Say Something I'm Giving Up On You

This is a story about a young girl who was brought to Forks in order to start a new life. What she found becomes more than what she can handle. Especially when a certain wolf imprints on her. The question that is on his mind is how could he possibly be able to imprint on two different people. This is a JacobxOC fanfic and I suck at summaries for sure.


14. Chapter 13: Trapped

Author’s notes: Well guys here is another chapter after a few months of silence from me. Sorry for such a late update but I’m in my last year of college and it is complete madness. However I will do my best to keep this story going.

Say Something I’m Giving Up On You

Chapter 13: Trapped

Ashley woke up in her bed the next morning and her alarm was blaring. She groaned remembering that she was supposed to cover the flower shop this morning. The owner said that she had an important doctor’s appointment that morning. Since she is currently living with Charlie the owner thought she could trust her enough to run the shop. She did her normal morning routine and proceeded to the flower shop. She never worked in a flower shop so hopefully it’s not too crazy and that they don’t need her to make any professional decisions.

She found the spare key and opened up the store. The owner allowed her to make a few small bouquets so she went to go and look for some flowers to make bouquets out of. She was in the middle of a bouquet when she heard the little bell jingle from the front door. She went to the front of the store and saw a man wearing a long black coat and sunglasses looking at the flowers. “Hello! Welcome to the Secret Garden! Can I help you with something today?” He turned to look at her and removed his shades showing his red eyes. She saw them and wasn’t really surprised mainly because he probably bought colored lens off the internet.

Hello I am here looking for a gift for my wife.”

Oh that’s sweet. What’s the occasion?”

Nothing special I just finished up a meeting here and I wanted to pick a nice gift for her just because.”

That’s so beautiful. Okay well we have some bouquets right here that are very popular among the locals.”

Which one of these do you like?” She looked at all of the flowers and none of them screamed love to her. She felt bad because she knew the owner spent a lot of time to make these bouquets perfect. She excused herself and went into the back to where all of the flowers were at and came out with a blue, white, and a small amount of purple bouquet.

Now when everyone thinks romance they think of red roses or just any kind of rose. Now I am assuming that you and your wife have been together for quite a while so a rose is too basic for such a lasting love. Here I have a combination of lilies, African Violets, and some local wild flowers. I usually prefer local flowers because they really capture the beauty of the area.”

His eyes flashed as she described the flowers. He smiled politely and accepted the bouquet and then she went behind the counter to calculate the total cost. He paid the total amount and gave a generous tip for the great service. When she handed him the bouquet he briefly touched her hand and she felt a cold electrical surge through her hand. What she didn’t see was the look on his face when received not only her thoughts but her memories too. His smile grew when she flinched and drew her hand away. “What a beautiful necklace you have. Where might I find one like that?”

“I’m not sure. I’ve had this necklace since I can remember. Maybe you can look in an antique store?” She was beginning to feel uneasy about the guy and wanted him out as soon as possible. The man eventually left and she was able to breathe a sigh of relief. The air felt cold even though the thermostat was set to 80 to keep some of the flowers warm. Her hand was still tingling and her necklace was feeling warm. She felt like taking it off but there was a voice in the back of her head saying ‘don’t take it off unless you want to face the consequences.’

On the other side of town at the hospital Aro had arrived with the new bouquet in hand. Carlisle had just finished with his last patient of the morning and decided to walk the grounds before the next round starts and he sensed Aro was near. He turned and saw him standing there with flowers in his hand. “Aro it’s been a while. What brings you to our humble town?”

“Nothing in particular I just came to check out the new wildlife that has chosen this place as its new habitat.”

“I believe your riddles get more and more complex these days.”

“I have brought flowers. You may give these to your wife if you choose to do so. The young lady at the flower shop does have interesting taste.”

Carlisle was confused at first because the owner of the shop was a thirty year old woman. However he did know that she had an appointment with him in an hour so maybe she found someone to watch after the store for her. “Well thank you for the gift I am sure she will love them. Now will you tell me why you are really here?”

“Oh Carlisle you were always one to believe in ulterior motives. If you must know I have heard through the grapevine that little Renesmee has just gotten her heart broken by a wolf.”

Carlisle sighed knowing that he would show up sooner or later because of what happened. The Volturi had been having something up their sleeve about this relationship for quite some time. He couldn’t figure out their plan but he knew they wanted Jacob to be with Renesmee. “Yes she is pretty upset about it. Heartbreak is a part of growing up. I am sure she will be able to make a recovery and move on from this incidence.”

“Yes. I do believe I had a few heart breaks in my lifetime. However I do believe Jacob left Renesmee for another female. Now Carlisle you can see where this becomes a problem for us. I mean we protect our own. When someone decides to hurt one of our kind we tend to step in before damage is dealt.”

“Well Aro we appreciate the loyalty but this is not something that concerns the Volturi. It’s just what a teenager has to go through at least once in their lifetimes.”

“Nevertheless this new wildlife is entering into a very dangerous environment. Never know when there are hunters nearby. With that I shall take my leave. Give my best wishes to your family.”

With that being said Aro had left Carlisle there holding the bouquet. He looked up at the cloud ridden sky wondering what they were up to and knowing it was anything but good. He walked back into the hospital to tend to his patients.

After about three hours the owner went back to the shop and assured Ashley that everything was better than okay. She thanked her for her help and for selling a bouquet that morning. She was smiling when she left and thought she would grab some lunch to take to Charlie. He had his hands full these days and apparently someone from a nearby town was found dead in the forest a little while ago. So more than likely he was going to be pulling an all-nighter at his office. The least she could do was bring him some food.

Charlie was at his desk on the phone when she came in with lunch. He looked up from the papers on his desk to see her there holding a bag from his favorite diner. He hung up the phone and smiled at her. “You have no idea how glad I am to see you.”

“I hope you’re talking to me and not the bag.”

“Of course I mean you. You’re the little ray of sunshine on this cloudy day. Now I am talking to the bag.” He chuckled as she placed the bag on his desk.

“Well you’re lucky I am an understanding daughter. I’m sure you have your hands full and I don’t want to be one of the chips on your shoulder.”

“If you don’t want to be one of the chips then you’ll stay home tonight. This murder being so close to here is making me uneasy. I would feel better if you were to stay home tonight. I’ll even notify Billy to see if he or Jacob can look in on you from time to time.”

“Dad I don’t need a babysitter. I know to stay and don’t leave for any reason. Also to keep the doors locked and the guns in a reasonable distance.”

“I have no doubt that you can defend yourself. This will just give your old man a little peace of mind. I’ll probably have Jacob stay over only because I really need someone there to protect you.”

“Dad did you just hear yourself? You just said that you are thinking of having my BOYFRIEND stay the night? Especially since neither you nor Billy will be there?”

“Honey I trust you with all of my being and I know that you are not stupid enough to try anything under my roof. And if he tries anything I’ve got a special gun with his name on it.”

“I know daddy and you can trust me. If anything I’ll have him sleep on the couch while I sleep with my bedroom door locked.” She knew the way to get him to smile was by saying daddy. It felt strange because she never had a dad to say that to. But it seemed to make him happy when she said it. She hated how people these days are trying to ruin the innocent meaning behind the name.

“I know you’re trying to butter me up by calling me daddy and you’re lucky that it’s working.” He pulled out money from his wallet and handed it to her. “Here’s money to order some food or to go to the store before you head home.”

“That’s not why I called you daddy. I did it because it makes you a little bit happier which is what you need right now. But I will use this to grab some groceries and I’ll have Jacob drop off some dinner to you tonight.”

“That’s my girl. Sorry honey but I have to get back to work and I have to go deliver these reports to Carlisle at the hospital.”

“It’s okay dad and if you want I can drop those off to him. I mean it’s on my way to the grocery store anyways.”

“I really shouldn’t I mean these are classified documents.”

“Dad I know not to go snooping through these files. I do want you to keep your job.” He sighed in defeat and handed over the documents in a large envelope. “Here are the documents and make sure they go straight to him.”

“You have my word dad. Think of it this way the fifteen minutes it would’ve taken to get these delivered you can spend enjoying your burger.” They both agreed and when she left she could hear him opening up the bag.

It didn’t take her long to walk to the hospital but it did take her a while to find Carlisle’s office. She never remembered his last name because everyone kept calling him by his first name. She then asked the front desk and they reminded her that his last name was Cullen and the location of his office. She knocked on his open office door and noticed that he wasn’t in. She walked in hoping that it wasn’t rude of her to go in. She sat in one of the chairs in front of his desk and waited for him. She saw the many family pictures on his wall along with his diplomas. She also saw the bookshelf that had multiple books some of which were classics. She saw her favorite book on his shelf The Phantom of the Opera. She then looked on top of the bookshelf and saw a vase with the very same bouquet she made that morning.

Before she could get up to look at it Carlisle came in carry a few file folders. “Oh Ashley I’m surprised to see you here. Is everything alright with you?”

“Oh yes I’m fine I just came by to drop off these documents from my dad.”

“So your father is having you run around town to deliver reports? Is he at least paying you for your services?”

“Not really. Nor would I want to be paid. Anything to help ease some stress off of his shoulders I am willing to do it.”

“Well isn’t that sweet of you. He is lucky to have a daughter like you. I am happy you stopped by.”

“One more thing Dr. Cullen I noticed the bouquet of flowers on top of your bookshelf.”

“Yes aren’t they beautiful? I am planning on giving them to my wife this evening. Is there something wrong with them?”

“No there is nothing wrong with them. It’s just that I made this bouquet this morning for a gentleman who wanted to give them to his wife.”

This struck a cord in Carlisle because that means that Aro had already gotten to her. This was not going to end well at all for any of them. “You must be mistaken I just bought these a little while ago.”

“No I am certain. I made this bouquet myself. I even remember picking these particular flowers before I got to the shop.”

“Well I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. I apologize but I do have more patients to see today and I am late with meeting one of them. If you’ll excuse me.”

Carlisle left and Ashley knew something was up but shook it off. She had to go to the store before it got dark or else Charlie would have a cow and the rest of the farm.

Aro was in the forest with another individual standing next to a waterfall. This individual had blonde hair and red eyes. She had a look of hate on her face and slumped next to her was a normal figure with a bag over its head. “Thank you Jane for bringing our newest family member here with us under such short notice. From what I have learned this morning this girl is a kitsune: a very rare being especially in this day and age. I’m surprised you could find the hunter in such a short amount of time.”

“It wasn’t difficult at all. With the newest technology I had someone do some extensive research to find someone who is desperate to hunt one of these creatures. Found him pretty easily and he was more than willing to become one of us. If it meant it would be easier to capture that creature he was willing to do it.”

“Well there’s nothing else to do but to release him to hunt. As long as he has the necessary trinket.” Jane lifted one of his hands to reveal a black stoned ring. This ring apparently suppresses the newborn urges to just kill and feast. They rarely ever needed to use it because they never found a reason to turn someone. Desperate times call for desperate measures. “Then lets release the hound as they say.”

Jane lifted the figure off of the ground, took off the bag from his head, and shook him awake. His red eyes blinked open and looked straight at her. “You will hunt the girl down and bring her to us. Don’t even think about killing her. If you even come close to killing her we will destroy you and make sure you suffer along the way. DO YOU UNDERSTAND.” She said in a booming voice. He nodded his head vigorously and when he was dropped to the ground he ran into the forest.

Jacob was driving the truck to the grocery store to pick Ashley up because it was getting dark and Charlie would kill him if he found her here. He went inside to try to surprise her but noticed that she wasn’t there. His sense of smell noted that she had left a little while ago. He jumped back into the truck figuring that he could catch her on her way home.

Ashley had already been home for about ten minutes and was getting everything ready for dinner. She looked at the clock and it said a little passed 8; she was wondering where Jacob was at. She decided to take a quick shower before he arrived because she didn’t want to smell like sweat from walking all day. She took off her necklace because it had been bothering her all day. It couldn’t hurt to leave it off for a few hours. She took her shower and came out to find that he was still not here.

She stepped on to the porch wondering where he was. Suddenly she smelled a very sweet aroma. It smelled kind of like an oriental lily which was one of her favorite flowers. She couldn’t help but wonder where it was coming from. She got off of the porch and followed the trail of scent from the flowers.

When she got further and further from the house Jacob had arrived. He came to the porch with flowers as well and noticed that the front door was unlocked. Charlie would raise Hell if he knew she left it unlocked even if it was for him. “Ashley? Baby I got you a present.” He went in to notice she wasn’t there. What he did notice was that he could smell cherry blossoms which was a bad sign. He followed where the trail started and saw her necklace on her dresser. He lifted the delicate talisman from its resting place and clenched it in his hand. He put it back in its place and went out the front door to find her. Hoping he wasn’t too late.

Meanwhile Ashley had wandered far from the house and was now running rather than walking like before. She felt a surge of energy burst within her as she was now sprinting to her target. After what seemed like eternity she finally found the flowers tucked away behind a large rock. She inhaled the scent and it felt intoxicating to her senses. What she didn’t notice was that her hair had gone white, her ears had moved to the top of her head, and her tail after struggling to tear a slit in her pants was now free and waving back and forth. What others didn’t know that the hunter did know was that a certain rare flower can cause a kitsune to change without affecting their emotions. It is hard to find because it looks exactly like an oriental lily.

She sat down next to the flowers, closed her eyes, and relished the scent which was acting as a form of ‘catnip’ and dulled the rest of her senses. She didn’t notice that the hunter had come out of his hiding spot. Nor did she notice that he was getting ready to capture her. She opened her eyes to see that he had thrown chains around her. These weren’t normal heavy linked chains either: they were lighter to create less noise, smaller links so it wouldn’t be easy to break, and they were enchanted. These were passed down from one hunter to the next specifically to capture a creature this rare.

She screamed him pain as the links surrounded her and were beginning to burn patterns into her skin. Her mouth was covered by the hunter to prevent her from calling out to others for help. She dug her fangs into his hand causing him to draw it back and she tasted venom instead of blood so she spat out everything that was in her mouth. She saw that his hand had fully healed and he placed his hand over her mouth again. “That’s right cutie there’s no blood running through these veins so unless you want to die a slow and painful death you won’t dare to bite me again. We’re going to have some fun.” Tears stung her golden eyes as she stared into his blood red eyes.

Not too far from them was Jacob running at top speed he sensed another was running as well. The figured appeared next to him and saw that it was David. “Honestly kid what’s the point of having you around if you’re not even going to protect her!”

“I got this David! I just let my guard down a little. How was I supposed to know she would get in trouble?”

“That’s the thing kid! You can’t let your guard down! Not with her!”

Jacob kept running and began shifting his anger was rising as the smell of cherry blossoms was getting stronger along with the smell of a blood sucker. “Ashley I swear on my life I will save you. I will protect you with every ounce of my life!”

End Chapter 13

Author’s Notes: Well what do you think? It’s getting good huh? Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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