True Calling

"Have you ever wondered why things don't go the way you want them to?" Zinia Rathore is a fourteen year old science prodigy, with a family of three to take care of. The talent competition is around the corner, and she's geared with her mind-blowing -you guessed it- science project. For participating, everyone is paired up. Neither they can swap nor back out. For Zinia, a newcomer partner seems well and good. Except, he's got the charms. And, the additional responsibility of being the class representative isn't helping, while her handsome firangi partner plays with the strings of her heart. Amidst the craziness and chaos, Zinia learns to live life and discovers her 'true calling'. Cover Credits - @seanarturo from Wattpad


4. Chapter Two Point Five - Timetable

Timetable for Class 10 B




First -Physics

Second -Physical Education

Third - Chemistry

Fourth - Biology

Lunch Break

Fifth - Hindi

Sixth - English

Seventh - Maths

Eighth -Maths




First -Physics

Second -Physics

Third - English

Fourth Maths

Lunch Break

Fifth - Hindi

Sixth - Hindi

Seventh - Economics

Eighth - Civics




First - English

Second -English

Third - Library

Fourth -Geography

Lunch Break

Fifth - History

Sixth - Chemistry

Seventh - Biology

Eighth -Biology




First -History

Second -Geography

Third - Chemistry

Fourth -Practical

Lunch Break

Fifth - Maths

Sixth - Hindi

Seventh -English

Eighth -English




First - Civics

Second -Economics

Third - Maths

Fourth -Hindi

Lunch Break

Fifth - English

Sixth - Chemistry

Seventh -Geography

Eighth -Civics




First - English

Second - Maths

Third - Hindi

Fourth - Economics

Lunch Break

Fifth - History

Sixth - Library

Seventh - Free

Eighth Physical Education


Ayaan was interrupted from his nap by the shrill sound of the bell ringing. Everybody rushed out; happy to be free from the constraint of the classroom, even for a short time.

Sitting beside him was Zinia and Ayaan bet she was the most awkward partner of the millenium. She neither talked nor responded, intriguing him even more. She asked, "Would you like to discuss about the projects? I'll show you around too."

He thought about it but remembered the urgent task he had to complete. He replied, "I'll talk to you after school gets over, have some important work to do."

"Sure, no problemo," she imitiated him, not failing to amuse him. He raised a brow and smiled before walking away.

His fingers fiddled with the watch strapped on his wrist.

Ten minutes to tango, he murmured while walking through the hustle bustle of the corridors. The then silence was converted into a fish market noise, students roaming here and there, chatting oh-so-loudly. He dodged a few guys running around, nearly banging into them.

Ruffling his hair, he wiped his face which was dripping with perspiration. With every step he could feel the rush inside him, ready to take on the world.

He reached the same deserted area of the playground where he saw those bullies led by Prachi's brother, Sameer. The same episode was unfolding again, this time with another student instead of Zubin. He tensed up.

Breathing in and out, he clenched his fists. He gritted his teeth as he slowly walked towards Sameer.

Ayaan pushed Sameer and growled, "Just go."

The kid stared at him like a deer caught in the headlights and nodded before sprinting away.

"What do you want, Prachi's new toy?" Sameer said, his eyes burning with anger.

Ayaan snapped his fingers and pointed at him, "Leave him alone."

As he turned back, Sameer grabbed him by the shoulder. Ayaan ducked and punched Sameer on his stomach.

Sameer winced. Kicking Ayaan on the legs; Sameer pulled Ayaan's shirt, dragging him by the collar.

Ayaab struggled from Sameer's tight grasp. The other bullies who were watching the show immediately held Ayaan.

Sameer moved his fists and Ayaan could feel the wind knocked out of  his lungs. Ayaan huffed and puffed, panting. Sameer smirked.

Just as he was about to swing his leg towards Ayaan, one of his minions hissed, "The princi is coming!" All of them scurried away, leaving Ayaan alone.

ShitAyaan cursed before dragging himself up. The world seemed to be spinning and his body ached as he willed himself to walk. Every step seemed torturous as his body burned in pain.

The vulnerable feeling was back. His nostrils flared and he fumed in anger. He had tried to stop the bullies, not for someone specific but for every student who was bullied.

Bullying was torture, it had scarred him for life. He remembered the time when he had moved to New York, and was bullied due to his complexion. He had learned not to care, not to say anything but seeing Zubin and now this kid, bullied made him feel guilty and angry. It reminded him too much of his own past.

Yet he couldn't do anything. He touched his swollen cheek and felt moisture rolling down. He was crying. Crying because of his failure, because of his stupidity and because of his anger.

The storm of his emotions consumed him from inside. Only one thought roamed inside his mind as he blamed himself for his problems.

I am good for nothing.

Finding himself in solitude, he kneeled down and let the tears pour.

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