I Dream a Reality


5. Survival Game Rules and my Life

Chapter 4

Survival Game Rules and My Life

12/11/12 6:30am

I was getting ready for school and every time id always be so tired like I didn't dream at all. When actually my dreams are really long. Its as if they were all real. What was really weird is i could feel and touch things as if it was reality. It was weird and somewhat cool at the same time. I wonder a lot about my dreams.

11/25/11 10:29am

Dreamed again. I was running away and i put my hood on my head and i run away. Mayline catches up to me and hugs me from behind. She didn't want me to leave and i stayed.

All this started in a confusing way. I was always a social person and would see friends a lot. Then, after being broken up with so much i decided to take a long break and also i changed. I became very lonely and depressed. But not just because of that. I decided to join band which interfered with a lot in my life. I thought i would make a ton of friends when i actually ended up losing a whole lot of friends sadly. I was really bad so i was made fun of a lot and people hated me when i messed up and i really never try to mess up. Simon, someone who played the rack for band too, kept shoving me away just because i was so bad. I think this shows also i truely have no future. I should have done guitar two. In guitar one i wasn't great but i knew enough to pass. I started growing a side of me that couldn't have been me. I could be made mad so easily that I got in trouble a few times. What happened at home didn't help either. Oh no. It made it so much worse. I also started having this weird urge, an urge to....but i was able to control myself with several anger management exercises. More and more it would start to get worse and worse. Wouldn't stop getting worse. I told Cate and only her about it. A little before then is when Zorock first spoke to me. Ive seen and been through so much I have no idea what is real or not. I started writing in my diary thanksgiving day and made over 1200 entrys in 2 weeks. I became obsessed with it too. I would have a bad attitude whenever i couldn't write in it because i wanted to record everything around me that involved me and anything that would happen to me. I wanted to record everything. I didn't want to leave out anything. My mom noticed that too.

I became an anti social person. I try not talking to my friends. I don't want to hurt them so i stay away. It works. If i don't it will only get worse. I need to move schools so i don't become a monster and also can start over cause all the memory's at my school depress me to the highest levels. Don't really know what to say or think. I will try talking to my parents but i know they wont say yes because i have asked several times before if i could not go to Roswell. I asked before i even started going there! But it obviously did not work. I failed at that miserably. I had so many questions that i had an oracle to answer the ones that i waited to ask Zorock. I started trying to just talk to Cate but other people would come up to me and talk to me and didn't want to make them angry. Cant do much about that.

I was walking to school and I was told that Ace was looking for me. Ace was the team caption in band. I don't seem to be one of his favorite people. 'Dddzzzhhzzzshhhszz'. My phone? I check it and it says 'Found! Run!' And the next entry was 'Ace is a diary owner?? No way!' When i saw this, i started to run away. My diary changed and it says i would be found the next day.

"What is all this?" I asked Zorock. Surprised he answered.

"Survival game. You wanted a future, right?" He replied. "Your getting all you ever wanted!"

"I didn't want to kill anyone!"

"Ha! Thats a lie!" I stood up.

"A lie??-" I cut off my yelling. I realized about the urge.

"See? If you take at least one diary owner out, who knows what will happen! Just take one life and you will realize what or who you are. Till then, you will have questions." Zorock said.

"You know, don't you feel suspicious about Mayline?" Wizzwizz said. "Shes killing the diary owners FOR you. Or trying to make sure you don't."

"Heres the thing, she said she is trying to protect me, so there. Also you don't gain anything by amount of kills ya get. I think she is trying to be with me." I replied. Sounding confident.

"Whatever you say." Zorock replys. "But why are you here? I answered because this time i thought was about the game."

"It is. You didn't explain the rules of the game."

"Yes I did. 12 future diary owners. Last one standing alive becomes god. Others die. Simple game. But you all have two months to have a winner before I die." Zorock said.

"But..why in reality..?" I asked.

"Hm?" Wizzwizz said puzzled. Zorock was too.

"But this is reality..its December 28th."

I left. I was rather surprised. Was i going between worlds or time?

I went to school the next day. When i was in the parking lot, i decided to go to the benches outside. I saw Mayline there. She hugged me in that 'it'll be okay' way. "I wont let you die. Ill make sure you win and I will be forever with you. I love you." She said. She kissed me after that.

I went to class. I have not seen Megan since I had received my diary. Could she be a diary owner?

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