I Dream a Reality


2. Later in Life and First

Chapter one

Later in life and First

"Do you understand what I'm saying?" I asked.

"Your dreams are very interesting i will tell you that..but you shouldn't worry about them they aren't real." The counselor said. I showed her my scabs and cuts i woke up with and she laughed. "Thats just egzima no need to worry."

"Is it? I don't think they would be this deep and serious if it was just that. I wake up with these. Then.." I paused for a minute. "Maybe your right. Well i will go now." I bow then leave. I looked at the clock and it was almost 8:15am. I walk out of the room and outside i had seen the girl i saw from my dreams was standing there smiling. My eyes widen and i was suddenly scared that i couldn't move!

"Why were you in there?" She asked still smiling. She wore a skirt that was black navy blue ish, with a colored shirt on that was dark blue with a little red bow on it. She had long curly dirty blonde hair, which had two pony tails in front and had a lot of hair in the back. Her eyes were a beautiful blue, and made me feel not uneasy for a second. Then I remembered she was stalking me. "This isn't like you. You usually don't like talking to people about your problems. Then again..tehe!"

"Who are you? Where have I meet you?" She covered her mouth and did that giggle.

"Your so cute!" She jumped at me and tried to kiss me but i dogged and went around and started running to my class. She walked right after me. She wasn't going to run? I decide to run outside and she was right there! She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.

"Whu..why?" I asked feeling awkward a bit.

"You were to be mine..its destiny. When i found out i finally decided to show myself to you and tell you my feelings." She responded. She was still overly happy.

"Its destiny? How do you know that?" I asked now curious. She reached in my pocket and put my phone on my chest.

"You will be received a future diary later. Don't let anyone else have it for its your life." She said then walked away. I looked at my phone and i was shaking. "Oh! And it wont be that one." She said before i lost sight of her. I wanted to know her name.

Later in the day, i as usual typed in my diary. I had so much going on now that i wrote a lot. I write whatever happens around me that involves me in some way and anything thats happening to me. My specific diary. Sometimes i write about people I know like Cate and Megan. Cate is my closest friend and is basically my friend who is the only one who knows about whats been happening to me. Megan is my stalker friend who has a "stalking diary" which i think is pretty cool. Cate doesn't want one though.

For some reason i didn't see Cate. Whenever i went in the hallways, id always see "her." She was stalking me in reality now? So confused. When i went home, i was bringing back trash cans up to the house, and I heard something behind me. What was it?

I go into my room and i left the light off. I laid on my bed and closed my eyes. I then remembered the dreams of the survival game to become God. Where I "meet" that girl.

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