashed my animalistic side. That only comes out if someone am linked with is in danger. It’s also not just one person it’s anyone that is in my heart like David, Charlie, and you. Even then it has to feel like a piece of me is dying for those tears to come out.” She looked up at him and it looked like the light bulb was dimming but then he nodded his head as he finally put the pieces together.

So how do you know that that’s how you bring someone back?”

Because I already did it once. With David.” He looked to David completely dumbfounded.

Yeah she brought me back. I’m not even sure what had happened but I had actually died. Next thing I knew I was woke up on the ground with this little squirt crying her eyes out. I thought for sure she would’ve been dehydrated.” He chuckled as he poked her in the side causing her to squeak.

Okay I’ve got about a million more questions but I am exhausted. However I do need to ask one more question. It seems like when you’re in this form you know everything about being a kitsune and all of these memories. How is it that when you’re human you have no recollection of any of this?”

That’s easy. It’s because of the necklace. The necklace suppresses my powers as well as my memories. Since I have no full control over them the necklace was created to block these powers until I reach a level of maturity or meet someone else like me who can train me.”

Oh now I get it. It must be hard having to lose your memories every time you change.”

Not really. I don’t lose the memories they’re just blocked until I return to this form.”

Okay kids I don’t about the two of you but I have to be getting home. I’ve got two cases tomorrow and a few pick ups to do in the morning so I shall bid you two adieu.” With that David walked off in the direction of his house leaving the two love birds alone. Jacob had moved over to Ashley and wrapped an arm around her.

You know I could get use to this form. I mean the ears are pretty and the tail is not so bad either.” He said as he used his hand to brush her tail which immediately swatted him making him draw his hand back.

Honestly Jacob you think you can handle me but you are sadly mistaken.”

Is that a challenge?”


He wasn’t denying that he had thought about this for some time now. The thought of them being intimate lit a fire deep within him but there was something holding him back. “I can’t do it. I know that you’re the same person just in a different form but I feel that I need to wait until you’re ready in your human form. It just seems like the right thing to do.”

Good answer. Even in this form I’m just not ready for that. I still don’t get how teenagers these days can up and do something like that. I mean there’s so much going on emotionally as well as physically.”

I don’t understand it either but I am glad I am not a teenager anymore.” They both laughed and decided it was time to go back to her house.

The walked into the living room and realized that dinner was not made but neither of them had the energy to cook something so they left everything for them to deal with in the morning. They went into her bedroom and he saw her necklace on the nightstand. He knew that when she put it on this whole night would be erased. He was saddened at first but then she reassured him, “We’ll continue this when I get back.” She smiled at him and in turn made him smile too. He grabbed the necklace while she lifted her hair and he placed it around her neck. When the clasp closed her body gave out but he caught her in time. He lifted her up and placed her on her bed. He contemplated on changing her but felt that she would only be mad in the morning so he just placed the covers over her and laid next to her. Her hair was back to being brown and her fuzzy ears were now gone. Not to mention the tail he fell in love with was now gone too. But no matter what she looked like he was still deeply in love with her. He placed a kiss on her lips and she cuddled close to him as they both fell asleep.

End Chapter 14

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