I Dream a Reality


3. To become god and Second

Chapter 2

To become god and Second

I laid in bed and closed my eyes. It was about 5pm and i was really tired and finished my work. 'Zorock' i called in my head. Im sitting in my bed and I'm looking up. Zorock seemed to be about 20 feet tall and he wore a mask. A mask that had two thin eyes, a big grin smile, and no nose and what all white. He had very long orange hair. Well cause gingers make gods, thats obvious.

"One second." He said. He had a very soft voice with that sound that you could never make him yell.

"Gotcha." I replied. He imideatly laughed and stopped what he was doing.

"I didnt expect to see you here!" He said.

"Im lonely and want to talk to someone. You hardly answer though.." I said in a sad tone.

"I see.." He responds. "Do you like reality?" He asked.

"No. I hate it and it hates me. I never get along with it either. I try talking to people but then-"

"Ah..i see.." He responded, thinking. "You know that oracle? I control that. Its hard looking into all these futures its a big pain when I'm this old. The oracle wasn't wrong though. Your emotions will get worse the more you talk to them. So be wise when you do."

"I never knew you controlled the oracle! But wait, your getting old? But your a god." I said in a interesting tone.

"Gods don't live forever. Every thousand years theres always a new god taking their place. These people chosen are usually heroes or people the god dying thinks is worthy. However, i decided to do my end a little differently." He said. I could tell my his tone he was getting excited, and made the grin on his mask fit perfectly with his mood. I had a shiver down my spine.

"Don't tell him yet theres still a lot we got to do." Said Wizzwizz. Wizzwizz was a very short miged with a demon tail who is Zorock's slave. Apparently Wizzwizz was defeated by him before he became god and he became the god's slave. Wizzwizz looked like a genie and wore a funny long beanie. Zorock looks at him and he turns away in a pouty face.

"In Roman times, they had more than one god and that was chaos. So many people in this room is to much! So Zeus claimed that they all chose one ruler to become god." Zorock said. He started to get into this subject. "However, the gods couldn't decide who they wanted god and hey wanted only one. So they made a survival game."

"If your wondering how he knows this, his successor before him told him this story." Wizzwizz said. Zorock then continued.

"Each god, 12 were chosen to be sent onto an island. To win, you had to be the last survivor. There was absolutely no way you can for fit and if you die you stay dead. But you go to heaven if you do die. The survival game, however, had a 2 month limit. If 2 months passed and no winner, everyone in the world would die because thats when the gods found out about their dead ends."

"They did have a winner though. If theres no god and god dies, meaning Zorock, the world will end." Wizzwizz said. I stood up.

"Wait so your dying?" I asked worried. Zorock laughed.

"First off, I'm sorry your so alone and i never answer you. Second off, yes. Right now is my three months limit. My dead end is soon." Zorock answered. "So I've decided to-" i heard my door open and it was my brother.

"Dinner." He said. Then he left. Zorock what are you up to?

I ate dinner then went to bed. I didnt see Zorock in my dream. Instead, i meet this strange but beautiful girl. Cant remember her name. But she ran into me by axedent in the hallway. She dropped her stuff and i helped her get her stuff. However, i don't remember this event ever happening in real life. Oh well i guess, i said to myself. But then i realized she was in every single dream I've ever had. I saw every background in all my dreams and i noticed she was in all of them! It was kind of creepy. Then i realized how shes been stalking me all this time. Thats kind of awkward..

"Lets go, Henwi!" Mayline said.

"Don't call me that." I said embarrassed. I heard my phone make a loud strange noise. I take my phone out and it was a phone i was not familiar with and it says "future diary" on top of my diary app on the phone. "S-pe-cific diary?" I read out loud. Mayline's eyes opened wide and looked at her phone. She put it away instantly. She makes me put my phone away.

"Time to go." She said. She wasn't smiling.

"Whats going on? I told my dad i would be here when the train arrives." I said, not resisting. She came out of nowhere to begin with whats the worse that could happen? Your stalker comes to the train station with you to see MY dad. Train station isn't a close place.

I heard a tumble down the stairs. I turn my head and i see a man who was assassinated! This throat was shanked and blood was everywhere. Wait, why aren't all these people noticing?! "Mayline what the heck is going on?!" I asked freaking out.

"The survival game, where there are 12 owners with future diarys competing to become god and live on." She replied. "And your going to win! I promise, ill always protect you!" She said, smiling again. Her smile did not go away this time. I heard someone running behind us. He was crying and he had a phone out.

"Im not trying to kill anyone i didn't do anything wrong! I just want to go home!" He said, catching up to us. "This diary thing says if we work together, we will survive this Third dude." He said. We all stopped running.

"Promise?" I asked.

"Yes." He replied. Mayline didn't seem to disagree. But she had that grin like she had a plan. What was it?

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