Say Something I'm Giving Up On You

This is a story about a young girl who was brought to Forks in order to start a new life. What she found becomes more than what she can handle. Especially when a certain wolf imprints on her. The question that is on his mind is how could he possibly be able to imprint on two different people. This is a JacobxOC fanfic and I suck at summaries for sure.


12. Chapter 11: Little Game

Author's Notes: Sorry for such a late update. School has been really hectic for these past few weeks. I'll update as often as I can. Standard disclaimer: I do not own twilight!

Say Something I'm Giving Up On You

Chapter 11: Little Game

Ashley slowly moved behind Jacob; she didn't know why but they were giving off a very bad vibe. She didn't want to be caught in the cross-fire especially since she is kind of the reason for it. Bella came towards her full force looking like she was going to take her head off. She braced herself for impact but Jacob put his arm out in front of her. Bella pointed her glare to him “Move out of the way Jacob; my business is with her.” She moved her line of sight to the girl behind him.

I can't let you do that Bella.” He looked towards Edward. “You're actually going to let her do this? Doesn't this go against your family's morals?” He glared at Edward but all he did was shrug which made Jacob angrier. He had to keep his cool because he didn't want to transform right in front of her.

Before things got complicated Charlie came through the door like a saving grace. He saw the way Bella was looking at his other daughter and was fed up with the fighting. “Bella you better back away from Ashley. Look I don't know what the hell is going on here but there will be no fighting.” Her death glare grew worse when her dad decided to defend his other daughter.

“Dad this has nothing to do with you.”

“Like hell it doesn't. Ashley is my little girl two and you'll just have to deal with it. She's your sister too.”

“This thing is not my sister! Nor would I ever want her as a family member.” She looked back at Ashley.

Ashley was done with everything she didn't like the fact that she was attacking her and calling her a 'thing'. She was tired of being dragged through the mud by this woman and her family. “You know you're not a ray of sunshine either! I too would not want to be related to a moody, self-absorbed, pessimistic, and dull person such as yourself. It's hard to believe that Charlie has fought so hard for your love when you don't even deserve his.” This is what sent Bella over the edge and she looked up at Jacob giving him a look that clearly meant someone was going to die.

“How would you know anything about parents when you've never had any. You were 'bought or should I say 'rented' judging by your record.”

Her words cut into her like a knife but she tried her best not to show it. Charlie pushed by Bella to get to Ashley and Jacob tried to wrap his arm around her. She shook them both off and walked up to Bella until they were face to face. “Yes I have not had true parents in my life but what does that make you? A spoiled child who had the gift of two parents yet didn't appreciate either of them. You should really be thanking me ever since I've been here my dad has been smiling more and has actually been drinking less.” Bella grew furious and was about to hit her until her hand was caught by Edward.

“I think it's time for us to leave. We wouldn't want to cause a scene out in the open..” He motioned for his daughter to follow him as he unlocked the car. Bella huffed with anger as she stomped her way to the passenger side of the vehicle. They left with a dirt cloud following their trail.

Charlie and Jacob stood in silence as all they could do was look at Ashley and make sure she doesn't have a breakdown. She turned around and had her fake smile plastered on her face “so what do we want to do for dinner tonight?” Charlie wasn't happy about any of this but he played along.

“You can cook whatever you want darling. If you need more things for dinner I can give you some money and Jacob can take you shopping. As for me I will have a beer.”

Charlie had tossed Jacob the keys to his truck before he went inside. Ashley stayed silent as she got into the truck and buckled her seat belt. They both sat in silence until Jacob started the truck and a loud roar erupted from the engine. They were there for about five minutes before Ashley broke the silence. “Why aren't we moving?”

“We're not going anywhere until you tell me how you're feeling.”

“What's there to tell?”

“C'mon even I could feel that what she said bothered you.”

“It's nothing I haven't heard before. I've been told that I'm not a real child and that I would get returned if I wasn't being good. Obviously there was something wrong if I was constantly 'returned'.”

This made Jacob's anger rise but he knew that if he let his anger grow anymore he would shift right in that truck. “There is nothing wrong with you. If anything you were better than them. They were not worthy enough to be your family. If it wasn't for them you would've never ended up with Charlie. You need him and he needs you. I need you.” He whispered the last part as he started the truck. He had hoped that she hadn't heard the last part of his speech. Little did he know she heard him and she intertwined their fingers.

After about two hours they made it back with bags of groceries consisting of mainly vegetables. Charlie glared at the vegetation in the bags and dug through for something red and fleshy. Ashley smiled knowing that it's been rough getting Charlie to eat any kind of produce. However he has been doing great with his diet and she felt it was time to give him a treat. On the menu that evening was a nice steak with steamed vegetables and a baked potato. He smiled at her because finally they were having something besides chicken or fish.

Jacob shooed both dads into the living room so they could cook in piece. What Ashley didn't know was that Jacob had very little experience in the kitchen. It felt like there was a child in the kitchen as he kept on asking her questions like 'What temperature should the oven be on?' or 'why is the meat screaming at me?' when he tosses the steak in a pan that was too hot to begin with. He burned himself twice and had almost cut his hand when he was chopping vegetables. Ashley had fixed everything he messed up and shooed him into the living room as well. “Jacob I'll teach you how to cook some other time but I think Charlie wants to eat sometime tonight.” She kissed him on the cheek and pulled away before he tried to get another kiss. She faintly heard Jacob announce his defeat to the culinary arts and there was a roar of laughter from their dads.

Ashley had finished cooking and asked Jacob to set the table for everyone and surprisingly he was able to set it with minimal supervision. They all sat down and dug into the food; Jacob stole food from her plate while she was scolding Charlie to eat his vegetables. When she turned around she saw his mouth was full and a large portion of her steak was missing. She gave him a glare as the other two men said 'ooohhh' as if he was in for a world of hurt. The meal ended with both dads groaning and rubbing their stomachs. “Darling that was an amazing meal and yes I also liked the vegetables.” He said as he tried to get up. She knew it would take a while for either of them to move so she went and grabbed two beers from the fridge and put them in the living room. Since the next item on the schedule is for them to watch the news until they both pass out on the couch.

She gathered the dishes and took them to the kitchen; she giggled as she saw Charlie and Billy walk as slow as zombies to the living room. It was always a routine with the two of them which is why she always had the guest rooms set up. Charlie says that one thing he loved about getting older were the routines. He looked forward to his routine weekends with his daughter and every now and then they would shake things up. Last weekend he took her to the zoo; which seemed like something a child would like but she was still able to enjoy herself. She smiled at the thought as she was putting dishes in the sink and turning on the water. Jacob came in with the rest of the dishes. One thing he knew he could help her with was drying the dishes, but he still found it challenging especially when it came to drying the glasses.

Ashley sighed with relief as the last bit of the dishes were done and put away. When she turned around she was startled when she saw how close Jacob was; he had placed a hand on each side of her grasping the counter. He moved closer to her leaving their faces inches apart from each other. She moved closer almost a breath away from his lips but at the last minute she whispered “I don't kiss thieves.” This caught Jacob off guard as she was able to duck under his arm and out of his grasp. Then he recalled that he took food from her plate and gave her a look of disbelief that she would do this over a little bit of steak.

“You're really not going to kiss me over a few pieces of steak?” He said as he followed her into the living room. When they both noticed that Billy and Charlie were knocked out for the night. They did their routine of getting the old men to their beds which was difficult because drunk old men were more stubborn than children. Charlie was easier to get to bed because Ashley had a more gentle approach with him but Billy put up a fight because he felt he could keep drinking till the sun came up. When both of them were put down they were out for the rest of the night.

Jacob went back to their conversation asking her if she was serious about withholding kisses over stealing food. “Yes I am. Trust me it will take a lot of groveling in order for me to forgive you.” He felt relieved knowing that she was just joking, but luckily he felt like playing along. She went into her room and closed the door; he waited for a few minutes knowing she was changing into her sleep clothes. He walked in right as she slipped her pajama top on he mentally kicked himself for not opening the door sooner. He laid on her bed as she was brushing her hair and she gave him a questioning look. “You know your room is down the hall.” She said in a 'sing-song' voice. That was when she fully saw what he was wearing his sleep clothes consisted of a pair of loose shorts and a tank top which she knew was not what he wore to bed. She looked back at her mirror trying to hide her face from his view.

“I think I'll sleep here tonight. I mean your bed is way more comfortable and it's a lot bigger than the guest bed. He sat up and removed his shirt as he scooted towards the bottom of the bed. She got up deciding that she was going to sleep in the guest bedroom when he ran and closed the door blocking her escape route. She huffed as she went to her desk and turned on her laptop. He was really trying to make her crack but she was not giving in that easily. It was time to fight fire with fire.

She had gotten a bottle of her sweet scented lotion and began applying it to her legs. In her peripheral vision she saw him swallow air. She turned slightly “I've been feeling so tense lately. My poor shoulders feel so tight.” Jacob took that as his signal and pulled up a chair behind her. He hesitated about touching her but then her hands reached out and placed his on her shoulders. He began to rub them slowly and added more and more pressure.

He already knew he lost this little game they were playing and now he was ready to admit it. He whispered in her ear “You win.” He placed light kisses along her neck as he kept massaging her. She smiled at her little victory but knew she had to stop this before it went any further. She turned around and faced him. “As much as I would love for this to continue I don't think we are ready for this.”

Jacob knew this was coming but he respected her decision. They had just gotten together and he didn't want to rush anything. However he did want a deeper relationship with her. He got closer to her again and gave her a deep passionate kiss. It felt like the room was spinning around her as she placed her arms over his shoulders. His body felt like it was on fire but he pulled himself back knowing if they continued he wouldn't be able to hold back. He lifted her up slightly and carried her over to her bed. Once she was placed comfortably on her bed and her lights were turned off he slid in right next to her. She placed her head on his chest and for some reason that position felt really familiar but she was too tired to be curious. It felt nice having her in his arms again, but there are some things he'll need to work through before they could fully be with each other. Like the fact that he can shift into a wolf form, or the fact that his ex girlfriend is a vampire.

What was unknown to the both of them was that there was someone just outside of the window watching their every move and a few almost inaudible clicks erupted. This individual had scurried away from the window, pulled out their phone and dialed.


Aro was in the middle of signing documents when Jane had pushed through the doors and approached him. “That human is ruining everything we have worked for!” She exclaimed as she tossed pictures from the spy. They were of Jacob and Ashley over the course of the month: from their first kiss to the moment they became a couple.

Aro chuckled as he glanced over the pictures he knew what he had to do and he hated having to resort to this. “Be calm my dear Jane. We'll just have to enforce a little persuasion. We'll just need to pay a little visit and make sure the little pup knows his place in our chess game. Otherwise we'll need to eliminate his queen.

End Chapter

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