Say Something I'm Giving Up On You

This is a story about a young girl who was brought to Forks in order to start a new life. What she found becomes more than what she can handle. Especially when a certain wolf imprints on her. The question that is on his mind is how could he possibly be able to imprint on two different people. This is a JacobxOC fanfic and I suck at summaries for sure.


13. Chapter 12: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Sorry for such a late update guys! This semester has been one heck of a roller coaster! But I am here to give you guys a treat in the form of a chapter update! Now it’s time to get this plot going! Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight!

Say Something I’m Giving Up On You

Chapter 12: Truth Shall Set You Free

It was later that night and everyone in the house was sound asleep. Ashley kept stirring in Jacob’s arms. She was having a wild dream and this wasn’t the first time she’s had it. It wasn’t necessarily a bad dream but it was a strange dream.

She was jumping from tree branch to tree branch. The wind was howling as the night went on. She was not even close to being tired so she would stop by the waterfall to cool off before she continued. She looked at her reflection and she looked different but she’s never felt more natural in her life: her eyes were golden like the sun, her hair was white as snow, she had ears poking out of the top of her head, she had small fangs, and she looks behind her to see a white tail. She liked the fact that she looked like this it was strange at first but she grew to love her dream form.

Jacob felt her squirm and figured she was having a bad dream so he tried to wake her. She blinked her eyes a bit and he swore he saw flecks of gold in her eyes. It was probably because he was tired or it was the lighting in the room. He shook off the feeling and had her go back to sleep. He still had an uneasy feeling about it but felt it was thought of it as a coincidence.

The next morning was a lazy one because no one was awake until about eleven and the two fathers were feeling a bit hungover which was a first in a long time. Billy forced Jacob to make breakfast because one he wasn’t in the mood to cook and two Charlie’s kitchen wasn’t Billy accessible. Jacob cooked something that will help with their hangover which is eggs with greasy meats such as bacon, sausage, and ham. Charlie tried to go grab them a beer since his philosophical hangover cure is ‘a little hair off the dog that bit them.’ Ashley caught him before he could get the beers and forced him to choose either coffee or water. One thing he didn’t want her to do was yell especially with his pounding headache so he opted for coffee.

Afterward Jacob decided to drive his dad home because he wanted to get ready for his weekly fishing outing with Charlie. It seems like they spend more time together than Ashley and Jacob have. Charlie also wanted a shower and needed to stop by the bait shop to go refresh their supply and to go and pick up more beers. You’d think they would’ve learned their lesson but no beer makes fishing more enjoyable.

Ashley opted to go with him because she wanted to see more of this town she’s been in for months now. They drove by a house in the middle of nothing but forest and she could’ve sworn she saw her friend David at one of the houses. It couldn’t be him, why would he be here?

After their little trip they all met up at Charlie’s house so the dads can take the truck so they had more room for all of their things. They waved as they left and it was just Jacob and Ashley all alone. They decided to go out to lunch since they were tired of being stuck inside all day. They went to the local diner where Jacob proceeded to order a burger which ironically is what Charlie always got. Ashley was too distracted to notice and Jacob tried to get her attention. “Something wrong Ash?”

She blinked a few times “No nothings wrong. Why do you ask?”

“Because you just drank some of my Coca Cola which if I remember correctly you didn’t like.”

She looked down to see that she was indeed drinking his soda and placed it back down quickly. She looked out the window to hide her blushing face. He gently placed a hand on the side of her face and moved it over so they were face to face. “You can tell me anything. You know that.”

“Fine. Earlier I thought I saw David at this one house in the middle of the forest on the way to the bait shop.”

“Seriously? Maybe he was on a case.”

“Well from what I know I am his only case that’s this far out. Which means either he has picked up a new case or he lives here now.”

“Talk about being a stalker.” He said as he drank his soda.

“Please don’t talk about him like that. He’s one of the people who has been there for me since day one.”

“But you gotta admit it’s a little creepy that he decided to move all the way out here to this town. Especially after you just moved here. It’s suspicious if you ask me.”

Ashley pushed her chair back and stood up paid for what she had and walked out of the diner in a rage. Jacob sighed knowing he stepped on a land mine, but he was still suspicious about David. He looked out the window and saw her already walking back to her house and learning from his past mistakes he knew she needed some time to cool off. However he needed to get to the bottom of this David situation; he followed David’s stench and ended up in front of a pale green house. It smelled like it was fresh paint too so more than likely the guy was repainting the house. His smell grew stronger as he walked towards the back of the house. “You know you could be arrested for trespassing on my property.” He turned around and saw David wearing green stained clothes and holding a paintbrush.

“Do I even need to ask how you found out it was me?”

“I smelled wet dog and knew it had to me you or someone else from your tribe. No offense but if you’ve lived in this town of wet weather you kind of develop a smell.”

“Eh we don’t complain much. You actually have a strange smell of pine and dirt.”

“How is it you’re okay with wet dog but not pine?”

“We’re getting away from the subject here. I came here to ask why you’re here.”

“Because I live here? Duh.”

“I mean why are you living here. Isn’t your job hours away?”

“Yeah so?”

“So start explaining because you’re worrying Ashley.”

“Why would she be worried?”

“Because you’ve been living here and she doesn’t know why.”

“Well if you must know I chose to live here to look out for her.”

“See and when I told her you were a stalker she got mad at me.”

“I’m getting a bit annoyed with you now boy.”

“Please I can take you any day.” He said getting ready to fight.

“See I’m not really in the mood to fight. I’m only here because it seems like you can’t be entrusted with protecting her. Don’t think I don’t know about her getting attacked by those blood suckers.”

“It was a misunderstanding and no one was attacked.”

“But she almost was and that’s more than enough to make me come back.”

“Look why are you so bent on protecting her? Do you like her or something? Because news flash she already has someone.” He said as he pointed at himself.

“Don’t give yourself too much credit boy. Besides I love her but not in a romantic way. Since that’s what everyone thinks love has to be between a male and a female. Also you don’t deserve to know the reason why I protect her.”

“Fine have it your way.” He said as he ended up shape shifting into a wolf. He was just itching at another rematch.

“Boy you’re going to learn today.” He also shifted into his wolf form ready to duke it out. He signaled for Jacob to make the first move.

Jacob charged at him barring his teeth but as soon as he got close to an attack David quickly dodged and clamped down on Jacob’s muzzle. Jacob ended up slamming him into a nearby tree to get him to release his hold. They broke apart for a split second until Jacob snapped and caught David’s back leg in a tight grip. David whined in pain and fell on to the ground and he aimed for his throat. Jacob released him and backed off to protect his throat.

This went on for almost an hour without any sign of it ending soon. Both opponents were starting to grow tired from the fight. It was David who faltered and Jacob took advantage of it and went for his throat. David cried out as he clamped his throat but Jacob only held down for a few minutes before releasing. He shifted back to his human form and was breathing hard “We can both agree that I won this fight now tell me why you are actually here!”

David shifted back too and began coughing as he was regaining the ability to breathe. He didn’t want anyone else to know but fair was fair. He invited Jacob inside so that there would be no eavesdroppers. There was usually one of those vampires out there scouting for information either to sell or to use against someone. He made sure his house was cleared before he motioned for him to meet him at the kitchen table. He locked all of the doors and made sure windows were closed.

“You’re kind of taking this to the extreme aren’t you?”

“Please when you have something this big you don’t want anyone else to find out.”

“Let me guess Ashley is some experiment gone human?”

David chuckled as he tossed Jacob a soda and grabbed himself a beer. “I wouldn’t expect you to understand kid since it seems like you’ve never left this place at all in your entire lifetime.”

“Enough with the jokes now tell me why you’re here.”

“I told you I’m here to protect Ashley.”

“From what?”

“From hunters. Not to mention now she has new enemies because of you and breaking it off with the blood sucker.”

He frowned when his relationship with Renesmee was brought up “I can understand why the Cullens would have a problem with her but what are you talking about when you say hunters?”

“Well why else would you think she’s moved to multiple foster homes in her lifetime.”

“I thought it was because her foster parents were terrible people?”

“Well that was some of them. Others were hunters playing themselves off as foster parents.”

“What do you mean?”

“Haven’t you noticed anything strange? More likely at night?”

He remembered the previous night and how he saw her eyes become slightly golden. “Yeah but I was tired so I was seeing things.”

“Or so you think kid. Now have you know of anyone besides our kind that can shape shift?”

“Um no?”

“Exactly. Well Ashley is considered a shape-shifter.”

This took Jacob by surprise because if she was a shifter he would’ve known right off the bat. “That can’t be I would’ve sensed her immediately.”

“That’s the kicker see she’s not our breed of shifter. She doesn’t turn into a wolf. In fact she doesn’t really change into an animal much either.”

“Okay you lost me.”

“Ashley’s form is what the Japanese call a Kitsune. In simple terms she can turn into a fox.”

Jacob blurted out laughing as David just glared at him so he stopped laughing.

“Like I was saying before you decided to be rude. Ashley’s shape-shifter DNA is rare because it’s highly recessive. Our DNA for example is dominant so no matter who we mate with either human or like us we will always end up with a child that has our shape shifting abilities. Whereas her genetic shifting abilities can go dormant for generations. So her parents and her grandparents could’ve have the DNA but couldn’t shift because it was dormant. But I guess it chose her to awaken in. Her shifting abilities are different than ours too. We can get slightly angry and we can shift just like that. For her to shift her emotions need to be above our level because foxes are mysterious creatures it takes a lot to get her to shift whether it’s when she’s scared or sad. Even at that she halfway shifts you know she keeps her human form but her eyes turn golden, her hair turns white, and she gets ears along with a tail. You know anything that has every been shown in a cartoon or movie. But I’ve only seen her become an actual fox once in the time I’ve known her. It was when her parents died; a blood sucker snuck up on them in the forest and killed her parents. She must’ve been past her breaking point and ended up shifting to a full fox mode and attacked and killed the blood sucker. When we saw her she was still in fox form and looked like she would’ve attacked us at any moment. After a while she calmed down and it sank in so she shifted to the in between form and curl up with her parents. After a while she was asleep and reverted back to her human form. We got our shaman to see her and he did something that ended up blocking those memories from ever coming back up. He even fashioned her a talisman for her that looks like a rose with a clear stone in the middle. It’s supposed to suppress her shape shifting abilities.”

“Whoa wait hold on. You mean to tell me she’s like us? She can shift into a fox? This is too much to take in.”

“Yup don’t I know it. Should’ve seen me when I found out. I almost passed out.”

“But wait you mentioned hunters earlier. Why would hunters be after her?”

“Didn’t I just tell you? She’s a rare breed of shifters. Her kind is nearly extinct because of them.”

“Which is why you are her social worker. And you’re always around her.”

“Heck she’s my only case at the office. Honestly I don’t even need this job. I have a pretty subtle inheritance from my tribe so I can live comfortably but I chose that job so I can keep an eye on her. Now that you know you must also share the burden. It’s kind of a relief though to be able to share this with someone.” He finished his beer got up and gave Jacob a pat on the back. He went back outside to finish painting his house.

Jacob left an hour later and went back to Charlie’s house; their dads hadn’t come home yet since they usually stay out till late and end up at his house since it’s closer to the lake. He opened the door and went into the living room holding a teddy to say he was sorry for what he did. He saw that she was asleep on the couch so he went by to her side. What he realized was that her necklace was off and on the coffee table; he notices that she usually takes it off before she sleeps. What he also noticed was that there was a scent coming from her, but it wasn’t similar to their scents. It smelled similar to cherry blossoms with a hint of vanilla. He felt stupid for not realizing sooner but now that he knew he would stake his life on the line to protect her.

What none of them knew was that a certain leader of the Volturi was on his way to scope out this nuisance himself. Also to give Jacob another incentive to go back with Renesmee so his plans can go back into play. He wasn’t going to let one girl throw away what he has worked so hard to put into play.

End Chapter 12

Author’s Notes: Well what do you guys think? It’s getting interesting is it not? Who knows what Aro has in store for our couple and how will this new found information affect their relationship?

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