The Betrayal

It's the story about Lyla, a straight A student, living the dream life of high-school. But in an unexpected turn of events, her world turns upside down, breaking her into pieces, from which she is expected to return - soon.


1. The Pink Pen

Everyone started running around like mad cows with the sound of the school bell. It's quite a scene at William McHale High, everyone is always busy trying to blend in that no one dares to be different and unique, or make a stand out. Afraid, yes. That's what they really are. They are afraid that if they stand out, they would get ripped apart like the other kids who had done the same. They are afraid that they might suffer the same fate as Lyla. 


Lyla wasn't an ordinary girl. She didn't try to fit into the everyday world, instead she made a difference. She dared to be the first, and the only Lyla there would ever be. But her actions came at a high cost, something that changed the history of the school. And her life, along with a lot of others.


Before it all happened, Lyla was the top girl. She was a straight A student, and there was a never ending line of boys, hungry for a little touch, behind her. But she was never interested in any of them. She had one, and only one person in her mind. Lyla always knew how to impress him, she would flaunt her blonde locks at the sight of him, and stare down at the floor, her blue eyes reflecting the whiteness of the floor. Her soft pink lips like a rose on her pale skin would form a half smile when she catches him looking at her, and then she would run away shyly, her hair bouncing back with the motion.


She knew so little about the things that would happen to her. About how her little things like these proved on to threaten her life in the future. I remember how it started, with the pink pen. Ashley's pink pen. Ashley was the class hottie. She had everyone dancing to her fingers. Of course, why wouldn't they? Her perfect brunette hair, with pink tails was enough to get the boys do whatever she wanted. Her lips, always red with lipstick is one of her best features. And her glowing white skin, made her look like someone straight from the Twilight movies. I still remember the first day they met, as if it happened yesterday. 

"Hey blondie! Wait up, I need to talk to you." Ashley yelled at the top of her voice.

"What now? I already told you, I'm not interested in anyone." Lyla replied glumly. 

"But sweety, you are too pretty to be single like this! You need to spice it up, and get a man for you!" Ashley said. 

"Okay okay! I'll try to bring along a date to your birthday party, but there isn't anyone interested in me either." Lyla replied rather shyly.


"Oh don't worry sugar. Here, take my pink pen and let it work it's magic, I'm sure more guys would notice you for even having it." Ashley said as she handed over the pen and hugged Lyla.


I was standing right beside Lyla. I couldn't believe that she actually accepted it from Ashley, knowing what kind of a person Ashley was. And I know exactly why Lyla did it. She wanted Sean badly. She was madly in love with him, and now, things have changed so differently. I'm walking the same hallways, but it's not the same. Not the same without Lyla, and her sweet smile. The sound of her naughty laughter, or her high heels. It's weird how a single incident could come crashing down, and change the lives of a single person, and everyone attached to that person. The night, the horrible night changed it all. And it did, it did effect me too. In many ways, that I cant tell. And yet, I haven't lost hope, I know one day, it's all going to end and that Lyla would be back. Right by my side. The betrayal will be forgotten, but not forgiven. It's just the beginning. 


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