Songs & Poems

This is just a collection of songs & poems I have wrote. These songs ALL BELONG TO ME, I WROTE them! If YOU copy them and pass them off as you're own then LEGAL ACTION WILL BE TAKEN. It is so wrong to steal someone's else's works. Thanks, Menina Escura.

PS : If I didn't write it and I just want to share a epic poem, then I WILL PUT IT ON THERE THAT IT DOES NOT BELONG TO ME.


2. Sleeping-Time

NOTICE: I wrote this lullaby, I own this, do not COPY OR PUBLISH ANYWHERE ELSE.

I wrote this lullaby for my little cousin.

Here's the lullaby:


It’s time for your sleeping-time,

I will sway and hum and sing a gentle rhyme.

Lay down your head and close your eyes

On a soft pillow the color of the sunrise.

Dream of dreams so bright,

Sweet smiles in the night.


Dream of meadows deep in woods,

Where daises laugh and blow,

Where the willow leaves hang down

So low towards the ground.


Dream of willows by the brook,

With fingers green and long,

That drink melted snow,

And the leaves fall, oh, so slow.


Dream of the stars and the moon alike.

Dream of a galaxy far and bright.

Dream of the oceans and dream of the sky.

Dream of the whales and the ocean’s tide.

Dream in the night, dream in the day.


Dream when it feels like dreams are so far away.

Dream now, sleep now, let your worries slip away.

Dream now, sleep now, close your eyes, it’s time to say goodnight.

Dream, dream, dream.

Its time for your sleeping-time.

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