I Dream a Reality


4. Runaway Fourth and Third

Chapter 3

Runaway Fourth and Third

The three of us ran and we were outside the station and going up a hill. If we reached the museum of trains above, we would all live says the man's diary. So why not? trying to not thinking about it helps so he told Mayline and I about himself. His name is Donathin, and he is 21 years old. He has short, black hair with half way bangs. He was wearing caky pants and a white shirt with a tie. He says his diary says the "survival diary" which he realized tells him how he will escape and survive something in the future. It doesn't say to kill us?

"So what about you guys?" Donathin said, in his scared voice. He seemed like this is thr first thing in his life he has ever been afraid of. "Maybe its my boss and all the times I was able to escape meetings and such..and how I escape out of everything. Im a chicken."

"No! I think thats pretty cool! You can get out of every situation, how cool is that!" I said. "I don't know anyone who can do that."

"I can Henwie kun." Mayline replied. My face had gotten immediately red.

"D-don't call me that." I said. We passed by a wall and next thing we know we were almost at the museum! So clo-

Dddzzzhhzzzshhhszz went my phone. The same noise from before. I took my phone out and looked at the diary. It said 'Third catches up to us! But he is after-" i didn't bother to finish reading, for at the bottom i read 'DEAD END' at the bottom. I put my phone away and started running faster. Donathin caught up and we hid behind an old train statue. But where is Mayline? Dddzzzhhzzzshhhszz went my phone again. It said 'Safe away! But Mayline..can you really take on Third by yourself? Don't do it!' I ran off towards the fight and i saw third and Mayline having a stare down. Mayline was calm and had a small knife. Third had a machete! Third was tall and was rather strange. He wore a black version of a indiana jones hat and he wore a mountain biker mask. He was wearing baggy camo pants with big boots and also was wearing a black jacket with a tank top instead of a shirt. And no one guessed him to be suspicious at all? But both of them got passed security with those weapons..

Third made the first move and started running towards her! "Mayline!" I yelled.

"I will protect you." She replied in a relaxed voice. The second after, she sliced third's chest and broke his phone which was in his pocket.

'Dddzzzhhzzzshhhszz' went my phone. I checked it and it said 'Okay third is defeated, but you have your knife on his throat..' I look up and Mayline was walking towards Donathin. I ran to him first and garded him. "Don't do it!" I begged. But she wasn't there. I turn around and like the diary said, Mayline had a knife to his throat.

"Do it. I don't mind." Donathin said, crying.

"It doesn't have to be like this!" I yelled.

"i think it does. I had no future to begin with so whats the point in running?" He sounds like me now..exactly. "You have that diary, so use it. Become god and give people a future!" Then, Mayline slit his throat. The blood and body, however, started to go static like it does on the diary. All of him spirals up and then is gone! No evidence?

I got a call from my dad about an hour later saying he couldn't make it to the station. He had another unexpected job to do so he had to leave. I walked to the parking lot and called my mother and told her how dad won't be coming home today. She said Ok and would be there shortly. Mayline waited with me. It started to get dark and we sat on a bench together. She laid on me all cuddled up and looked like she was getting the best sleep shes ever had. I smiled and looked into the parking lot again. My mom showed up and asked who she was. She wakes up and looks super cute, but i felt like thats exactly what she was going for. I said she was just a good friend of mine.

"How would you like to spend the night? Its getting kind of late anyway. His other sibling won't be home." My mom asked. Both our faces were red and Mayline nodded. My mom laughed and we drove her to my house. This cannot end well.

We were going up to my room when my mom said "You two can sleep in the guest room together." Again; the completely red faces flashed. I actually felt a fever coming from that. I slept on the left side and she slept on the right. We were facing away from each other, to our own sides. At the same time, without expecting it, we roll over and we are face to face with each other. We were asleep for this. How did I know? Well when i woke up we were close to each other holding hands. Before i had let go of her hand, i looked at her. She had a big smile and her cheeks had a tiny bit of blush on them. She looked beautiful. Kind of weird to say about someone sleeping, but still. She did.

After breakfast and lunch, which she cooked and really well too, she left my house saying she had stuff to do. My mom likes her. Which means it wont be the last of her, wont it?

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